World Roofing to 2016 - Freedonia Market Research

World Roofing to 2016

World Roofing to 2016 - Freedonia Market Research
World Roofing to 2016
Published Jun 27, 2012
541 pages — Published Jun 27, 2012
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World demand for roofing materials is forecast to grow 3.8 percent annually through 2016 to 11.7 billion square meters. The US and China will jointly account for nearly 60 percent of global gains in roofing volume demand. The dominant bituminous products segment will post the fastest growth.This study analyzes the 9.7 billion square meter world roofing industry. It presents historical demand data for the years 2001, 2006 and 2011, and forecasts for 2016 and 2021 by roofing type (e.g., bituminous, tile, metal, fiber cement, elastomeric, plastic), market (residential, nonresidential), world region and for 18 major countries.The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles 38 industry participants, including GAF Materials, Saint-Gobain and Owens Corning.

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
  World Economic Overview141
    Recent Historical Trends152
    World Economic Outlook175
  World Building Construction Expenditures226
    Residential Building283
    Nonresidential Building312
  World Demographic Overview331
  World Housing Stock383
  Materials &Technology Trends413
  Pricing Patterns446
  Legal &Regulatory Environment504
  Regional Overview572
    International Trade732
  Demand by Product758
    Bituminous Roofing838
    Tile Roofing915
    Metal Roofing963
    Fiber Cement Roofing993
    Elastomeric Roofing1023
    Plastic Roofing1053
    Other Roofing1084
  Demand by Market1125
  North America: General1222
  North America: Roofing Supply &Demand1246
  North America: Roofing Demand by Product1305
  North America: Roofing Demand by Market1352
  United States1371
    United States: General1382
    United States: Roofing Supply &Demand1403
    United States: Roofing Demand by Product1432
    United States: Roofing Demand by Market1451
    Canada: General1472
    Canada: Roofing Supply &Demand1493
    Canada: Roofing Demand by Product1521
    Canada: Roofing Demand by Market1531
    Mexico: General1552
    Mexico: Roofing Supply &Demand1573
    Mexico: Roofing Demand by Product1601
    Mexico: Roofing Demand by Market1611
  Western Europe: General1632
  Western Europe: Roofing Supply &Demand1656
  Western Europe: Roofing Demand by Product1715
  Western Europe: Roofing Demand by Market1761
    Germany: General1782
    Germany: Roofing Supply &Demand1803
    Germany: Roofing Demand by Product1832
    Germany: Roofing Demand by Market1851
    France: General1872
    France: Roofing Supply &Demand1893
    France: Roofing Demand by Product1921
    France: Roofing Demand by Market1931
  United Kingdom1941
    United Kingdom: General1952
    United Kingdom: Roofing Supply &Demand1973
    United Kingdom: Roofing Demand by Product2002
    United Kingdom: Roofing Demand by Market2021
    Italy: General2042
    Italy: Roofing Supply &Demand2062
    Italy: Roofing Demand by Product2081
    Italy: Roofing Demand by Market2091
    Spain: General2112
    Spain: Roofing Supply &Demand2133
    Spain: Roofing Demand by Product2162
    Spain: Roofing Demand by Market2181
  Other Western Europe2191
    Other Western Europe: General2202
    Other Western Europe: Roofing Supply &Demand2223
    Other Western Europe: Roofing Demand by Product2251
    Other Western Europe: Roofing Demand by Market &Country2262
  Asia/Pacific: General2292
  Asia/Pacific: Roofing Supply &Demand2316
  Asia/Pacific: Roofing Demand by Product2375
  Asia/Pacific: Roofing Demand by Market2421
    China: General2442
    China: Roofing Supply &Demand2463
    China: Roofing Demand by Product2492
    China: Roofing Demand by Market2511
    India: General2532
    India: Roofing Supply &Demand2553
    India: Roofing Demand by Product2582
    India: Roofing Demand by Market2601
    Japan: General2622
    Japan: Roofing Supply &Demand2643
    Japan: Roofing Demand by Product2672
    Japan: Roofing Demand by Market2691
    Indonesia: General2712
    Indonesia: Roofing Supply &Demand2733
    Indonesia: Roofing Demand by Product2762
    Indonesia: Roofing Demand by Market2781
    Thailand: General2802
    Thailand: Roofing Supply &Demand2823
    Thailand: Roofing Demand by Product2851
    Thailand: Roofing Demand by Market2861
  South Korea2871
    South Korea: General2882
    South Korea: Roofing Supply &Demand2902
    South Korea: Roofing Demand by Product2921
    South Korea: Roofing Demand by Market2931
  Other Asia/Pacific2941
    Other Asia/Pacific: General2952
    Other Asia/Pacific: Roofing Supply &Demand2973
    Other Asia/Pacific: Roofing Demand by Product3001
    Other Asia/Pacific: Roofing Demand by Market &Country3014
  Central &South America3061
    Central &South America: General3072
    Central &South America: Roofing Supply &Demand3096
    Central &South America: Roofing Demand by Product3155
    Central &South America: Roofing Demand by Market3201
    Other Central &South America3278
  Eastern Europe3351
    Eastern Europe: General3362
    Eastern Europe: Roofing Supply &Demand3386
    Eastern Europe: Roofing Demand by Product3445
    Eastern Europe: Roofing Demand by Market3491
    Other Eastern Europe3569
    Africa/Mideast: General3662
    Africa/Mideast: Roofing Supply &Demand3686
    Africa/Mideast: Roofing Demand by Product3745
    Africa/Mideast: Roofing Demand by Market3791
    Other Africa/Mideast3929
  Industry Composition4032
  Market Share4058
  Product Development &Manufacturing4132
  Marketing &Distribution4152
  Cooperative Agreements4176
  Mergers &Acquisitions4234
Company Profiles427115
  BASF SE4286
  Berkshire Hathaway Incorporated4344
  BlueScope Steel Limited4387
  Boral Limited4453
  Bridgestone Corporation4486
  Building Materials Corporation of America4544
  Carlisle Companies Incorporated4584
  China National Building Material Group Corporation4622
  Duro-Last Roofing Incorporated4641
  Etex Group SA4654
  Fletcher Building Limited4692
  FLSmidth &Company A/S4712
  HeidelbergCement AG4732
  Henry Company4752
  Hood Companies4773
  Icopal A/S4804
  IKO Group4845
  Imerys SA4892
  Kubota Corporation4911
  Lemminkainen Oyj4921
  Mapei SpA4932
  Monier Group GmbH4957
  NCI Building Systems Incorporated5024
  Nucor Corporation5062
  Onduline SA5082
  Owens Corning5104
  Rautaruukki Oyj5143
  Sanko Metal Industrial Company Limited5221
  Siam Cement Public Company Limited5233
  Sika AG5262
  Soprema SA5282
  Tajima Roofing Incorporated5301
  TAMKO Building Products Incorporated5313
  Trelleborg AB5362
  Uralita SA5381
  Wienerberger Baustoffindustrie AG5393

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