World Salt to 2015 - Freedonia Market Research

World Salt to 2015

World Salt to 2015 - Freedonia Market Research
World Salt to 2015
Published Feb 28, 2012
381 pages — Published Feb 28, 2012
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Global demand for salt will rise 2.9 percent annually through 2015 to 327 million metric tons. Growth in chemical production, especially in China, will fuel most new demand. Demand will also benefit from shale gas drilling in North America, which will boost chloralkali output in the US and Canada.This study analyzes the 284 million metric ton world salt industry. It presents historical demand data for the years 2000, 2005 and 2010, and forecasts for 2015 and 2020 by market (e.g., chemical manufacturing, road deicing, food processing, livestock), production method (e.g., solar evaporation, rock salt, brine), world region and for 20 major countries.The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles 32 industry competitors, including K+S, China National Salt Industry and Cargill.

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
  World Economic Overview131
    Recent Historical Trends142
    World Economic Outlook164
  World Demographic Outlook202
  Personal Income Outlook222
  World Manufacturing Outlook242
  Chemical Manufacturing Outlook263
  Food Manufacturing Outlook292
  World Paved Road Outlook312
  World Mining Output Outlook333
  Climatic Factors361
  World Livestock Outlook372
  Pricing Trends396
  Legal &Regulatory Environment452
  Demand by Region498
  Demand by Market574
    Chemical Manufacturing617
    Road Deicing683
    Food Processing714
  Production by Region815
  Production by Method865
    Solar Evaporation912
    Rock Salt932
    Vacuum Pan &Other972
  International Trade992
  North America: General1022
  North America: Salt Supply &Demand1046
  North America: Salt Outlook &Suppliers1102
  United States1122
    United States: Salt Supply &Demand1142
    United States: Salt Outlook &Suppliers1162
    Canada: Salt Supply &Demand1202
    Canada: Salt Outlook &Suppliers1222
    Mexico: Salt Supply &Demand1262
    Mexico: Salt Outlook &Suppliers1282
  Western Europe: Salt Supply &Demand1336
  Western Europe: Salt Outlook &Suppliers1392
    Germany: Salt Supply &Demand1432
    Germany: Salt Outlook &Suppliers1452
    France: Salt Supply &Demand1492
    France: Salt Outlook &Suppliers1512
  United Kingdom1532
    United Kingdom: Salt Supply &Demand1552
    United Kingdom: Salt Outlook &Suppliers1572
    Spain: Salt Supply &Demand1612
    Spain: Salt Outlook &Suppliers1632
    Italy: Salt Supply &Demand1672
    Italy: Salt Outlook &Suppliers1692
  The Netherlands1711
    The Netherlands: Salt Supply &Demand1722
    The Netherlands: Salt Outlook &Suppliers1742
  Other Western Europe1761
    Other Western Europe: Salt Supply &Demand1772
    Other Western Europe: Salt Outlook &Suppliers1792
    Other Western Europe: Demand by Country1811
  Asia/Pacific: Salt Supply &Demand1855
  Asia Pacific: Salt Outlook &Suppliers1902
    China: Salt Supply &Demand1942
    China: Salt Outlook &Suppliers1962
    India: Salt Supply &Demand2002
    India: Salt Outlook &Suppliers2022
    Japan: Salt Supply &Demand2062
    Japan: Salt Outlook &Suppliers2082
  South Korea2102
    South Korea: Salt Supply &Demand2122
    South Korea: Salt Outlook &Suppliers2142
    Australia: Salt Supply &Demand2172
    Australia: Salt Outlook &Suppliers2192
  Other Asia/Pacific2212
    Other Asia/Pacific: Salt Supply &Demand2232
    Other Asia/Pacific: Salt Outlook &Suppliers2252
  Central &South America2282
    Central &South America: Salt Supply &Demand2305
    Central &South America: Salt Outlook &Suppliers2352
    Other Central &South America2454
  Eastern Europe2492
    Eastern Europe: Salt Supply &Demand2515
    Eastern Europe: Salt Outlook &Suppliers2562
    Other Eastern Europe2704
    Africa/Mideast: Salt Supply &Demand2763
    Africa/Mideast: Salt Outlook &Suppliers2792
    Other Africa/Mideast2854
  Industry Composition2913
  Market Share2947
  Marketing &Distribution3013
  Cooperative Agreements3045
  Mergers &Acquisitions3092
Company Profiles31171
  Akzo Nobel NV3125
  Atisale SpA3172
  Cargill Incorporated3194
  China National Salt Industry Corporation3232
  Compass Minerals International Incorporated3274
  Dev Salt Private Limited3311
  Dow Chemical Company3322
  Exportadora de Sal SA de CV3342
  Henrique Lage Salineira do Nordeste SA3362
  Hubei Shuanghuan Science and Technology Stock Company Limited3381
  INEOS Group Limited3392
  Irish Salt Mining &Exploration Company Limited3411
  Italkali Societ Italiana Sali Alcalini SpA3422
  JSC Urakali3442
  K+S AG3468
  Kopalnia Soli Klodawa Spolka Akcyjna3541
  Mitsui &Company Limited3552
  Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation3571
  Proasal Salinera de Andalucia SL3581
  Ridley Corporation Limited3593
  Rio Tinto Group3622
  Russalt Limited3641
  Salina Salt Company3651
  Salinen Austria AG3662
  Solana Tuzla Incorporated3681
  Solvay SA3692
  State Enterprise Association Artyomsol3712
  Suedwestdeutsche Salzwerke AG3733
  Tata Group3762
  United Salt Corporation3782
  Wacker-Chemie AG3802

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