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World Polyethylene

World Polyethylene - Freedonia Market Research
World Polyethylene
Published Oct 31, 2014
632 pages — Published Oct 31, 2014
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Global polyethylene demand will rise 4.0 percent yearly to 99.6 million metric tons in 2018. The Asia/Pacific region will remain the largest and fastest growing market, driven by China. Following a decade of decline, North America will add nine million tons of production capacity through 2023.This study analyzes the 82 million metric ton world polyethylene industry. It presents capacity, production and demand forecasts for 2018 and 2023 by product (HDPE, LLDPE, LDPE), market (e.g., packaging, consumer goods, construction), world region, and for 27 countries.The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market share, and profiles 36 industry players, including Dow Chemical, Exxon Mobil and SABIC.

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
  World Economic Overview141
    Recent Historical Trends152
    World Economic Outlook174
  World Population Outlook212
  World Manufacturing Outlook234
  World Consumer Spending Outlook273
  World Packaging Outlook304
    Product Characteristics352
    Synthesis &Catalyst Technology374
  Environmental &Regulatory Considerations412
    Recycling &Waste Disposal433
    Plastic Bag Restrictions462
    Biobased Resins482
  Pricing Overview503
  Demand by Region566
  Demand by Product622
    High Density Polyethylene643
    Linear Low Density Polyethylene673
    Low Density Polyethylene703
  Demand by Market735
    Consumer Goods802
    Other Markets843
  Demand by Process876
  Ethylene Production Overview951
    Feedstock &Cost Dynamics968
    Regional Outlook1046
  Polyethylene Capacity Overview1101
    Capacity by Region1116
    Capacity by Product1172
  Polyethylene Capacity Expansion Activity1191
    North America1202
    Central &South America1282
  Polyethylene Production1325
  Polyethylene Trade Flows1372
  North America: Economic Overview1402
  North America: Polyethylene Production &Trade1423
  North America: Polyethylene Capacity1452
  North America: Polyethylene Demand1472
  United States1491
    United States: Economic Overview1502
    United States: Polyethylene Production &Trade1524
    United States: Polyethylene Capacity1563
    United States: Polyethylene Demand1592
    Canada: Economic Overview1622
    Canada: Polyethylene Production &Trade1643
    Canada: Polyethylene Capacity1672
    Canada: Polyethylene Demand1692
    Mexico: Economic Overview1722
    Mexico: Polyethylene Production &Trade1744
    Mexico: Polyethylene Capacity1781
    Mexico: Polyethylene Demand1792
  Western Europe: Economic Overview1822
  Western Europe: Polyethylene Production &Trade1843
  Western Europe: Polyethylene Capacity1872
  Western Europe: Polyethylene Demand1892
    Germany: Economic Overview1922
    Germany: Polyethylene Production &Trade1942
    Germany: Polyethylene Capacity1962
    Germany: Polyethylene Demand1982
    Italy: Economic Overview2012
    Italy: Polyethylene Production &Trade2033
    Italy: Polyethylene Capacity2061
    Italy: Polyethylene Demand2072
    France: Economic Overview2102
    France: Polyethylene Production &Trade2123
    France: Polyethylene Capacity2152
    France: Polyethylene Demand2172
  United Kingdom2191
    United Kingdom: Economic Overview2202
    United Kingdom: Polyethylene Production &Trade2223
    United Kingdom: Polyethylene Capacity2251
    United Kingdom: Polyethylene Demand2262
    Spain: Economic Overview2292
    Spain: Polyethylene Production &Trade2313
    Spain: Polyethylene Capacity2342
    Spain: Polyethylene Demand2362
    Netherlands: Economic Overview2392
    Netherlands: Polyethylene Production &Trade2413
    Netherlands: Polyethylene Capacity2441
    Netherlands: Polyethylene Demand2452
    Belgium: Economic Overview2482
    Belgium: Polyethylene Production &Trade2502
    Belgium: Polyethylene Capacity2521
    Belgium: Polyethylene Demand2532
  Other Western Europe2551
    Other Western Europe: Economic Overview2562
    Other Western Europe: Polyethylene Production &Trade2583
    Other Western Europe: Polyethylene Capacity2612
    Other Western Europe: Polyethylene Demand2632
  Asia/Pacific: Economic Overview2662
  Asia/Pacific: Polyethylene Production &Trade2684
  Asia/Pacific: Polyethylene Capacity2722
  Asia/Pacific: Polyethylene Demand2743
    China: Economic Overview2782
    China: Polyethylene Production &Trade2804
    China: Polyethylene Capacity2842
    China: Polyethylene Demand2863
    India: Economic Overview2902
    India: Polyethylene Production &Trade2923
    India: Polyethylene Capacity2952
    India: Polyethylene Demand2972
    Japan: Economic Overview3002
    Japan: Polyethylene Production &Trade3024
    Japan: Polyethylene Capacity3063
    Japan: Polyethylene Demand3092
  South Korea3111
    South Korea: Economic Overview3122
    South Korea: Polyethylene Production &Trade3144
    South Korea: Polyethylene Capacity3182
    South Korea: Polyethylene Demand3202
    Thailand: Economic Overview3232
    Thailand: Polyethylene Production &Trade3253
    Thailand: Polyethylene Capacity3282
    Thailand: Polyethylene Demand3302
    Indonesia: Economic Overview3332
    Indonesia: Polyethylene Production &Trade3353
    Indonesia: Polyethylene Capacity3381
    Indonesia: Polyethylene Demand3392
    Malaysia: Economic Overview3422
    Malaysia: Polyethylene Production &Trade3442
    Malaysia: Polyethylene Capacity3461
    Malaysia: Polyethylene Demand3472
    Vietnam: Economic Overview3502
    Vietnam: Polyethylene Production &Trade3523
    Vietnam: Polyethylene Demand3552
    Taiwan: Economic Overview3582
    Taiwan: Polyethylene Production &Trade3603
    Taiwan: Polyethylene Capacity3631
    Taiwan: Polyethylene Demand3642
    Australia: Economic Overview3671
    Australia: Polyethylene Production &Trade3683
    Australia: Polyethylene Capacity3711
    Australia: Polyethylene Demand3722
  Other Asia/Pacific3741
    Other Asia/Pacific: Economic Overview3752
    Other Asia/Pacific: Polyethylene Production &Trade3774
    Other Asia/Pacific: Polyethylene Capacity3812
    Other Asia/Pacific: Polyethylene Demand3832
  Central &South America3861
    Central &South America: Economic Overview3872
    Central &South America: Polyethylene Production &Trade3893
    Central &South America: Polyethylene Capacity3922
    Central &South America: Polyethylene Demand3943
    Other Central &South America4107
  Eastern Europe4171
    Eastern Europe: Economic Overview4182
    Eastern Europe: Polyethylene Production &Trade4202
    Eastern Europe: Polyethylene Capacity4222
    Eastern Europe: Polyethylene Demand4243
    Other Eastern Europe4408
    Africa/Mideast: Economic Overview4492
    Africa/Mideast: Polyethylene Production &Trade4514
    Africa/Mideast: Polyethylene Capacity4552
    Africa/Mideast: Polyethylene Demand4573
    Saudi Arabia4738
    Other Africa/Mideast4819
  Market Share4947
  Marketing &Competitive Strategies5012
  Cooperative Agreements5051
    Joint Ventures5067
    Other Cooperative Agreements5133
Company Profiles516117
  Abu Dhabi Polymers Company Limited5172
  Borealis AG5194
  Braskem SA5235
  Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LLC5284
  China National Petroleum Corporation5322
  China Petroleum &Chemical Corporation5344
  Dow Chemical Company5386
  DuPont (EI) de Nemours5443
  Eni SpA5472
  Exxon Mobil Corporation5495
  Formosa Plastics Group5542
  Haldia Petrochemicals Limited5562
  Hanwha Group5583
  INEOS Group AG5614
  LG Chem Limited5652
  Lotte Chemical Corporation5672
  LyondellBasell Industries NV5695
  Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation5742
  Mitsui Chemicals Incorporated5763
  MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas plc5792
  National Petrochemical Company5812
  NOVA Chemicals Corporation5834
  Petr leos Mexicanos SA5892
  Petroliam Nasional Berhad5912
  Polski Koncern Naftowy Orlen SA5932
  PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited5953
  Qatar Petroleum5983
  Qenos Pty Limited6012
  Reliance Industries Limited6032
  Repsol SA6052
  Saudi Basic Industries Corporation6075
  Siam Cement Public Company Limited6123
  Sumitomo Chemical Company Limited6153
  Total SA6183
  Westlake Chemical Corporation6212
  Other Companies Mentioned in Study62310

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Freedonia Market Research—Reports provide industry insights targeting market size, product and market segmentation, product and market forecasts, industry composition, market leaders and business trends.

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