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Asia-Pacific Top Insurers

Asia-Pacific Top Insurers - S&P Global Research Publications
Asia-Pacific Top Insurers
Published Oct 04, 2007
48 pages — Published Oct 04, 2007
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Asia-Pacific insurance markets have been increasingly under the spotlight in recent years. Expanding economies, increasing individual wealth, and the opening of markets through regulatory or pension reforms in the region present continued attractive growth opportunities for insurers. Therefore, to address increasing interest from the insurance community and capital market practitioners, Standard & Poor's Ratings Services is pleased to present Asia-Pacific "Top Insurers 2007?2008" as a continuation of our regional insurance publication of last year, "Asia-Pacific Insurance Outlook 2006?2007". This year?s publication focuses on the readiness of insurers and regulators in facing global and regional insurance market changes. These changes include increasing regulatory and accounting convergence, greater risk-management awareness, and additional disclosure and corporate governance requirements. Four commentaries have been written, covering comments on the life, non-life, and reinsurance industry for different markets in the region. There are also tables on the top-10 insurers in terms of premiums in each sector encompassing 12 countries.


Petit, M., Wong. C., et al

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