What is the AlacraStore?
How do I search AlacraStore?
How do I make a purchase? 
How do I see my purchases? 
How do I see my account? 
Why do you list my company or my name on your site? 
What kind of reports does Moody's supply? 
Do you have M&A Data?
I am trying to find out what has happened to my stock. I would appreciate any information or advice you might have?
Do you accept advertising on the AlacraStore site?
Does AlacraStore sell shoes (or hair spray, or goggles, or air conditioners)?
Does AlacraStore provide material safety data sheets (MSDS) via the Alacra Store?
How do I contact AlacraStore?

What is the AlacraStore?

The AlacraStore is a pay-per-view premium content store, which provides access to the world's top sources of Credit Ratings, M&A Research, Company Earnings Reports, Country Intelligence, and Market Research reports.

You can search for keywords or companies to find related, highly professional third party data and analysis for your business decision making. Use reports as background, for due-diligence, and for making a business case for a major deal.

Why use the Alacra Store instead of going direct to the providers?

Single, simultaneous searching across all providers at once.

And cost savings: Instead of paying for a full subscription to a major aggregator or for a full subscription to just one provider, you can find thousands of reports in seconds and pay for just what you need.

Please note Alacra and the AlacraStore are not the original researcher or creator of these reports or the products they refer to. We cannot resolve errors within the reports.

How do I search AlacraStore?

The primary method for searching the AlacraStore is via keyword (using the main search box at the top of the screen -- "Search the entire store here...". You can also perform searches on specific topics and types of reports using the navigation buttons above: Credit Ratings, M&A, Company Earnings Reports, Country Intelligence, and Market Research.

The Company Reports page offers additional searching tools:


  • Search by name
  • Search by ticker/sedol
  • Business Description keywords
  • Industry
  • Country


You can also drill down on lists of public and private companies.

How do I make a purchase

Once you have found a report that you would like to purchase, click the "Add To Cart" button. The report will be added to your Cart and you may Continue Shopping, Pay Now, or Visit the Cart.

How do I register?

Once you have added a report to your cart, you will be asked to sign in (if already registered) or to register. Fill in the required fields and click the "Continue" button.

How do I use the Shopping Cart?

From this page you can view everything you have marked for purchase. You can continue to add items to your cart until you are ready to purchase them. When you are satisfied with your cart you can proceed to purchase by clicking the "Checkout" button.

You can delete individual items from your cart by clicking the Trash Can icon to the right of the Report Name.

To complete your purchase, click on the "Login to Download" button on the cart page to begin the purchase process.

If you are already logged in, you will begin the checkout process.

If you have not yet logged in or registered, you will be prompted to do so before beginning the purchase process.

How do I pay?

The first step in the process is to enter your method of payment and billing information.

AlacraStore will save your payment information for future purchases. If you do not want your information saved, click the "Do not save my credit card information" checkbox before pressing continue. Pressing the Cancel button will return you to your cart.

Will I have a chance to review my order before it is final?

Yes. After you enter your payment information you will be given the opportunity to verify that everything is correct. A purchase summary will be shown detailing exactly what you are purchasing, as well as the price of each item, the subtotal, tax and actual total.

Underneath the purchase summary you will find a summary of your payment and billing information. If any of it is incorrect then you may click the "Edit" button to go back and change it. When you are finished reviewing your order, press the "Submit Order" button to finish the purchase. Clicking the "Cancel" button will return you to your cart.

Why is my credit card not going through?

Credit Card authorization can fail for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the most common causes:

  • The credit card number or CVV code was not entered properly.
  • Incorrect billing address information was given.
  • Your card is over your credit limit.
  • The credit card company has refused authorization for other reasons. Please contact your credit card provider for details.

Our system cannot provide more details directly to you.

Until you see the Thank You page, your credit card has not been charged. The shopping cart still contains the documents you are trying to purchase. Please try checking out again, carefully entering in the details. If the card still does not go through to the Thank You page, you may need to contact your card provider.

Can I pay by invoice?

Payment for reports on the AlacraStore are by credit card only. Once you have registered on the site, you will be able to purchase reports.

Once payment is completed you will be able to download the report immediately from your account by clicking on "My purchases".

I am ordering an electronic publication/PDF via the Alacra Store, but it's not for me. Is it possible to place the order on behalf of someone else (i.e. the end user and then forward the publication)?

Alacra operates the Alacra Store via the Alacra Site, which provides services and content, information, links or other material (collectively, the "Service") to you ("User", "You", or "Your") for your individual use. "Individual use" shall be defined as individual's personal use, individual's use in the normal course of his or her business, or in the case of independent information professionals, use in the production of research for a specific client project. http://www.alacrastore.com/help/terms

How do I see my purchases?

After submitting your order, you will be brought to a page informing you of the progress of your transaction. Once your transaction is completed, you will automatically be redirected to the My Purchases section. From here you can download any reports that you have bought within the last 24 hours. Additionally, you can view a detailed history of all your purchases. Clicking a plus sign next to a particular purchase will display all of the reports bought in that purchase as well as the prices and tax paid.

How do I get an invoice for a recent purchase?

You can obtain an invoice by logging into the Store and selecting "My Purchases". The word "Invoice" is highlighted next to all order numbers, by selecting that link a new window will open and an invoice will be generated. You will be able to print these invoice for any historical purchases you have completed.

You will also receive an invoice by email, sent to the email address you registered with. Please check your spam folder in case you do not see it within 30 minutes.

Why does the report that I purchased have different information than the sample which you provided?

Information from most of our content partners will vary from report to report and company to company. Reports on large, publicly listed companies tend to have more information than those on smaller, private companies, which are not required to report as much information.

The sample reports are intended to be representative of a typical report from that provider, but each report will vary in its content. Please examine the About this Report section and any samples before you make a purchase.

I downloaded a free sample and it's not the same as the report I was interested in, is the sample wrong?

The free sample is correct. The sample is meant to illustrate the type of information that you may expect to find in the actual report purchased. It is not intended to be the same as the company that you are looking for.

Why does the report I purchased seem to be incomplete? How do I check to see if any information is missing?

Please send an email to help [at] alacrastore.com and indicate the order number of the transaction and the details of the discrepancy, such as word count, content, or companies. We will check verify whether the report you received was complete.

How do I see my account?

Login, then click the "My account" link in the upper right corner, below "Browse".

How do I change my password?

If your password isn't working try the following:
Check to see if your Caps Lock is on.
Check to see if you spelled it correctly.

If you forget your password:
Click the "Forgot" link under the password field, and enter your e-mail address. After clicking Continue, an e-mail containing your information will be sent to you.

How do I change other information in my account?

To change your personal info click the "Edit My Account" link located underneath your current account info.

When you are finished making any necessary changes, click the update button to save them. You will receive a message notifying you that your changes have been saved. Either click "Go Back to My Account" to view the changes or use the navigation bar to move a different area of the Site.

What do you do with my registration information?

Your registration details are primarily used to record your transaction and allow you to login for future purchases or to download a previous purchase. If you opted in to our communications, we may send you an occasional email about Store products we think you will be interested in. We do not rent, sell, or swap your details with other firms. Please see our Privacy Notice. You may opt out of our emails at anytime using the link at the bottom of the email you receive.

Where can I view the Privacy Policy?

You can view our Privacy Policy

Why do you list my company or my name on your site?

The content on the site is maintained by our content partners. Generally, the only information that is provided is company information that may have been submitted when a corporation was registered with a regulatory authority. If you feel that your information has been listed incorrectly, you can contact us at help [at] alacrastore.com to have the data removed.

You can also contact the appropriate content partner (to request changes from their network), as follows:

D&B - You can contact D&B at: 800-234-3867 or visit http://www.dnb.com/customer-service/global-customer-service-centers.html . Alternatively, you can request corrections to your D&B record at https://iupdate.dnb.com/

Experian - You can contact Experian by visiting http://www.businesscreditfacts.com to learn more about how business credit information is collected and how to update it. Alternatively, to request a dispute investigation on your company s credit report, send an email to businessdisputes@experian.com and attach a copy of your purchased report (required).

How do I get my name off of AlacraStore?

Contact help [at] alacrastore.com and see the above instructions.

My name is still showing up in Google after you removed my name from the AlacraStore. What happened?

We don't have any control over what Google caches, but in time it will be removed when the Google cache for that document expires.

What kind of reports does Moody's supply?

Moody's Investor Service provides corporate credit ratings and research which are used in investment decisions by businesses and investment profiessionals.

Where is it possible to read a Moody's report? I am an individual interested in your report which is listed at $550 in your online store. Is there a resource that is publicly available?

The content in Moody's via Alacra is produced by our third party content providers. In this case, the content you are questioning was created by Moody's Research. While we cannot provide you the actual report for evaluation, since there is a fee, if there is a specific question regarding the report, we will be happy to assist. Certain Moody's reports (Announcements and Ratings Changes) are available for free for the 7 days following publication. After that, they are listed at the regular retail price. We also offer our users the ability to research many of the reports they are interested in before purchase by providing features such as free samples, "Search This Document" and "Purchase By Section".

Students, professors, and media should consult a local library or our list of Free Reports. We cannot provide discounts.

How do I know how Moody's analyzes companies and generates its ratings? What do these letters and numbers mean?

You can view Moody's Ratings Definitions document on their main site. Alacra does not have anything to do with the creation of these reports.

If I Purchase a Moody's report can I send the analysis to my fellow employees or other banks?

The full terms and conditions for access and use can be found here: http://moodys.alacra.com/help/terms Section 1(d) covers your request.

I am a student, professor, or reporter and cannot afford the price of these Moody's reports, can I obtain one for half price or free?

Unfortunately, the reports available via AlacraStore require payment except for Free Samples and the occasional free report. If you are a student, you may find the resources you need at your library. Please contact your business reference librarian for further help.

How will get a sense of how long a report is or what type of report and format?

If you look at the top part of the page where it says About this Report, you will see what type of report, word count, format, and price, and then you can access a free sample.

Does Alacra store have mergers and acquisitions (M&A) Data?

You can find M&A reports for specific companies by accessing our Company Snapshots and through our various M&A databases. Or, you can find broader information via a keyword search.

We offer several choices for M&A data, and not just financial details, which are found in MarketLine and Globaldata Mergers and Acquisitions Intelligence.

Examples of M&A and company research:

Company Snapshot for Dell Computer: http://www.alacrastore.com/company-snapshot/Dell-Inc-1004833

Keyword search results for Dell Computer: http://www.alacrastore.com/search/dell+computer

If you have a continuous need for M&A data (and other premium business information) you may want to subscribe to our professional service, Alacra Premium, which provides access to even more sources then are available via AlacraStore. Let us know if you would like to explore this option.

I am trying to find out what has happened to my stock. I would appreciate any information or advice that you might have?

The Alacra Store is an e-commerce website offering access to reports from a host of business information databases. We cannot speculate regarding stocks or make suggestions on a particular stock. You can search for a company using the company name or ticker symbol.

Do you accept advertising on the AlacraStore site?

The Alacra Store runs some advertising on some pages through the Google AdSense network. Should you wish to advertise on the Alacra Store, you would need to publish your advertising initiatives through Google AdWords. All ad inventory is sold through this system on the Alacra Store.

Does AlacraStore sell shoes (or hair spray, or goggles, or air conditioners)?

The AlacraStore sells premium business information (credit and market research, company profiles, etc). We do not sell the hard goods or other services other firms make. Please do not contact us about goods another firm makes.

Alacra Store pages may show up in search results for specific products because we provide reports about the product maker. The information products we offer may mention the products or companies you are interested in. As such, you may have landed on our page when searching for something else. In this case, you should explore the other links returned in your search results.

Does AlacraStore provide material Safety data sheets (MSDS) via the Alacra Store?

No we do not provide MSDS sheets on the Alacra Store is an e-commerce website offering access to reports from a host of business information databases. The following website may be more useful to you: http://www.msds.com/