GPT Group - S&P Global Ratings’ Credit Research

GPT Group

GPT Group - S&P Global Ratings’ Credit Research
GPT Group
Published Jan 13, 2021
Published Jan 13, 2021
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The stable outlook on GPT reflects our expectation that the group will over the next 12-24 months continue to grow its high-quality asset base in line with its diversified strategy, produce solid rental income, and adopt a moderate operating strategy. We believe GPT's commitment to disciplined financial policies and financing strategy will help the group maintain the ratio of funds from operations (FFO) to debt at more than 12% and of adjusted net debt to adjusted total tangible assets at less than 35%. We could lower the rating if GPT's investment portfolio underperforms our expectations, or management adopts a less-diversified operating strategy. Downward pressure could also occur if GPT purchases weaker quality assets, or increases development activity that weaken its

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Global Issuers, Structured Finance
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GPT Group – 2021/04/28 – US$ 500.00

GPT Group – 2019/12/17 – US$ 500.00

GPT Group – 2018/07/24 – US$ 500.00

Summary: GPT Group – 2018/07/24 – US$ 225.00

Summary: GPT Group – 2017/05/31 – US$ 225.00

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S&P Global Ratings’ Credit Research—S&P Global Ratings’ credit research provides analysis on issuers and debt obligations of corporations, states and municipalities, financial institutions, insurance companies and sovereign governments. S&P Global Ratings also offers insight into the credit risk of structured finance deals, providing an independent view of credit risk associated with a growing array of debt-securitized instruments.

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