World Rare Earths to 2015 - Freedonia Market Research

World Rare Earths to 2015

World Rare Earths to 2015 - Freedonia Market Research
World Rare Earths to 2015
Published Jul 01, 2011
365 pages — Published Jul 01, 2011
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World rare earths demand will expand 7.1 percent annually through 2015, driven by gains in battery alloy, electronic product, motor vehicle and permanent magnet output. Neodymium and dysprosium will post the fastest growth, while cerium will remain the most widely used.This study analyzes the 128 thousand metric ton world rare earths industry. It presents historical demand data (2000, 2005, 2010) and forecasts for 2015 and 2020 by product (e.g., cerium, lanthanum, neodymium, yttrium, dysprosium, terbium, europium), market (e.g., permanent magnets, fluid cracking catalysts, battery alloys, glass, polishing and ceramics, metal processing, auto catalysts, phosphors), world region and for 13 countries.The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles 21 industry players, Inner Mongolia Baotou Rare-Earth Hi-Tech, China Minmetals and Jiangxi Copper.

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
  World Economic Overview131
    Recent Economic Performance142
    World Economic Outlook164
  World Population Outlook202
  World Fixed Capital Formation Trends222
  World Manufacturing Outlook245
  World Permanent Magnets Production Trends293
  World Catalysts Outlook322
  World Petroleum Refining Outlook343
  World Motor Vehicle Production Trends373
  World Crude Steel Production Trends402
  World Secondary Battery Outlook422
  World Flat Glass Production Trends442
  World Electronics Sector Outlook462
    Production &Processing Technologies503
    Recycling Technologies532
    Competitive Materials552
  Pricing Trends5714
  Legal &Regulatory Environment715
  Regional Overview781
    International Trade941
  Demand by Product958
    Other Products1212
  Demand by Market1238
    Permanent Magnets1313
    Fluid Cracking Catalysts1342
    Battery Alloys1362
    Glass, Polishing &Ceramics1383
    Metal Processing1412
    Auto Catalysts1432
    Other Markets1482
  Emerging Applications1501
    Wind Turbines1512
    Solid-Oxide Fuel Cells1531
  North America: General1552
  North America: Rare Earths Supply &Demand1575
  United States1621
    United States: General1633
    United States: Rare Earths Demand1663
    Canada: General1702
    Canada: Rare Earths Demand1723
    Mexico: General1762
    Mexico: Rare Earths Demand1782
  Western Europe: General1812
  Western Europe: Rare Earths Supply &Demand1836
    France: General1902
    France: Rare Earths Demand1922
    Germany: General1952
    Germany: Rare Earths Demand1973
    Italy: General2012
    Italy: Rare Earths Demand2032
  United Kingdom2051
    United Kingdom: General2062
    United Kingdom: Rare Earths Demand2083
  Other Western Europe2111
    Other Western Europe: General2122
    Other Western Europe: Rare Earths Demand2143
  Asia/Pacific: General2183
  Asia/Pacific: Rare Earths Supply &Demand2216
    China: General2283
    China: Rare Earths Demand2313
    Japan: General2353
    Japan: Rare Earths Demand2383
  South Korea2411
    South Korea: General2423
    South Korea: Rare Earths Demand2452
    India: General2482
    India: Rare Earths Demand2502
    Taiwan: General2533
    Taiwan: Rare Earths Demand2562
  Other Asia/Pacific2581
    Other Asia/Pacific: General2592
    Other Asia/Pacific: Rare Earths Demand2612
  Central &South America2641
    Central &South America: General2652
    Central &South America: Rare Earths Supply &Demand2672
  Eastern Europe2691
    Eastern Europe: General2702
    Eastern Europe: Rare Earths Supply &Demand2722
    Other Eastern Europe2794
    Africa/Mideast: General2843
    Africa/Mideast: Rare Earths Supply &Demand2872
  Industry Composition2912
  Market Share2937
  Marketing &Distribution3002
  Cooperative Agreements3026
  Mergers &Acquisitions3085
Company Profiles31353
  Alkane Resources Limited3141
  Arafura Resources Limited3152
  Avalon Rare Metals Incorporated3172
  China Minmetals Nonferrous Metals Company Limited3192
  China Rare Earth Holdings Limited3212
  Frontier Rare Earths Limited3232
  Ganzhou Qiandong Rare Earth Group Company Limited3252
  Great Western Minerals Group Limited3277
  Grirem Advanced Materials Company Limited3342
  Indian Rare Earths Limited3362
  Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel Rare-Earth Group Hi-Tech Company Limited3384
  Jiangxi Copper Company Limited3421
  Lynas Corporation Limited3432
  Medallion Resources Limited3452
  Molycorp Incorporated3473
  Neo Material Technologies Incorporated3503
  Quest Rare Minerals Limited3532
  Rare Element Resources Limited3552
  Shin-Etsu Chemical Company Limited3572
  Stans Energy Corporation3592
  Treibacher Industrie AG3612
  Wings Enterprises Incorporated3631
  Other Companies Involved in the Rare Earths Industry3642

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