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World Specialty Silicas

World Specialty Silicas - Freedonia Market Research
World Specialty Silicas
Published Apr 28, 2016
476 pages — Published Apr 28, 2016
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This study analyzes the world specialty silica industry. It presents historical demand data (2005, 2010, and 2015) and forecasts (2020 and 2025) by product (precipitated silica, silica gel, silica sol, fumed silica), market (e.g., tire rubber, non-tire rubber, chemicals, food and feed, cosmetics and toiletries, industrial processing), world region, and major country. The study also considers market environment factors, evaluates company market share, and profiles industry players.

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
  World Population Overview133
  World Economic Overview161
    Recent Historical Trends172
    World Economic Outlook193
    World Per Capita Gross Domestic Product222
    Personal Consumption Expenditure Trends244
  World Manufacturing Overview283
  Chemicals &Pharmaceuticals Outlook314
  Food &Beverage Production Outlook353
  World Rubber Outlook383
  World Tire Industry Outlook412
  Pricing &Product Mix432
  Environmental &Regulatory Issues493
  Demand by Region545
  Demand by Product598
    Precipitated Silica674
    Silica Gel714
    Silica Sol753
    Fumed Silica784
  Demand by Market825
    Food &Feed953
    Industrial Processing1024
    Cosmetics &Toiletries1063
  Production by Region1155
  International Trade1202
  North America: General1232
  North America: Supply &Demand1258
  North America: Demand by Product &Market1332
  United States1351
    United States: General1362
    United States: Supply &Demand1384
    United States: Demand by Product1422
    United States: Demand by Market1442
    Canada: General1472
    Canada: Supply &Demand1494
    Canada: Demand by Product1532
    Canada: Demand by Market1552
    Mexico: General1582
    Mexico: Supply &Demand1604
    Mexico: Demand by Product1642
    Mexico: Demand by Market1662
  Western Europe: General1692
  Western Europe: Supply &Demand1718
  Western Europe: Demand by Product &Market1792
    Germany: General1822
    Germany: Supply &Demand1844
    Germany: Demand by Product1882
    Germany: Demand by Market1902
    France: General1932
    France: Supply &Demand1954
    France: Demand by Product1992
    France: Demand by Market2012
    Spain: General2042
    Spain: Supply &Demand2064
    Spain: Demand by Product2102
    Spain: Demand by Market2122
    Italy: General2152
    Italy: Supply &Demand2174
    Italy: Demand by Product2212
    Italy: Demand by Market2232
  United Kingdom2251
    United Kingdom: General2262
    United Kingdom: Supply &Demand2284
    United Kingdom: Demand by Product2322
    United Kingdom: Demand by Market2342
  Other Western Europe2361
    Other Western Europe: General2372
    Other Western Europe: Supply &Demand2394
    Other Western Europe: Demand by Product2432
    Other Western Europe: Demand by Market2452
  Asia/Pacific: General2482
  Asia/Pacific: Supply &Demand2508
  Asia/Pacific: Demand by Product &Market2582
    China: General2612
    China: Supply &Demand2634
    China: Demand by Product2672
    China: Demand by Market2693
    Japan: General2732
    Japan: Supply &Demand2754
    Japan: Demand by Product2792
    Japan: Demand by Market2812
  South Korea2831
    South Korea: General2842
    South Korea: Supply &Demand2864
    South Korea: Demand by Product2902
    South Korea: Demand by Market2922
    India: General2952
    India: Supply &Demand2974
    India: Demand by Product3012
    India: Demand by Market3032
    Taiwan: General3062
    Taiwan: Supply &Demand3084
    Taiwan: Demand by Product3122
    Taiwan: Demand by Market3142
    Indonesia: General3172
    Indonesia: Supply &Demand3194
    Indonesia: Demand by Product3232
    Indonesia: Demand by Market3252
  Other Asia/Pacific3271
    Other Asia/Pacific: General3282
    Other Asia/Pacific: Supply &Demand3304
    Other Asia/Pacific: Demand by Product3342
    Other Asia/Pacific: Demand by Market3362
  Central &South America3391
    Central &South America: General3402
    Central &South America: Supply &Demand3422
    Central &South America: Demand by Product &Market3442
    Other Central &South America3547
  Eastern Europe3611
    Eastern Europe: General3622
    Eastern Europe: Supply &Demand3642
    Eastern Europe: Demand by Product &Market3662
    Other Eastern Europe3757
    Africa/Mideast: General3832
    Africa/Mideast: Supply &Demand3852
    Africa/Mideast: Demand by Product &Market3872
  Industry Composition &Market Share3919
  Competitive Strategies4003
  Acquisitions &Divestitures4032
  Cooperative Agreements4056
  Marketing &Distribution4132
Company Profiles41562
  Air Products and Chemicals Incorporated4161
  Akzo Nobel NV4173
  Cabot Corporation4203
  China National Bluestar Group Company Limited4232
  DENTSPLY SIRONA Incorporated4252
  Ecolab Incorporated4272
  Evonik Industries AG4294
  Fuji Silysia Chemical Limited4332
  Fujimi Incorporated4352
  Fuso Chemical Company Limited4371
  Glassven CA4381
  Grace (WR) &Company4393
  Gujarat Multi Gas Base Chemicals Private Limited4421
  Huber (JM) Corporation4432
  Imerys SA4451
  Industrias Qu micas del Ebro SA4461
  Kemira Oyj4472
  Madhu Silica Private Limited4491
  Merck KGaA4503
  Multisorb Technologies Incorporated4531
  Nissan Chemical Industries Limited4542
  Oriental Silicas Corporation4561
  Orisil Limited4571
  PPG Industries Incorporated4582
  PQ Corporation4602
  Qingdao Haiyang Chemical Company Limited4621
  Qingdao Makall Group Incorporated4631
  Solvay SA4642
  Tokuyama Corporation4661
  Tosoh Corporation4672
  Wacker Chemie AG4692
  Zhuzhou Xinglong Chemical Industry Company Limited4711
  Additional Companies Mentioned in Study4725

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