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World Plastics Processing Machinery

World Plastics Processing Machinery - Freedonia Market Research
World Plastics Processing Machinery
Published Nov 23, 2015
535 pages — Published Nov 23, 2015
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The global market for plastics processing machinery is expected to advance 4.0 percent annually through 2019 to $35.8 billion. Injection molding equipment will remain the most widely used type, while 3D printers will grow the fastest.This study analyzes the $29.4 billion world plastics processing machinery industry. It presents historical demand data (2004, 2009, and 2014) and forecasts (2019 and 2024) by product (e.g., injection molding machinery, extrusion machinery, blow molding machinery) and primary application (e.g., packaging, consumer/institutional products, construction) for six world regions and 23 major countries. Total demand is given for an additional seven countries.The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles 37 industry players, including Haitian International, KraussMaffei Technologies, and Husky Injection Molding.

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
  World Economic Overview161
    Recent Historical Trends172
    World Economic Outlook193
  World Gross Fixed Investment Outlook222
  World Construction Expenditures Outlook243
  World Personal Consumption Expenditures Outlook274
  World Packaging Industry Outlook314
  World Plastics Industry Outlook356
  World Motor Vehicle Production Outlook414
  Pricing Patterns455
  Technology Trends502
  Functional Competition523
  Legal &Regulatory Environment553
  Regional Overview611
    International Trade762
  Demand by Product785
    Injection Molding Machinery833
    Extrusion Machinery863
    Blow Molding Machinery893
    Other Plastics Processing Machinery926
    Plastics Processing Machinery Aftermarket Parts983
  Demand by Primary Application1015
    Consumer/Institutional Products1082
  North America: Overview1152
  North America: Supply &Demand1176
  North America: Market Outlook1232
  United States1251
    United States: Overview1262
    United States: Supply &Demand1283
    United States: Market Outlook1312
    Canada: Overview1342
    Canada: Supply &Demand1362
    Canada: Market Outlook1382
    Mexico: Overview1412
    Mexico: Supply &Demand1433
    Mexico: Market Outlook1462
  Western Europe: Overview1492
  Western Europe: Supply &Demand1516
  Western Europe: Market Outlook1572
    Germany: Overview1602
    Germany: Supply &Demand1623
    Germany: Market Outlook1652
    Italy: Overview1682
    Italy: Supply &Demand1703
    Italy: Market Outlook1732
    France: Overview1762
    France: Supply &Demand1782
    France: Market Outlook1802
  United Kingdom1821
    United Kingdom: Overview1832
    United Kingdom: Supply &Demand1852
    United Kingdom: Market Outlook1872
    Spain: Overview1902
    Spain: Supply &Demand1923
    Spain: Market Outlook1952
  Other Western Europe1971
    Other Western Europe: Overview1982
    Other Western Europe: Supply &Demand2003
    Other Western Europe: Market Outlook2032
    Other Western Europe: Supply &Demand by Country2057
  Asia/Pacific: Overview2132
  Asia/Pacific: Supply &Demand2156
  Asia/Pacific: Market Outlook2212
    China: Overview2242
    China: Supply &Demand2263
    China: Market Outlook2292
    Japan: Overview2322
    Japan: Supply &Demand2343
    Japan: Market Outlook2372
  South Korea2391
    South Korea: Overview2402
    South Korea: Supply &Demand2423
    South Korea: Market Outlook2452
    India: Overview2482
    India: Supply &Demand2503
    India: Market Outlook2532
    Thailand: Overview2562
    Thailand: Supply &Demand2583
    Thailand: Market Outlook2612
    Indonesia: Overview2642
    Indonesia: Supply &Demand2663
    Indonesia: Market Outlook2692
    Vietnam: Overview2722
    Vietnam: Supply &Demand2742
    Vietnam: Market Outlook2762
    Taiwan: Overview2792
    Taiwan: Supply &Demand2813
    Taiwan: Market Outlook2842
    Malaysia: Overview2872
    Malaysia: Supply &Demand2892
    Malaysia: Market Outlook2912
  Other Asia/Pacific2931
    Other Asia/Pacific: Overview2942
    Other Asia/Pacific: Supply &Demand2962
    Other Asia/Pacific: Market Outlook2982
    Other Asia/Pacific: Supply &Demand by Country3003
  Central &South America3041
    Central &South America: Overview3052
    Central &South America: Supply &Demand3072
    Central &South America: Market Outlook3092
    Other Central &South America3175
  Eastern Europe3221
    Eastern Europe: Overview3232
    Eastern Europe: Supply &Demand3256
    Eastern Europe: Market Outlook3312
    Other Eastern Europe3438
    Africa/Mideast: Overview3522
    Africa/Mideast: Supply &Demand3546
    Africa/Mideast: Market Outlook3602
    Saudi Arabia3686
    Other Africa/Mideast3798
  Industry Composition3904
  Market Share3946
  Financial Issues &Requirements4001
  Mergers &Acquisitions4014
  Product Development &Manufacturing4053
  Marketing &Distribution4083
  Cooperative Agreements4115
Company Profiles416120
  ARBURG GmbH &Company KG4174
  BC Extrusion Holding GmbH4213
  Br ckner Group GmbH4244
  Cannon SpA4283
  Chen Hsong Holdings Limited4313
  Cosmos Machinery Enterprises Limited4343
  Dalian Rubber and Plastics Machinery Company Limited4372
  Davis-Standard LLC4393
  FANUC Corporation4452
  Guangdong Yizumi Precision Machinery Company Limited4472
  Haitian International Holdings Limited4493
  Hillenbrand Incorporated4523
  Husky Injection Molding Systems Limited4552
  Ind strias Romi SA4573
  Japan Steel Works Limited4604
  Kautex Maschinenbau GmbH4642
  KraussMaffei Technologies GmbH4664
  Krones AG4703
  Leistritz AG4732
  Milacron Holdings Corporation4755
  Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Limited4803
  Negri Bossi SpA4832
  Niigata Machine Techno Company Limited4852
  Nissei ASB Machine Company Limited4872
  Nissei Plastic Industrial Company Limited4893
  Reifenh user GmbH &Company KG Maschinenfabrik4924
  Sacmi Imola SC4962
  Salzgitter AG4983
  Stratasys Limited5014
  Sumitomo Heavy Industries Limited5053
  Tetra Laval International SA5082
  3D Systems Corporation5104
  Toshiba Machine Company Limited5143
  Toyo Machinery &Metal Company Limited5173
  WITTMANN Kunststoffger te GmbH5203
  Woojin Plaimm Company Limited5232
  Zoppas Industries SpA5253
  Additional Companies Mentioned in Study5288

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