World Rubber Procesing Chemcials to 2015 - Freedonia Market Research

World Rubber Procesing Chemcials to 2015

World Rubber Procesing Chemcials to 2015 - Freedonia Market Research
World Rubber Procesing Chemcials to 2015
Published Mar 30, 2012
379 pages — Published Mar 30, 2012
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Global demand for rubber processing chemicals will rise 4.7 percent yearly to 1.4 million metric tons in 2015. China will remain the largest and fastest growing market. Accelerators and processing aids will be among the fastest growing types, while antidegradants will remain the largest segment.This study analyzes the 1.1 million metric ton world rubber processing chemical industry. It presents historical demand data for the years 2001, 2006 and 2011, and forecasts for 2015 and 2020 by type of rubber (synthetic, natural), chemical (e.g., antidegradants, accelerators, processing aids), market (tires, non-tire rubber products), world region and for 27 countries.The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market shares and profiles 19 industry players, including LANXESS, Solutia and Chemtura.

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
  World Economic Environment141
    Recent Economic Performance152
    World Economic Outlook174
  World Population Overview212
  Motor Vehicle Production234
  Motor Vehicles in Use272
  World Tire Production293
  Rubber Consumption Overview321
    Rubber Consumption by Region332
    Rubber Consumption by Type353
    Rubber Consumption by Market382
  Environmental &Regulatory Overview403
  Demand by Region476
  Demand by Market533
    Non-Tire Rubber Products644
  Demand by Type of Rubber682
    Synthetic Rubber702
    Natural Rubber722
  Demand by Type of Chemical742
    Processing Aids &Other Rubber Processing Chemicals915
  North America: Market Environment972
  North America: Rubber Processing Chemical Demand992
  North America: Suppliers1011
  United States1021
    United States: Market Environment1033
    United States: Rubber Processing Chemical Demand1062
    United States: Suppliers1082
    Canada: Market Environment1112
    Canada: Rubber Processing Chemical Demand1132
    Canada: Suppliers1151
    Mexico: Market Environment1173
    Mexico: Rubber Processing Chemical Demand1202
    Mexico: Suppliers1221
  Western Europe: Market Environment1243
  Western Europe: Rubber Processing Chemical Demand1272
  Western Europe: Suppliers1291
    Belgium: Market Environment1312
    Belgium: Rubber Processing Chemical Demand1332
    Belgium: Suppliers1351
    France: Market Environment1373
    France: Rubber Processing Chemical Demand1402
    France: Suppliers1421
    Germany: Market Environment1443
    Germany: Rubber Processing Chemical Demand1472
    Germany: Suppliers1491
    Italy: Market Environment1513
    Italy: Rubber Processing Chemical Demand1542
    Italy: Suppliers1561
  The Netherlands1571
    The Netherlands: Market Environment1582
    The Netherlands: Rubber Processing Chemical Demand1602
    The Netherlands: Suppliers1621
    Spain: Market Environment1643
    Spain: Rubber Processing Chemical Demand1672
    Spain: Suppliers1691
  United Kingdom1701
    United Kingdom: Market Environment1713
    United Kingdom: Rubber Processing Chemical Demand1742
    United Kingdom: Suppliers1761
  Other Western Europe1771
    Other Western Europe: Market Environment1782
    Other Western Europe: Rubber Processing Chemical Demand1802
    Other Western Europe: Suppliers1821
  Asia/Pacific: Market Environment1843
  Asia/Pacific: Rubber Processing Chemical Demand1872
  Asia/Pacific: Suppliers1891
    China: Market Environment1914
    China: Rubber Processing Chemical Demand1953
    China: Suppliers1981
    India: Market Environment2003
    India: Rubber Processing Chemical Demand2032
    India: Suppliers2051
    Indonesia: Market Environment2072
    Indonesia: Rubber Processing Chemical Demand2092
    Indonesia: Suppliers2111
    Japan: Market Environment2133
    Japan: Rubber Processing Chemical Demand2162
    Japan: Suppliers2181
    Malaysia: Market Environment2203
    Malaysia: Rubber Processing Chemical Demand2232
    Malaysia: Suppliers2251
  South Korea2261
    South Korea: Market Environment2273
    South Korea: Rubber Processing Chemical Demand2302
    South Korea: Suppliers2321
    Taiwan: Market Environment2343
    Taiwan: Rubber Processing Chemical Demand2372
    Taiwan: Suppliers2391
    Thailand: Market Environment2413
    Thailand: Rubber Processing Chemical Demand2442
    Thailand: Suppliers2461
  Other Asia/Pacific2471
    Other Asia/Pacific: Market Environment2483
    Other Asia/Pacific: Rubber Processing Chemical Demand2512
    Other Asia/Pacific: Suppliers2531
  Central &South America2551
    Central &South America: Market Environment2563
    Central &South America: Rubber Processing Chemical Demand2592
    Central &South America: Suppliers2611
    Other Central &South America2714
  Eastern Europe2751
    Eastern Europe: Market Environment2762
    Eastern Europe: Rubber Processing Chemical Demand2782
    Eastern Europe: Suppliers2801
    Czech Republic2814
    Other Eastern Europe2944
    Africa/Mideast: Market Environment2993
    Africa/Mideast: Rubber Processing Chemical Demand3022
    Africa/Mideast: Suppliers3041
    South Africa3054
    Other Africa/Mideast3134
  Market Share &Industry Concentration3197
  Acquisitions, Divestitures &Industry Restructuring3262
  Marketing &Competitive Strategies3282
  Research &Development3313
Company Profiles33446
  Arkema SA3353
  Bann Qu mica Limitada3381
  Behn Meyer Holding AG3392
  Chemtura Corporation3413
  China Petroleum &Chemical Corporation3442
  DUSLO as3462
  Emerald Performance Materials LLC3482
  Emery Oleochemicals Group3502
  Goodyear Tire &Rubber Company3522
  Korea Kumho Petrochemical Company Limited3542
  Linkwell Rubber Chemicals Company Limited3622
  OMNOVA Solutions Incorporated3642
  Repsol YPF SA3661
  Safic-Alcan SAS3672
  Solutia Incorporated3693
  Solvay SA3723
  Sumitomo Chemical Company Limited3753
  Vanderbilt (RT) Company Incorporated3782

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