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Fitch Ratings

The qualitative information available from Fitch Research consists of corporate finance and structured finance credit updates and reports. The corporate finance sector includes global financial institutions and corporates. Structured finance includes asset-backed, credit products and both residential and commercial mortgage backed securities. Fitch Research reports are available through the site on a real-time basis. In general, history is available from 1990 and varies by issuer.


Moody's Investors Service, a leading global credit rating, research and risk analysis firm, publishes market-leading credit opinions, deal research and commentary that reach more than 3,000 institutions and 20,000 subscribers around the globe. Credit ratings and research help investors analyze the credit risks associated with fixed-income securities. Such independent credit ratings and research also contribute to efficiencies in fixed-income markets and other obligations, such as insurance policies and derivative transactions, by providing credible and independent assessments of credit risk.

S&P Global Ratings' Credit Research

S&P Global Ratings' Credit Research provides analysis on issuers and debt obligations of corporations, states and municipalities, financial institutions, insurance companies and sovereign governments. S&P Global Ratings also offers insight into the credit risk of structured finance deals, providing an independent view of credit risk associated with a growing array of debt-securitized instruments.

Experian US

The company's business database provides comprehensive, third-party-verified information on 99.9 percent of all U.S. companies, with extensive data on the broad spectrum of small and midsize businesses. Experian reports help assist clients in making real-time decisions, processing new applications, managing customer relationships and collecting on delinquent accounts.

Exchanage Data International Search

Exchange Data International (EDI), provides a library of over 150,000 Fixed Income offering documents, in the form of Prospectuses, Pricing Supplements, Offering Circulars and Term Sheets.

Credit & Investment Research


Fitch Research - Corporate finance and structured finance credit updates and reports.


Moody's Capital Markets Research - Moody's Analytics offers research, unique tools and best practices for measuring and managing risk through expertise and experience in credit analysis, economic research and financial risk management.


Moody's Global Credit Research - Credit ratings and analysis on over $30 trillion in debt.


S&P Global Ratings’ Credit Research - Credit risk analysis of global corporates, financial institutions, insurance companies, utilities, and sovereigns.


S&P Global Research Publications - S&P regional and local language research.


Thomson StreetEvents - Transcripts of corporate earnings conference calls.

Market Research


Business Monitor International - Industry Reports - Established in 1984, Business Monitor International is a leading online publisher of specialist business information on global emerging markets. Business Monitor's range of quarterly services covers political risk, finance, macroeconomic performance, outlook and forecast, industry sectors and the business operating environment. Each Industry Report has been researched at source, and features latest-available data covering production, sales, imports and exports; 5-year industry forecasts through end-2012; company rankings and competitive landscapes for multinational and local manufacturers and suppliers; and analysis of latest industry developments, trends and regulatory changes.


Canadean - Canadean provides reports on commercial, strategic and marketing issues in the international beverage, packaging and liquid food industries.


Euromonitor - Euromonitor International provides global strategic intelligence on industries, countries and consumers. Euromonitor publishes reports on over 180 sectors across 80 countries, using a network of over 600 analysts.


Freedonia Market Research - Reports provide industry insights targeting market size, product and market segmentation, product and market forecasts, industry composition, market leaders and business trends.


GBI Research Reports - GBI Research covers worldwide markets and issues, supplies actionable data and forecasts and is driven by industry leaders' insights. GBI Research provides a broad spectrum of reports across the healthcare and energy industries and its online offering is easy to navigate - a comprehensive resource for business information needs.


Global Markets Direct - Market Research - Global Markets Direct is a leading provider of global business intelligence and market analysis. It publishes a range of high quality market reports created by its large research and analysis capability and drawing from its extensive unique databases of industry-specific information.


GlobalData - GlobalData uses proprietary data sources, tools and techniques to gather, analyze and represent the latest and the most reliable information essential for a business to sustain a competitive edge. GlobalData is a comprehensive source of insights and analysis with coverage across the oil & gas, power, alternative energy, nuclear power, petrochemicals, medical equipment and healthcare industries.


Greenwich Associates LLC - Greenwich Associates' principal business objective is to provide decision-makers in financial services with expert advice for their most critical strategic issues based upon a unique combination of comprehensive market research and in-depth analysis.


IBISWorld Industry Market Research - IBISWorld is a leading strategic business information provider that offers comprehensive information on more than 700 US industries covering 4,000 individual product segments. They also provide global industry and industry risk rating reports covering Australia, the United Kingdom and China. IBISWorld data offers detailed analysis on growth trends, the competitive environment and key issues. Reports average 30 to 40 pages and contain figures; market characteristics; product, market and service segmentation; industry conditions, current and historical performance analysis; risk scores; industry participants and market share; factors to success; and 5-year forecasts with forecast analysis.


IBISWorld Risk Research - Provides reports detailing US industry risk ratings. Risk ratings determine how much risk an industry will face over the next 18 months by assessing the operating conditions for companies in the industry.


ICD Research - ICD Research, a Progressive Media Group company, provides market research across a broad range of industry sectors and product lifecycle areas; from product innovation, through brand management, to CRM.


MarketLine Industry Profiles - Market and industry information on key global vertical markets.


MarketsandMarkets - Worldwide, market research reports primarily sold for numbers, market segmentation and competitive landscape, within the business leaders.


Mintel Snapshot Reports - Mintel Snapshot Reports provide top-line market size, market share and forecast data for thousands of consumer goods categories worldwide. Designed for those who are at the first stage of research and need an initial, succinct market overview, provided in just a few pages.


Netscribes - Netscribes industry reports provide market intelligence on key industries in emerging markets. The reports provide a holistic view of an industry and are a spring board for entry strategies, private equity and venture capital investments, investor presentations and management discussions.


Plunkett Research - Plunkett Research, Ltd., established in 1985, is a leading provider of business and industry information to the corporate, library, academic and government markets. We specialize in market research that analyzes industry trends, provides competitive intelligence and determines the scope and qualities of market leaders.


TF Market Research - In-depth primary research and statistics, market trends, forecasts, segment analysis and more from over 100 sources.


World Market Intelligence - Premium analytical reports based on a combination of market data, company, deals and project content, industry surveys and additional primary and secondary research.


Wright Industry Averages - Wright Investors' Service, an internationally recognized investment advisory firm, produces timely, in-depth research reports on over 31,000 of the world's leading public companies. Wright Industry Averages are a series of reports that have been compiled from the data of the underlying companies. Included for each industry (for a six-year period) are income statements, balance sheets, sources of capital report, sales analysis, valuation data, ratio analyses reports and industry leaders ranked by sales, total assets and market capitalization.

Company Profiles & Financials


Audit Analytics Trend Reports - Audit Analytics delivers timely, in-depth audit and compliance research on over 20,000 public companies and 1,500 accounting firms.


Canadean - Company Reports - Canadean Company Reports provides company information on businessess in the international beverage, packaging and liquid food industries.


GlobalData – Company Reports - GlobalData is an industry analysis specialist, providing business information products and services. These high quality company reports are created via a large research and analysis capability, drawing from extensive unique databases of industry-specific information.


IBISWorld Company Research - Australia company profiles provide data on company details; directors and key personnel; balance sheet and profit & loss; (ANZSIC) industries of operation; shareholders and subsidiaries; auditors, bankers and solicitors; and twelve months of news abstracts.


ICD Research - Company Reports - ICD Research provides company reports on businesses in a broad range of industry sectors and product lifecycle areas; from product innovation, through brand management, to CRM.


InfoCredit Group - Infocredit provides reports that present a current, objective picture of how a company manages its financial obligations, providing an unbiased view of a company's overall financial health. Reports include name, legal status, and registration number, full contact details of a company, and a credit rating based upon the content of the report.


MapLight - Company positions on U.S. legislation reports detail support for and opposition to bills in the U.S. Congress, for the most politically active companies, unions, associations, and interest groups. The reports are based on public documents, including company statements, news reports, and congressional testimony. These documents are included with the reports.


MarketLine Company Profiles - General and historic company information on leading global companies.


PrivCo LLC - PrivCo private company reports provide a detailed profile of the company consisting of financial figures and operating metrics, M&A activity including deal multiples, venture capital funding, bankruptcy & restructuring activity, and a business narrative detailing business model, revenue streams, costs, company history, and recent material occurrences. Reports also include company headquarters, key brands, subsidiaries, founders, and competitors.


Wright Investors' Service - Wright Investors' Service, an internationally recognized investment advisory firm, produces timely, in-depth research reports on the world's leading 31,000 companies. Each report includes information about the company, competitors, Wright's proprietary quality rating analyses and up to 10 years of sales, price, earnings and dividends history. Additional analyses of balance sheet, income statement and sources of capital reports make this one of the most comprehensive research sources in the industry.

Economic Data & Analysis


Business Monitor International - Business Forecast Reports - BMI’s range of 97 Business Forecast Reports provides in-depth data, analysis and forecasts over a five-year horizon for the world’s leading markets. The reports provide an appraisal of political risk, macroeconomic performance and outlook, leading industry sectors and business environment.


MarketLine Country Profiles - Country data points, trends and analysis.


Moody's Analytics Economic & Consumer Credit Analytics - Moody's Analytics provides economic, consumer credit and financial data, research, analysis and forecasting at the global, macro and subnational/regional levels. Our products and solutions are used by more than 800 major corporations worldwide representing a broad range of industries including banking, government, asset management, real estate, utilities, and retail. We offer a variety of standard and customizable services to help our clients — from the experienced modeler to the busy executive — make more informed business decisions.


Oxford Economics Cities and Regional Services - Oxford Economics Cities and Regional Services provides information on European cities and regional forecasts, as wellas Asian key cities and regional forecasts.


Oxford Economics Global Industry Forecasts - Oxford Economics Global Industry Forecasts provides country industry forecasts, monthly industry briefings, quarterly industry forecast tables, monthly industry data tables, and an industry databank.


Oxford Economics Services - Oxford Economics is a leading economic forecasting consultancy, producing macroeconomic and industry forecasts, analysis and data on 175 countries.


Oxford Economics UK Economics Services - Oxford Economics UK Economics Service provides data on the UK economic outlook, UK sectoral prospects, and UK regional prospects.


Scorelogix - Scorelogix is a pioneer in consumer risk analytics, risk scoring & modeling and economic analysis. Scorelogix offers scores for predicting credit risk and identifying marketing prospects and geographic indices that measure and predict unemployment rate, job conditions and overall economic well-being down to the zip code level.

Deal Information


GlobalData Mergers and Acquisitions Intelligence - Provides detailed information on M&As, Equity/Debt Offerings, Private Equity, Venture Financing and Partnership transactions


MarketLine Financial Deals - Mergers & acquisitions, private equity/venture capital backed buyouts, investments, and exits, IPOs and secondary and follow on offerings, and private placements and exits



ThomasNet Industrial News - ThomasNet Industrial Newsroom® is a comprehensive source of new and timely product & company news and information in the industrial marketplace.

Filings & Documents


Exchange Data International - Exchange Data International (EDI), provides a library of over 150,000 Fixed Income offering documents, in the form of Prospectuses, Pricing Supplements, Offering Circulars and Term Sheets.