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Recellular Inc.

Recellular Inc. - PrivCo LLC
Recellular Inc.
Published Feb 11, 2013
16 pages — Published Feb 11, 2013
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This PrivCo private company report on Recellular Inc. provides a detailed Recellular Inc. company profile, consisting of Recellular Inc. financials, Recellular Inc. annual revenues, Recellular Inc. income statement, Recellular Inc. venture capital funding, Recellular Inc. competitors or competitive position / products / services, and more private company information on Recellular Inc.

Recellular Inc. summary:
Founded in 1991, privately owned company ReCellular Inc. refurbishes, recycles, and resells used cellphones, and since its foundeding in 1991 has become one of the largest companies in its industry. (Over a fifth of cellphone sold in the U.S. as of 2011 were refurbished.) ReCellular, Inc. recycled and resold over 5 million cellphones in 2010, up from barely 2 million in 2005. Over half of ReCellular Inc's phones are sold in the United States, with the balance being sold mainly overseas (particularly in Asia and Latin America). The bulk of Recellular's used cell phones are purchased by the company in bulk from retailers and cell phone dealers, but has also recently begin soliciiting used cellphones from consumders directly to expand its business.

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