Alacra Affiliate Widget

How do I install the Alacra Affiliate Widget?
Installation and configuration takes about two minutes. Just follow these easy steps:

1. First, register as a user on the Alacra Store at This will generate an affiliate ID for your account (please jot this number down).
2. Next, grab the widget from our widget host.
3. Give your widget a new name if desired (e.g. Kate's Research)
4. Select one or more default topics and (optionally) enter the tickers of companies that are relevant to your blog or website. (Note: these will be used to select research only in those cases where your page does not discuss a company or the Widget cannot detect the company being written about).
5. Enter your affiliate ID (if you forgot to jot it down before, you can login to the AlacraStore and click on My Account to see it now)
6. Click Get Widget, then select your blog platform, or simply copy the embed code as shown here.

Questions about the Alacra Affiliate Widget?
Email if you have any questions about the Alacra Affiliate Widget or affiliate program or if you'd like to discuss how we might best work together.