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World Tires

World Tires - Freedonia Market Research
World Tires
Published Jan 14, 2014
573 pages — Published Jan 14, 2014
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World demand for tires is forecast to rise 4.3 percent per year to 2.9 billion units in 2017. Gains will continue to be led by developing countries in the Asia/Pacific region, particularly China and India. Growth in the dominant motor vehicle market will be driven by increases in motor vehicle usage in developing countries.This study analyzes the 2.4 billion unit world tire industry. It presents historical demand data for 2002, 2007 and 2012, and supply and demand forecasts for 2017 and 2022 by market (e.g., light vehicle, medium and heavy vehicle, motorcycle, industrial), world region, and for 26 countries.The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles 32 industry competitors, including Bridgestone, Michelin and Goodyear.

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
  World Economic Environment131
    Recent Historical Trends143
    World Economic Outlook174
  World Population Overview213
  World Motor Vehicle Production243
  World Motor Vehicles in Use272
  World Gross Fixed Investment Outlook293
  Pricing Patterns325
  Retreaded, Regrooved, &Used Tires402
  Legal &Regulatory Environment423
  Regional Overview471
    Production Capacity612
    International Trade632
  Demand by Market655
    Light Vehicle704
    Medium &Heavy Vehicle744
    Industrial &Other812
  North America: General842
  North America: Tire Supply &Demand868
  North America: Tire Market Outlook942
  North America: Tire Production Capacity962
  United States981
    United States: General992
    United States: Tire Supply &Demand1013
    United States: Tire Market Outlook1043
    United States: Tire Production Capacity1074
    Canada: General1122
    Canada: Tire Supply &Demand1142
    Canada: Tire Market Outlook1162
    Canada: Tire Production Capacity1181
    Mexico: General1202
    Mexico: Tire Supply &Demand1222
    Mexico: Tire Market Outlook1242
    Mexico: Tire Production Capacity1262
  Western Europe: General1292
  Western Europe: Tire Supply &Demand1318
  Western Europe: Tire Market Outlook1392
  Western Europe: Tire Production Capacity1412
    France: General1442
    France: Tire Supply &Demand1462
    France: Tire Market Outlook1482
    France: Tire Production Capacity1502
    Germany: General1532
    Germany: Tire Supply &Demand1552
    Germany: Tire Market Outlook1572
    Germany: Tire Production Capacity1592
    Italy: General1622
    Italy: Tire Supply &Demand1642
    Italy: Tire Market Outlook1662
    Italy: Tire Production Capacity1682
    Netherlands: General1712
    Netherlands: Tire Supply &Demand1733
    Netherlands: Tire Market Outlook1762
    Netherlands: Tire Production Capacity1781
    Spain: General1802
    Spain: Tire Supply &Demand1822
    Spain: Tire Market Outlook1842
    Spain: Tire Production Capacity1862
  United Kingdom1881
    United Kingdom: General1892
    United Kingdom: Tire Supply &Demand1912
    United Kingdom: Tire Market Outlook1932
    United Kingdom: Tire Production Capacity1952
  Other Western Europe1971
    Other Western Europe: General1982
    Other Western Europe: Tire Supply &Demand2002
    Other Western Europe: Tire Market Outlook2022
    Other Western Europe: Tire Production Capacity2042
  Asia/Pacific: General2072
  Asia/Pacific: Tire Supply &Demand2098
  Asia/Pacific: Tire Market Outlook2173
  Asia/Pacific: Tire Production Capacity2202
    Australia: General2232
    Australia: Tire Supply &Demand2252
    Australia: Tire Market Outlook2272
    China: General2302
    China: Tire Supply &Demand2323
    China: Tire Market Outlook2353
    China: Tire Production Capacity2384
    India: General2432
    India: Tire Supply &Demand2452
    India: Tire Market Outlook2472
    India: Tire Production Capacity2493
    Indonesia: General2532
    Indonesia: Tire Supply &Demand2552
    Indonesia: Tire Market Outlook2572
    Indonesia: Tire Production Capacity2593
    Japan: General2632
    Japan: Tire Supply &Demand2652
    Japan: Tire Market Outlook2672
    Japan: Tire Production Capacity2692
    Malaysia: General2722
    Malaysia: Tire Supply &Demand2742
    Malaysia: Tire Market Outlook2762
    Malaysia: Tire Production Capacity2782
  South Korea2801
    South Korea: General2812
    South Korea: Tire Supply &Demand2832
    South Korea: Tire Market Outlook2852
    South Korea: Tire Production Capacity2872
    Taiwan: General2902
    Taiwan: Tire Supply &Demand2922
    Taiwan: Tire Market Outlook2942
    Taiwan: Tire Production Capacity2962
    Thailand: General2992
    Thailand: Tire Supply &Demand3012
    Thailand: Tire Market Outlook3032
    Thailand: Tire Production Capacity3053
    Vietnam: General3092
    Vietnam: Tire Supply &Demand3112
    Vietnam: Tire Market Outlook3132
    Vietnam: Tire Production Capacity3152
  Other Asia/Pacific3171
    Other Asia/Pacific: General3182
    Other Asia/Pacific: Tire Supply &Demand3202
    Other Asia/Pacific: Tire Market Outlook3222
    Other Asia/Pacific: Tire Production Capacity3243
  Central &South America3281
    Central &South America: General3292
    Central &South America: Tire Supply &Demand3312
    Central &South America: Tire Market Outlook3332
    Central &South America: Tire Production Capacity3352
    Other Central &South America3458
  Eastern Europe3531
    Eastern Europe: General3542
    Eastern Europe: Tire Supply &Demand3568
    Eastern Europe: Tire Market Outlook3642
    Eastern Europe: Tire Production Capacity3662
    Czech Republic3686
    Other Eastern Europe3878
    Africa/Mideast: General3962
    Africa/Mideast: Tire Supply &Demand3988
    Africa/Mideast: Tire Market Outlook4062
    Africa/Mideast: Tire Production Capacity4082
    South Africa4177
    Other Africa/Mideast43110
  Market Share &Industry Concentration4448
  Acquisitions, Divestitures, &Industry Restructuring4523
  Cooperative Agreements4556
  Marketing &Distribution4612
  Competitive Strategies4632
  Research &Development4652
Company Profiles467107
  Aeolus Tyre Company Limited4682
  Apollo Tyres Limited4703
  Belshina OJSC4731
  Bridgestone Corporation4748
  CGS as4822
  Cheng Shin Rubber Industries Company Limited4842
  Continental AG4865
  Cooper Tire &Rubber Company4914
  Cordiant JSC4952
  Double Coin Holdings Limited4972
  Giti Tire Pte Limited4992
  Goodyear Tire &Rubber Company5015
  Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Company Limited5062
  Hankook Tire Company Limited5083
  JK Tyre &Industries Limited5112
  Kumho Tire Company Incorporated5133
  Marangoni SpA5162
  Michelin Group5188
  MRF Limited5262
  NEXEN Tire Corporation5282
  Nokian Tyres plc5303
  Pirelli &C. SpA5336
  PT Gajah Tunggal Tbk5392
  Qingdao Doublestar Tire Industrial Company Limited5411
  Shandong Linglong Rubber Company Limited5421
  Sumitomo Rubber Industries Limited5434
  Titan International Incorporated5482
  Toyo Tire &Rubber Company Limited5503
  Triangle Group Company Limited5532
  Xingyuan Group5551
  Yokohama Rubber Company Limited5565
  Other Companies Mentioned in Study56113

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