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Supermarkets & Drugstores

51 pages — Published Aug 21, 2014
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...With the trend toward a healthier lifestyle, consumers are becoming more concerned about their food preferences. Beyond food preferences that conform to the ideals of health and wellness, consumers have become more interested in how food is produced and grown, hence the increasing popularity of natural and organic food. A national survey conducted in April 2014 by Consumer Reports National Research Center, a research arm of Consumer Reports National Testing and Research Center, highlights that more than half of consumers check to see if the products they are buying are natural. Moreover, the survey revealed that eight out of ten consumers believe that food products labeled as "natural" do not contain artificial ingredients or genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and that they contain ingredients grown without pesticides. This has resulted in higher demand for "natural" food labels and for more selection of these foods in supermarkets and chains. According to a February 2014 survey conducted...

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S&P Industry Surveys—Standard & Poor's Industry Surveys track more than 50 North American industries. Each report is authored by a Standard & Poor's industry research analyst and includes information about the current industry environment, industry trends, key industry ratios and statistics, how to analyze a company, a glossary of terms and a comparative company financial analysis.

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