World Roofing to 2012 - Freedonia Market Research

World Roofing to 2012

World Roofing to 2012 - Freedonia Market Research
World Roofing to 2012
Published Jun 01, 2008
438 pages — Published Jun 01, 2008
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Global roofing demand is forecast to expand 2.9 percent annually to 10.3 billion square meters in 2012, with a value of $65 billion. The emerging economies of Asia will register the fastest growth in demand for roofing materials through 2012, and China will surpass the US as the world's largest roofing market by area. This study examines the $54 billion world roofing industry. It presents historical demand data for the years 1997, 2002 and 2007, and forecasts for 2012 and 2017 by product (e.g., tile, bituminous, metal, elastomeric, plastic, fiber cement), market (residential, nonresidential), world region (e.g., Asia/Pacific, North America, Western Europe) and for 31 major countries. The study also considers market environment factors, reviews the industry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles 41 industry competitors such as Etex Group, GAF, Monier Group and Saint-Gobain.

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
World Economic Overview101
Recent Historical Trends102
Macroeconomic Outlook124
World Building Construction Expenditures162
Residential Building182
Nonresidential Building202
World Demographic Overview221
Legislation &Regulatory Considerations263
Materials &Technology Trends292
Regional Roofing Demand by Area333
Regional Roofing Demand by Value362
Roofing Demand by Product385
Bituminous Roofing438
Metal Roofing513
Elastomeric Roofing543
Plastic Roofing574
Fiber Cement &Other Roofing614
Roofing Production by Region652
International Trade in Roofing Products672
North America: General692
North America: Roofing Demand by Market712
North America: Roofing Supply &Demand735
United States: Roofing Demand by Market782
United States: Roofing Supply &Demand803
Canada: General831
Canada: Roofing Demand by Market842
Canada: Roofing Supply &Demand863
Mexico: General891
Mexico: Roofing Demand by Market902
Mexico: Roofing Supply &Demand922
Western Europe: General942
Western Europe: Roofing Demand by Market962
Western Europe: Roofing Supply &Demand983
Germany: General1011
Germany: Roofing Demand by Market1022
Germany: Roofing Supply &Demand1043
France: General1071
France: Roofing Demand by Market1082
France: Roofing Supply &Demand1103
Spain: General1131
Spain: Roofing Demand by Market1142
Spain: Roofing Supply &Demand1162
United Kingdom: General1181
United Kingdom: Roofing Demand by Market1192
United Kingdom: Roofing Supply &Demand1213
Italy: General1241
Italy: Roofing Demand by Market1252
Italy: Roofing Supply &Demand1272
The Netherlands: General1291
The Netherlands: Roofing Demand by Market1302
The Netherlands: Roofing Supply &Demand1322
Belgium: General1341
Belgium: Roofing Demand by Market1352
Belgium: Roofing Supply &Demand1372
Austria: General1391
Austria: Roofing Demand by Market1402
Austria: Roofing Supply &Demand1422
Other Western Europe: General1441
Other Western Europe: Roofing Demand by Market &Country1452
Other Western Europe: Roofing Supply &Demand1472
Asia/Pacific: General1493
Asia/Pacific: Roofing Demand by Market1522
Asia/Pacific: Roofing Supply &Demand1543
China: General1572
China: Roofing Demand by Market1593
China: Roofing Supply &Demand1623
India: General1651
India: Roofing Demand by Market1662
India: Roofing Supply &Demand1682
Japan: General1702
Japan: Roofing Demand by Market1722
Japan: Roofing Supply &Demand1742
Thailand: General1762
Thailand: Roofing Demand by Market1782
Thailand: Roofing Supply &Demand1802
Indonesia: General1822
Indonesia: Roofing Demand by Market1842
Indonesia: Roofing Supply &Demand1862
South Korea: General1882
South Korea: Roofing Demand by Market1902
South Korea: Roofing Supply &Demand1922
Malaysia: General1942
Malaysia: Roofing Demand by Market1962
Malaysia: Roofing Supply &Demand1982
Australia: General2001
Australia: Roofing Demand by Market2012
Australia: Roofing Supply &Demand2032
Philippines: General2051
Philippines: Roofing Demand by Market2062
Philippines: Roofing Supply &Demand2082
Taiwan: General2102
Taiwan: Roofing Demand by Market2122
Taiwan: Roofing Supply &Demand2142
Other Asia/Pacific: General2162
Other Asia/Pacific: Roofing Demand by Market &Country2182
Other Asia/Pacific: Roofing Supply &Demand2202
Latin America: General2222
Latin America: Roofing Demand by Market2242
Latin America: Roofing Supply &Demand2268
Argentina: General2345
Other Latin America: General2395
Eastern Europe: General2442
Eastern Europe: Roofing Demand by Market2462
Eastern Europe: Roofing Supply &Demand2488
Poland: General2565
Ukraine: General2615
Czech Republic: General2665
Romania: General2714
Other Eastern Europe: General2755
Africa/Mideast: General2802
Africa/Mideast: Roofing Demand by Market2822
Africa/Mideast: Roofing Supply &Demand2843
Turkey: General2875
Iran: General2925
South Africa: General2974
Other Africa/Mideast: General3015
Industry Composition &Market Share3083
Market Leaders3113
Other Leading Companies3141
Manufacturing &Product Development3152
Marketing &Distribution3172
Mergers &Acquisitions3195
Cooperative Agreements3244
Company Profiles328111
BBMG Group Company Limited3292
Berkshire Hathaway Incorporated3314
Bitumlu Tecrit Maddeleri Sanayi ve Ticaret AO3351
BlueScope Steel Limited3366
Boral Limited3423
Bridgestone Corporation3454
Building Materials Corporation of America3495
Carlisle Companies Incorporated3544
China National Building Material Group Corporation3582
China Petroleum &Chemical Corporation3601
Continental AG3612
Etex Group SA3634
Fletcher Building Limited3672
Grillo-Werke AG3692
Icopal A/S3713
IKO Group3745
Imerys SA3792
Index SpA3812
Isola as3832
Kubota Corporation3851
Lafarge SA3861
Leier Holding International3871
Lemminkainen Oyj3882
Monier Group GmbH3906
Onduline SA3962
Owens Corning3983
Polyglass Europa SpA4012
Rautaruukki Oyj4033
Roser Company Limited4061
Sanko Metal Industrial Company Limited4111
Sika AG4123
Smidth (FL) &Company A/S4152
Soprema SA4172
SSAB Svenskt Stal AB4192
Tajima Roofing Company Limited4211
TAMKO Building Products Incorporated4223
Trelleborg AB4273
Uralita SA4302
Wienerberger Baustoffindustrie AG4323
Additional Industry Participants4354

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