Pharmaceuticals - S&P Industry Surveys


Pharmaceuticals - S&P Industry Surveys
Published Dec 12, 2017
67 pages — Published Dec 12, 2017
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...Politicians like to put high drug prices in the cross-hairs, but so far there s not been much follow- through in terms of policies, legislation or regulation. In March 2017, President Donald Trump tweeted that he is "working on a new system where there will be competition in the drug industry" and that drug prices will come down. Following these comments, the share price of drug firms declined markedly, and volatility in the industry increased. Then, in June 2017, Trump s "Drug Pricing and Innovation Working Group" released a draft of an executive order that aims to tackle high drug prices. This draft focused on reducing regulation as a method to increase competition and lower drug prices, strengthening drug firms overseas intellectual property rights and scaling back on discounts given to hospitals that serve lower income patients. It is important to note many of the individuals serving on this working group are former pharmaceutical executives who are likely, in CFRA s view, to put forward...

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S&P Industry Surveys—Standard & Poor's Industry Surveys track more than 50 North American industries. Each report is authored by a Standard & Poor's industry research analyst and includes information about the current industry environment, industry trends, key industry ratios and statistics, how to analyze a company, a glossary of terms and a comparative company financial analysis.

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