Published Nov 11, 2010
9 pages — Published Nov 11, 2010
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Credit Report Information

This report provides the findings of an investigation into GLASRO HOLDINGS LIMITED. This company is registered under the following details:

Address: 16, Kyriacou Matsi Street, Eagle House, 10th Floor, Agioi Omologites
Nicosia, CYPRUS

Telephone: +357-22315939

Fax: +357-22315553

Email: (Correspondence email)

Website: (Group's website)

Business Address: 16, Kyriacou Matsi Street, Eagle House, 10th Floor, Agioi Omologites
Nicosia, CYPRUS

When researching this report, information was collected from both public and private databases, as well as targeted internet websites and media publications to provide a concise overview of GLASRO HOLDINGS LIMITED, its structure and its financial health.

All available information concerning GLASRO HOLDINGS LIMITED was sourced, and the credit report has been enriched with information sourced during the interviews conducted with company principals.

To ensure the accuracy of the data utilised, we only collected information from well-respected sources. Any data that has been retrieved from unofficial registries has been extensively filtered before it was included in the credit report. If we have utilised internet data and/or media clippings, these have been included as supplementary evidence, in their original format, as an appendix, to maintain the integrity of such data and to retain the context it was initially intended.

The information capabilities in each country can vary, depending on the organization of official registries. This disparity between countries can prove challenging, however our local presence and knowledge of local situations, means we can overcome such information limitations.

We have attempted to source the following information during our investigations:

  • Registration Details (legal name ,addresses, registration no , registration date, company legal form)

  • Shareholder Information (name, nationality, ownership percentage and other affiliated companies to the shareholder if available)

  • Director Information (name, nationality, and other affiliated companies to the director if available)

  • Capital Structure (nominal capital, authorised & paid up capital, type of shares)

  • Shareholding Affiliations & Other Business Relationships of the subject company

  • Business Activities of the subject company

  • Commercial Information (e.g Export and Import details, Agencies, Brands, No of Employees, Trade Suppliers)

  • Financial Statement Information

  • Description of premises and facilities (e.g property ownership, rented premises)

  • Other Assets (e.g. Vehicles, S

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