World Thermoplastic Elastomers to 2015 - Freedonia Market Research

World Thermoplastic Elastomers to 2015

World Thermoplastic Elastomers to 2015 - Freedonia Market Research
World Thermoplastic Elastomers to 2015
Published Sep 01, 2011
466 pages — Published Sep 01, 2011
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Global demand for thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) will rise 6.3 percent annually through 2015. Gains will be driven by rebounding motor vehicle production in the US and Western Europe. Advances will also be fueled by the rising use of TPEs in the developing countries, where these materials are continuing to penetrate new applications.This study analyzes the 4.1 million metric ton world TPE industry. It presents historical demand data for the years 2000, 2005 and 2010, with forecasts for 2015 and 2020 by market (e.g., motor vehicles; consumer goods; roof and asphalt; adhesives; sealants and coatings; industrial products), product (e.g., styrenic block copolymers, thermoplastic polyolefins, polyolefin elastomers, thermoplastic polyurethanes, thermoplastic vulcanizates, copolyester elastomers), world region and for 15 countries.The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles 42 industry players, including Kraton Performance Polymers, LyondellBasell and Exxon Mobil.

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
  World Economic Overview141
    Recent Historical Trends152
    World Economic Outlook174
  World Demographic Overview213
  World Consumer Spending Patterns242
  World Manufacturing Overview262
  World Motor Vehicle Production Outlook283
  World Construction Overview312
  Thermoplastic Elastomer Demand/GDP Relationship333
  Styrenic Block Copolymers442
    Demand by Market463
    Demand by Region492
    Suppliers &Capacity517
  Thermoplastic Polyolefins583
    Demand by Market614
    Demand by Region652
  Polyolefin Elastomers682
    Demand by Market702
    Demand by Region722
  Thermoplastic Polyurethanes762
    Demand by Market783
    Demand by Region812
  Thermoplastic Vulcanizates852
    Demand by Market873
    Demand by Region902
  Copolyester Elastomers942
    Demand by Market964
    Demand by Region1002
  Other Thermoplastic Elastomers1042
    Demand by Market1062
    Demand by Region1082
  Motor Vehicles1195
  Consumer Goods1244
  Roofing &Asphalt1283
  Adhesives, Sealants &Coatings1313
  Industrial Products1343
  Other Markets1374
  North America: Economic Overview1423
  North America: Thermoplastic Elastomer Demand1456
  United States1511
    United States: Economic Overview1523
    United States: Thermoplastic Elastomer Demand1554
    United States: Producers1591
    Canada: Economic Overview1612
    Canada: Thermoplastic Elastomer Demand1633
    Canada: Producers1661
    Mexico: Economic Overview1683
    Mexico: Thermoplastic Elastomer Demand1713
    Mexico: Producers1741
  Western Europe: Economic Overview1762
  Western Europe: Thermoplastic Elastomer Demand1786
    Germany: Economic Overview1852
    Germany: Thermoplastic Elastomer Demand1874
    Germany: Producers1911
    France: Economic Overview1932
    France: Thermoplastic Elastomer Demand1953
    France: Producers1981
    Spain: Economic Overview2002
    Spain: Thermoplastic Elastomer Demand2023
    Spain: Producers2051
    Italy: Economic Overview2072
    Italy: Thermoplastic Elastomer Demand2093
    Italy: Producers2121
  United Kingdom2131
    United Kingdom: Economic Overview2142
    United Kingdom: Thermoplastic Elastomer Demand2163
    United Kingdom: Producers2191
  Other Western Europe2201
    Other Western Europe: Economic Overview2212
    Other Western Europe: Thermoplastic Elastomer Demand2234
    Other Western Europe: Producers2271
  Asia/Pacific: Economic Overview2293
  Asia/Pacific: Thermoplastic Elastomer Demand2327
    China: Economic Overview2403
    China: Thermoplastic Elastomer Demand2434
    China: Producers2472
    Japan: Economic Overview2503
    Japan: Thermoplastic Elastomer Demand2533
    Japan: Producers2562
  South Korea2581
    South Korea: Economic Overview2592
    South Korea: Thermoplastic Elastomer Demand2614
    South Korea: Producers2651
    India: Economic Overview2672
    India: Thermoplastic Elastomer Demand2694
    India: Producers2731
    Taiwan: Economic Overview2753
    Taiwan: Thermoplastic Elastomer Demand2783
    Taiwan: Producers2812
  Other Asia/Pacific2831
    Other Asia/Pacific: Economic Overview2842
    Other Asia/Pacific: Thermoplastic Elastomer Demand2864
    Other Asia/Pacific: Producers2901
  Central &South America2921
    Central &South America: Economic Overview2932
    Central &South America: Thermoplastic Elastomer Demand2953
    Other Central &South America3035
  Eastern Europe3081
    Eastern Europe: Economic Overview3092
    Eastern Europe: Thermoplastic Elastomer Demand3113
    Other Eastern Europe3205
    Africa/Mideast: Economic Overview3263
    Africa/Mideast: Thermoplastic Elastomer Demand3294
    Africa/Mideast: Producers3331
  Market Share3397
  Technology &Manufacturing3461
  Competitive Strategies3511
  Acquisitions &Divestitures3523
  Cooperative Agreements3556
  Marketing &Distribution3611
Company Profiles366101
  Arkema SA3673
  Asahi Kasei Corporation3702
  BASF SE3724
  Bayer AG3764
  Bridgestone Corporation3802
  Celanese Corporation3822
  Chi Mei Corporation3841
  China Petroleum &Chemical Corporation3851
  Dow Chemical Company3864
  Dow Corning Corporation3902
  DuPont (EI) de Nemours3922
  EMS-Chemie Holding AG3942
  En Chuan Chemical Industries Company Limited3961
  Eni SpA3972
  Exxon Mobil Corporation3994
  Huntsman Corporation4032
  Korea Kumho Petrochemical Company Limited4052
  KRAIBURG Holding GmbH &Company KG4073
  Kraton Performance Polymers Incorporated4103
  Kuraray Company Limited4132
  LCY Chemical Corporation4172
  LG Chem Limited4192
  Lubrizol Corporation4212
  LyondellBasell Industries NV4233
  Merquinsa Mercados Quimicos SL4262
  Mexichem SAB de CV4282
  Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation4304
  Mitsui Chemicals Incorporated4342
  OAO Gazprom4361
  PolyOne Corporation4374
  Repsol YPF SA4412
  Rockwood Holdings Incorporated4431
  Royal DSM NV4443
  Schulman (A.) Incorporated4472
  SO.F.TER SpA4493
  Sumitomo Chemical Company Limited4522
  Teknor Apex Company4543
  Toyobo Company Limited4572
  TSRC Corporation4592
  Yantai Wanhua Polyurethanes Company Limited4612
  ZEON Corporation4632
  Other Companies Mentioned in Study4652

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