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World Silicones

World Silicones - Freedonia Market Research
World Silicones
Published May 27, 2015
398 pages — Published May 27, 2015
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World demand for silicones will rise 5.7 percent annually to $19.3 billion in 2019. The Asia/Pacific region will continue to be the strongest source of additional silicone demand, with electronics remaining its largest outlet. Construction will be the fastest growing market worldwide, with silicone gels among the fastest growing product types.This study examines the $14.6 billion world silicones industry. It presents historical demand data (2004, 2009 and 2014) and forecasts for 2019 and 2024 by market (e.g., electrical and electronic, construction, transportation, health and personal care, chemical) and product (e.g., elastomers, fluids, resins, gels) for 6 world regions and 15 major countries.The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles 34 industry participants, including Wacker Chemie, Momentive Performance Materials, and Shin-Etsu Chemical.

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
  Global Economic Overview131
    Recent Historical Trends142
    World Economic Outlook163
  World Population Outlook193
  World Construction Outlook223
  World Manufacturing Overview253
    World Chemicals Outlook283
    World Motor Vehicle Production Outlook314
  World Healthcare Overview353
    Basic Silicone Synthesis391
    Silicone Products453
  Environmental &Regulatory Overview483
  Demand by Region536
  Demand by Market595
    Electrical &Electronic644
    Health &Personal Care755
    Other Markets834
  Demand by Product875
    Gels &Other1034
  Production &Trade1072
  North America: Economic Overview1102
  North America: Silicone Demand1126
  United States1181
    United States: Economic Overview1192
    United States: Markets &Products1213
    United States: Producers1242
    Canada: Economic Overview1272
    Canada: Markets &Products1293
    Canada: Producers1321
    Mexico: Economic Overview1343
    Mexico: Markets &Products1372
    Mexico: Producers1391
  Western Europe: Economic Overview1413
  Western Europe: Silicone Demand1445
    Germany: Economic Overview1503
    Germany: Markets &Products1532
    Germany: Producers1551
    France: Economic Overview1573
    France: Markets &Products1602
    France: Producers1621
    Italy: Economic Overview1643
    Italy: Markets &Products1672
    Italy: Producers1691
  United Kingdom1701
    United Kingdom: Economic Overview1713
    United Kingdom: Markets &Products1742
    United Kingdom: Producers1761
    Spain: Economic Overview1783
    Spain: Markets &Products1812
    Spain: Producers1831
  Other Western Europe1841
    Other Western Europe: Economic Overview1853
    Other Western Europe: Markets &Products1882
    Other Western Europe: Countries1902
    Other Western Europe: Producers1921
  Asia/Pacific: Economic Overview1943
  Asia/Pacific: Silicone Demand1975
    China: Economic Overview2033
    China: Markets &Products2063
    China: Producers2092
    Japan: Economic Overview2123
    Japan: Markets &Products2153
    Japan: Producers2181
  South Korea2191
    South Korea: Economic Overview2203
    South Korea: Markets &Products2232
    South Korea: Producers2251
    India: Economic Overview2273
    India: Markets &Products2303
    India: Producers2331
    Taiwan: Economic Overview2352
    Taiwan: Markets &Products2372
    Taiwan: Producers2391
  Other Asia/Pacific2401
    Other Asia/Pacific: Economic Overview2412
    Other Asia/Pacific: Markets &Products2433
    Other Asia/Pacific: Countries2462
    Other Asia/Pacific: Producers2481
  Central &South America2501
    Central &South America: Economic Overview2513
    Central &South America: Silicone Demand2542
    Other Central &South America2625
  Eastern Europe2671
    Eastern Europe: Economic Overview2682
    Eastern Europe: Silicone Demand2702
    Other Eastern Europe2785
    Africa/Mideast: Economic Overview2843
    Africa/Mideast: Silicone Demand2872
    Africa/Mideast: Producers2891
  Market Share2948
  Acquisitions &Divestitures3022
  Marketing Strategies3041
  Channels of Distribution3052
  Technology &Manufacturing3072
  Research &Development3091
  Cooperative Agreements3105
Company Profiles31584
  Actavis plc3163
  Arkema SA3192
  Ashland Incorporated3212
  Berkshire Hathaway Incorporated3232
  Caledonia Investments plc3251
  China National Bluestar Group Company Limited3265
  Clariant International Limited3312
  CRI-SIL Silicone Technologies LLC3331
  CSL Silicones Incorporated3341
  Dongyue Group Limited3352
  Dow Corning Corporation3375
  Emerald Performance Materials LLC3422
  Evonik Industries AG3444
  Gelest Incorporated3482
  Handy &Harman Limited3501
  Henkel AG &Company KGaA3513
  ICM Products Incorporated3544
  Jiangsu Hongda New Material Company Limited3581
  Johnson &Johnson3592
  Kaneka Corporation3612
  KCC Corporation3633
  Kemira Oyj3662
  Milliken &Company3682
  Momentive Performance Materials Incorporated3704
  NuSil Technology LLC3742
  Provista SA de CV3761
  Rogers Corporation3773
  Shin-Etsu Chemical Company Limited3804
  Silchem Incorporated3842
  Silteq Limited3861
  Specialty Silicone Products Incorporated3872
  Total SA3893
  Wacker Chemie AG3925
  Zhejiang Xinan Chemical Industrial Group Company Limited3972

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