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World Pouches

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World Pouches
Published Nov 25, 2014
441 pages — Published Nov 25, 2014
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Global demand for pouches will rise 6.2 percent annually to $37.3 billion in 2018. Stand-up pouches will grow the fastest, while flat pouches remain dominant. The adoption of pouches with higher value features in developed markets will support value gains, while faster volume growth is expected in China and other developing nations.This study analyzes the $27.6 billion world pouches industry. It presents historical demand data (2003, 2008, 2013) and forecasts (2018, 2023) by pouch type (pillow/back seal, four-side-seal, three-side-seal, stand-up), market (e.g., food, beverages, medical and pharmaceuticals, consumer products, industrial products), world region, and for 16 countries.The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles 32 industry players, including Bemis, Amcor and Sealed Air.

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
  World Economic Overview131
    Recent Historical Trends142
    World Economic Outlook164
  World Demographic Outlook201
    World Population Outlook212
    World Urban Population Outlook232
    World Households Outlook252
  World Personal Income &Expenditure Trends271
    World Personal Income282
    World Personal Consumption Expenditures303
  World Manufacturing Outlook333
  World Food &Beverage Industry Outlook364
  World Pharmaceutical Industry Outlook403
  World Packaging Industry Outlook434
  Competitive Packaging Forms &Materials472
  Pricing Trends493
  Environmental &Regulatory Issues525
  World Trade Overview572
  Demand by Region606
  Demand by Type666
    Flat Pouches729
    Stand-Up Pouches815
  Demand by Market865
    Food Pouches9117
    Beverage Pouches1082
    Medical &Pharmaceutical Pouches1104
    Other Markets1147
  North America: General1222
  North America: Pouch Demand by Market1242
  North America: Pouch Demand by Type1265
  United States1311
    United States: General1322
    United States: Pouch Demand by Market1342
    United States: Pouch Demand by Type1363
    Canada: General1402
    Canada: Pouch Demand by Market1422
    Canada: Pouch Demand by Type1443
    Mexico: General1482
    Mexico: Pouch Demand by Market1502
    Mexico: Pouch Demand by Type1522
  Western Europe: General1552
  Western Europe: Pouch Demand by Market1572
  Western Europe: Pouch Demand by Type1595
    France: General1651
    France: Pouch Demand by Market1662
    France: Pouch Demand by Type1682
    Germany: General1712
    Germany: Pouch Demand by Market1732
    Germany: Pouch Demand by Type1753
    Italy: General1792
    Italy: Pouch Demand by Market1812
    Italy: Pouch Demand by Type1832
    Spain: General1862
    Spain: Pouch Demand by Market1882
    Spain: Pouch Demand by Type1902
  United Kingdom1921
    United Kingdom: General1932
    United Kingdom: Pouch Demand by Market1952
    United Kingdom: Pouch Demand by Type1972
  Other Western Europe1991
    Other Western Europe: General2002
    Other Western Europe: Pouch Demand by Market2022
    Other Western Europe: Pouch Demand by Country &Type2044
  Asia/Pacific: General2092
  Asia/Pacific: Pouch Demand by Market2112
  Asia/Pacific: Pouch Demand by Type2136
    China: General2202
    China: Pouch Demand by Market2222
    China: Pouch Demand by Type2243
    India: General2282
    India: Pouch Demand by Market2302
    India: Pouch Demand by Type2322
    Japan: General2352
    Japan: Pouch Demand by Market2372
    Japan: Pouch Demand by Type2392
  South Korea2411
    South Korea: General2422
    South Korea: Pouch Demand by Market2442
    South Korea: Pouch Demand by Type2462
    Taiwan: General2492
    Taiwan: Pouch Demand by Market2512
    Taiwan: Pouch Demand by Type2532
  Other Asia/Pacific2551
    Other Asia/Pacific: General2562
    Other Asia/Pacific: Pouch Demand by Market2582
    Other Asia/Pacific: Pouch Demand by Country &Type2605
  Central &South America2661
    Central &South America: General2672
    Central &South America: Pouch Demand by Market2692
    Central &South America: Pouch Demand by Type2712
    Other Central &South America2786
  Eastern Europe2841
    Eastern Europe: General2852
    Eastern Europe: Pouch Demand by Market2872
    Eastern Europe: Pouch Demand by Type2892
    Other Eastern Europe2965
    Africa/Mideast: General3022
    Africa/Mideast: Pouch Demand by Market3042
    Africa/Mideast: Pouch Demand by Type3062
    Other Africa/Mideast3135
  Merchant vs. Captive3233
  Market Share32610
  Acquisitions &Divestitures3365
  Competitive Strategies3413
  Marketing &Distribution3463
  Cooperative Agreements3495
Company Profiles35488
  Amcor Limited3556
  American Packaging Corporation3612
  Ampac Packaging LLC3633
  Bemis Company Incorporated3665
  Berry Plastics Corporation3713
  Bischof + Klein GmbH &Company KG3742
  CDF Corporation3762
  Clondalkin Group Holdings BV3781
  Coating Excellence International LLC3791
  Constantia Flexibles Group GmbH3804
  Coveris Holdings SA3845
  Flair Flexible Packaging Corporation3892
  Gualapack Group3912
  Hood Companies3932
  Hosokawa Yoko Company Limited3952
  InterFlex Group Incorporated3973
  LD Packaging Company Limited4001
  Mondi Group4014
  Nampak Limited4052
  Packaging Coordinators Incorporated4072
  Printpack Incorporated4093
  Prolamina Corporation4122
  Scholle Corporation4143
  Schur Flexibles Holding GesmbH4172
  Sealed Air Corporation4192
  Sigma Plastics Group4213
  Sonoco Products Company4243
  St. Johns Packaging Limited4272
  Toppan Printing Company Limited4292
  Toyo Seikan Group Holdings Limited4312
  UDG Healthcare plc4332
  Wihuri Oy4354
  Other Companies Mentioned in the Study4393

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