Multiline Retail - S&P Industry Surveys

Multiline Retail

Multiline Retail - S&P Industry Surveys
Multiline Retail
Published Apr 13, 2018
55 pages — Published Apr 13, 2018
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...Among multiline retail s two sub-industries (department stores and general merchandise stores), there is a wide divergence in sales trends, gross and operational margins, and profitability. The biggest single weighting is from the general merchandise stores sub-industry, with Target Corporation comprising nearly 40% of the sub-industry s total revenue. Our fundamental outlook for general merchandisers (or discounters) is neutral. While we see benefits for discounters and dollar stores as we believe consumers remain cost-conscious and are focusing on buying everyday necessities and seeking out lower-priced goods, we remain concerned about increased pricing competition (including Germany-based discount supermarket chain ALDI opening stores in the U.S. that compete in the grocery section of stores). Our fundamental outlook for the department stores sub-industry is negative. Our negative view is largely driven by competition from online resources, such as Amazon, and on alternate spending options,...

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