Packaging Machinery in China to 2016 - Freedonia Market Research

Packaging Machinery in China to 2016

Packaging Machinery in China to 2016 - Freedonia Market Research
Packaging Machinery in China to 2016
Published Jul 31, 2012
271 pages — Published Jul 31, 2012
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Demand for packaging machinery in China will increase 7.5 percent annually to 40 billion yuan in 2016. Filling and form/fill/seal equipment will remain the largest segment, while labeling and coding equipment will continue as the fastest growing. The medical, pharmaceutical and personal care market will lead gains.This study analyzes the 27.8 billion yuan packaging machinery industry in China. It presents historical demand data for the years 2001, 2006 and 2011, and forecasts for 2016 and 2021 by machinery type (e.g., filling and form/fill/seal; labeling and coding; wrapping, bundling and palletizing), market (e.g., food; beverages; medical, pharmaceutical and personal care products; chemical products) and geographic region.The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles 32 industry participants, including Shanghai Tobacco Machinery, Nanjing Light Industrial Machinery Group, and Bosch.

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
  Economic Overview131
    Recent Economic Performance142
    Economic Outlook165
  Demographic Overview211
  Personal Income Trends303
  Gross Fixed Capital Formation Outlook332
  Industrialization &Manufacturing Trends359
  Packaging Material Outlook443
  Technology Trends472
  Legal &Regulatory Environment493
  The Twelfth Five-Year Plan523
  Supply &Demand563
  Pricing Trends595
  International Environment641
    World Outlook652
    Foreign Trade673
  Filling &Form/Fill/Seal Machinery772
    Liquid Filling791
    Dry Filling821
  Labeling &Coding Machinery832
    Coding, Dating, &Marking862
  Wrapping, Bundling, &Palletizing Machinery882
    Wrapping &Bundling902
  Other Packaging Machinery932
    Case Forming, Packing, &Sealing961
    All Other971
  Packaging Machinery Parts982
    Fruits &Vegetables1091
    Bakery &Confectionery1101
    Meat Products1111
    Other Food Products1121
    Beer &Alcohol1151
    Carbonated Beverages1171
    Fruit Beverages1191
    Tea &Coffee1201
    Other Beverages1211
  Medical, Pharmaceutical, &Personal Care Products1222
    Medical &Pharmaceutical Products1241
    Personal Care Products1251
  Chemical Products1262
    Detergents &Cleaners1281
    Agricultural Chemicals1291
    Paints &Coatings1301
    Other Chemical Products1311
  Other Markets1322
    Electrical &Electronic Equipment1341
    Tobacco Products1352
    Textiles &Apparel1371
    All Other1381
  Regional Demographic &Economic Trends1431
    Population Patterns1442
    Economic Outlook1462
  Regional Manufacturing Activity1482
  Regional Packaging Machinery Demand1506
  Industry Composition1903
  Market Share1936
  Product Development &Manufacturing1992
  Marketing &Distribution2013
  Cooperative Agreements2042
  Foreign Participation in China2061
    Legal &Regulatory Issues2073
    Joint Ventures2102
    Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprises2121
    Representative Offices2131
Company Profiles21458
  Avery Dennison Corporation2152
  Beijing Omori Changkong Packing Machinery Company Limited2171
  Bosch (Robert) GmbH2183
  Coesia SpA2213
  Guangzhou Tech-Long Packing Machinery Company Limited2242
  Hanguang Machinery Plant2261
  Hangzhou Youngsun Intelligent Equipment Company Limited2272
  Hangzhou Zhongya Machinery Company Limited2291
  Harbin Saide Hi-Tech Company Limited2301
  Hualian Machinery Group Company Limited2312
  Hunan China Sun Pharmaceutical Machinery Company Limited2331
  Jiangsu Tengtong Packing Machinery Company Limited2341
  JS Corrugating Machinery Company Limited2352
  Krones AG2372
  MeadWestvaco Corporation2392
  Mettler-Toledo International Incorporated2412
  Nanjing Light Industrial Machinery Group2432
  Reynolds Group Holdings Limited2452
  Salzgitter AG2472
  Sato Corporation2492
  Shanghai BOZN Packing Machinery Manufacturing Company Limited2511
  Shanghai Saidone Technologies Company Limited2522
  Shanghai Tobacco Machinery Company Limited2541
  Shantou Jinxin Machinery Company Limited2551
  Shenyang Baihualin Light Industry Food Machinery Company Limited2561
  Tetra Laval International SA2574
  Tianjin Huayi Company Limited2612
  Truking Technology Limited2631
  Wuxi Changjiang Machinery Company Limited2641
  Xutian Packing Machine Company Limited2652
  Yanbian Longchuan Packaging Machinery Company Limited2671
  Zhejiang Hualian Pharmaceutical Machinery Company Limited2682
  Other Companies Mentioned in Study2702

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