Alacra Affiliate Widget

What is the Alacra Affiliate Widget?
The Alacra Affiliate Widget enables bloggers and website owners to generate revenues through the Alacra Affiliate Program. The widget reads the contents of your page and serves up headlines for contextually relevant premium research. All revenue from purchases made through the Alacra Affiliate Widget are shared with the blog or website which generated the click.

Benefits of the Alacra Affiliate Widget

  • Helps blogs and financial websites better monetize their site traffic
  • Complementary to existing ad networks
  • Contextually relevant content creates a better user experience for your readers
  • Topics for content can be tailored to your needs

What types of Content Can Be Included in the Alacra Affiliate Widget?
The Alacra Affiliate Widget serves content fron the AlacraStore, including credit and investment research, market research, company profiles and other forms of premium business information.

What Platforms Does the Alacra Affiliate Widget support?
Presently, the Alacra Affiliate Widget supports the TypePad, Blogger and WordPress blog platforms. You may also get the code snippet that drives the widget for installation on any website.

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