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Youngstown (OH) Economic Outlook

4 pages — Published Dec 01, 2014
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Prcis Metro and Prcis State reports offer comprehensive, concise analysis on the current and expected economic conditions for each of the nation's states (as well as DC, Guam, Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico) and all metro areas (includes Puerto Rico). Each three-page report covers an individual state or metro area and includes a five-year forecast from Moody's Analytics simultaneous econometric model

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Moody's Analytics Economic & Consumer Credit Analytics—Moody's Analytics provides economic, consumer credit and financial data, research, analysis and forecasting at the global, macro and subnational/regional levels. Our products and solutions are used by more than 800 major corporations worldwide representing a broad range of industries including banking, government, asset management, real estate, utilities, and retail. We offer a variety of standard and customizable services to help our clients — from the experienced modeler to the busy executive — make more informed business decisions.

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Moody's Analytics Economic & Consumer Credit Analytics. (2014). Youngstown (OH) Economic Outlook Dec 01, 2014. New York, NY: Alacra Store. Retrieved Mar 05, 2015 from <>
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