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Oral Drug Delivery Market to 2017 - Out-licensing Proprietary Technologies for Proteins, Peptides and Small Molecules to Drive Revenue Growth

68 pages — Published Apr 30, 2012
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GBI Research, the leading business intelligence provider, has released its latest research Oral Drug Delivery Market to 2017 - Out-licensing Proprietary Technologies for Proteins, Peptides and Small Molecules to Drive Revenue Growth. The report focuses on the current scenario of orally administered drugs. Key segment of orally administered drugs which are covered in the report include small molecules, proteins, peptides and vaccines. The oral drug delivery market is forecast to show increase in the forecast period (2010-2017) due to increase in demand for innovative oral drugs. The report analyses marketed oral drugs based on molecule type and indication. Pipeline drugs by molecule type are discussed in detail. The report analyses different types of nano-technology which will decide the future of orally administered drugs. Key drug delivery companies are profiled with their proprietary technologies, pipeline molecules and deals. This report is built using data and information sourced from proprietary databases, primary and secondary research and in-house analysis by GBI Researchs team of industry experts.

Oral drug delivery is the most preferred route of drug administration. There are many advances in the technologies which are used for controlling the drug release rate and its bioavailability. Oral drug delivery of small molecules is done by various methods and oral drug delivery of peptides, proteins and vaccines pose challenges to pharmaceutical companies. There is a need to develop novel technologies which can be used to deliver a large variety of drugs by oral route. New oral drug delivery technologies improve the efficacy of the drug even when same quantity of drug is taken. By the use of novel technologies, cost of manufacturing decreases and there is decrease in the total cost of therapy to the patient. Thus it is beneficial to both pharmaceutical companies and patients. There is increased interest of pharmaceutical companies in various drug delivery technologies in the last decade. This is due to extension in patent protection of drugs by the introduction of new drug delivery technology. Pharmaceutical companies used different technologies to reformulate their products based on the drugs physical and chemical properties. The benefits of drug reformulation are increased patient compliance, increased efficacy of drug and extension of patent life. These benefits lead to increased market share and reduced manufacturing cost for the pharmaceutical companies.


- Segmentation of marketed oral products by indication for proteins, peptides and small molecules.
- Market forecast to emphasize the increase in oral drug delivery market.
- Oral pipeline molecules by Phase for proteins, peptides, vaccines and small molecules.
- Ten key technologies which are applied to produce Orally Disintegrating Tablets (ODTs), key technologies applied for oral delivery pf peptides and proteins.
- Current and future application of nano-technology in drug delivery. Case studies discussing six companies who are leveraging on nanotechnology in drug delivery.
- Profile of ten companies which deal in oral drug delivery market. Their key pipeline molecules are discussed in details. Analysis of proprietary drug delivery technologies of these companies. Key deals of these companies in drug delivery scenario are given.
- Analysis of importance of drug delivery technologies to pharmaceutical companies to maintain there revenue generation.

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- Decide on the existing market scenario in drug delivery market by knowing marketed oral drugs by indication for proteins, peptides and small molecules.
- Develop key strategic initiatives to position your company in future oral drug delivery market by knowing pipeline molecules by Phase for pro

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
Table of Contents33
  List of Tables51
  List of Figures51
Oral Drug Delivery Market - Introduction61
  GBI Research Report Guidance61
Oral Drug Delivery Market - Overview79
  Introduction to Oral Drug Delivery71
    Advantages of Oral Drug Delivery in the Pharmaceutical Market71
      Patent Extension and Protection from Generic Competition81
      Reformulation of Existing Products81
      Optimizing Returns on R&D Investment81
      Improving Underperforming Products - Compliance, Bioavailability and Safety Benefits91
    Role of Drug Delivery in Repositioning of Existing Drugs by Reformulations101
      Hierarchy of Reformulation101
      FDA Approval of Drugs by Type111
  Patent Expiries and their Effect on the Pharmaceutical Industry121
    Patent Expirations of Major Drugs will Lead to a Decline in the Revenue Generated by Big Pharma131
  Repositioning of Existing Drugs through Reformulations is a Lifecycle Management Strategy141
    Repositioning of Marketed Drugs141
  Oral Drug Delivery Market Forecast151
Oral Drug Delivery Market - Marketed Oral Products by Indication163
  Marketed Oral Small Molecules by Therapy Area161
  Marketed Oral Peptides by Indication171
  Marketed Oral Proteins by Indication181
Oral Drug Delivery Market - Pipeline Analysis194
  Oral Small Molecules Pipeline by Phase191
  Oral Peptide Pipeline by Phase201
  Oral Proteins Pipeline by Phase211
  Oral Vaccines Pipeline by Phase221
Oral Drug Delivery Market - Technology Landscape2310
  Orally Disintegrating Tablets231
    Key Patented Technologies for Formulating ODTs231
      Zydis Technology231
      Orasolv Technology231
      Durasolv Technology231
      WowTab Technology231
      Cotton Candy Technology231
      Oraquick Technology231
      NanoCystal Technology231
      Shearform Technology231
      Pharmaburst Technology241
      Frosta Technology241
  Technologies Used in Oral Delivery of Peptides and Proteins241
    Chemical Modification241
      Case 1: Enhanced Membrane Permeation through Chemical Modifications of Proteins and Peptides241
      Case 2: Reestablishment of Normal Glucose Control in Diabetic Patients Using Chemical Modifications to Proteins and Peptides241
    Enzyme Inhibitors251
      Case 1: Increase in the Intestinal Insulin Absorption Using Enzyme Inhibitors251
      Case 2: Study of Use of Thiomers as Enzyme Inhibitors and Manipulation of pH to Deactivate Enzymes251
    Absorption Enhancement251
      Case 1: Increased Intestinal Absorption of Insulin and Chemotherapeutic Agents Using Zonula Occludens Toxin251
      Case 2: Absorption Enhancement of Peptide Drugs Using Chitosans261
    Using Mucoadhesive Polymers261
      Case 1: Use of Gastrointestinal Mucoadhesive Patch System to Enhance Absorption and Site Specific Drug Delivery of Proteins261
      Case 2: Inhibition of Luminal Degradation of Drugs and Enhanced Bioavailability of Orally Administered Proteins Using Polymers with Mucoadhesive Properties261
  Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery271
    Nano-Engineered Drugs271
      Nano Crystals271
      Nano Suspensions271
      Carbon and Ceramic Nanostructures281
      Micelles and Polymeric Nanoparticles281
    Applications of Nano-Enabled Drug Delivery291
      Gene and Vaccine Delivery291
      Controlled-Release Devices301
      Improved Drug Bioavailability and Solubility301
      Applied Diagnosis, Etiology, Prognosis and Therapy301
      Tissue Specific Delivery301
    Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery - Case Studies311
      Abraxis Bioscience, Inc. - Paclitaxel-Albumin Nanoparticles (Abraxane)311
      Nanospectra Biosciences - AuroShell Particles311
      Calando Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - RONDEL Technology311
      Elan Corporation - NanoCrystal Technology321
The Oral Drug Delivery Market - Company Analysis, Key Pipeline Molecules, Proprietary Technologies and Deals Landscape3332
  Emisphere Technologies Inc.331
    Key Pipeline Products of Emisphere Technologies331
      Oral Acyclovir341
      GLP-1/ NN9924341
      G4544 (gallium nitrate)351
      Oral Heparin361
      Oral Insulin371
      Oral PYY (Peptide YY)381
      SMC021 (salmon calcitonin)391
    Proprietary Technology401
      Eligen Technology401
    Deals Landscape (2009-2011)411
      Emisphere Technologies Enters Into Licensing Agreement with Novo Nordisk in December 2010411
      Emisphere Technologies Enters Into Research Collaboration with Alchemia in March 2010411
      Emisphere Technologies Entered Into Co-Development Agreement with AAIPharma in April 2009411
  Unigene Laboratories Inc.421
    Key Pipeline Products of Unigene Laboratories421
      Oral PTH441
      Anti-Inflammatory Peptides451
    Proprietary Technology461
      E. coli Expression System461
      Amidation Technology461
    Deals Landscape (2009-2011)471
      Unigene Laboratories Enters Into Joint Venture Agreement with Nordic Bioscience, October 2011471
      Unigene Laboratories Enters Into Co-Development Agreement with GlaxoSmithKline, August 2011471
      Unigene Amends Licensing Agreement with GlaxoSmithKline, December 2010471
      Unigene Laboratories Enters Into Licensing Agreement with Tarsa Therapeutics, October 2009471
    Key Pipeline Products of Aptalis481
      EUR-1008 (pancrelipase)481
      EUR-1025 (ondansetron hydrochloride)491
    Proprietary Technology491
      Taste Masking Technology501
      Bioavailability Enhancement Technology501
      Customized Drug Release Technology511
    Deals Landscape521
      Axcan Pharma Acquired Eurand N.V. in February 2011521
      Axcan Pharma (now Aptalis) Acquires Mpex Pharmaceuticals for $223.6m in August 2011521
      Pinnacle Biologics Acquires Photofrin and Photobarr from Axcan Pharma in March 2011521
  Encap Drug Delivery531
    Proprietary Technology531
      DuoCap Delivery System531
      Abusolve Technology (Abuse Resistant Formulations)541
    Deals Landscape541
      Encap Drug Delivery Enters Into Co-Development Agreement with Lena Nanoceutics541
      Encap Drug Delivery Enters Into Co-Development Agreement with Probac in May 2009541
    Proprietary Technology541
      Drugsol Technology541
    Deals Landscape551
      Lansen Pharmaceutical Enters into Co-Marketing Agreement with Ethypharm in October 2011551
      Meda Expands Co-Marketing Agreement with Ethypharm in December 2009551
      Archimedes Enters Into Co-Marketing Agreement with Ethypharm in April 2009551
    Key Pipeline Products561
      ALKS 33561
      ALKS 36571
    Proprietary Technology571
      Oral Controlled Release (OCR)571
      Bioavailability Enhancement581
    Deals Landscape581
      Alkermes Completes Merger with Elan Drug Technologies in September 2011581
      Civitas Therapeutics Acquires Pulmonary Patent Portfolio of Alkermes in December 2010581
      Acceleron Pharma Enters into Licensing Agreement with Alkermes in December 2009581
  HalcyGen Pharmaceuticals Limited591
    Key Pipeline Drugs591
      SUBACAP/SUBA itraconazole591
    Proprietary Technology601
      SUBA Technology601
      CleanTaste Technology601
    Deals Landscape601
      HalcyGen Acquires Mayne Pharma from Hospira in September 2009601
  Aegis Therapeutics611
    Key Pipeline Drugs611
      AFPep (alpha fetoprotein peptide)611
      OB3 Peptide611
    Proprietary Technology621
    Key Pipeline Drugs621
    Proprietary Technology631
      Medicated Chewing Gum Technology631
  Flamel Technologies631
    Key Pipeline Products631
      Genvir (acyclovir)631
    Proprietary Technology641
      Trigger Lock641
Oral Drug Delivery Market - Appendix654
  Market Definitions651
  Research Methodology672
    Secondary Research671
    Primary Research681
    Expert Panel Validation681
  Contact Us681

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