World Plastic Pipe to 2017 - Freedonia Market Research

World Plastic Pipe to 2017

World Plastic Pipe to 2017 - Freedonia Market Research
World Plastic Pipe to 2017
Published Apr 24, 2013
531 pages — Published Apr 24, 2013
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Global demand for plastic pipe is projected to rise 8.5 percent annually through 2017 to 11.2 billion meters. Construction related applications will drive growth in all global regions, with North America and the Asia/Pacific region leading gains. HDPE pipe will take market share from dominant PVC pipe in a variety of construction uses.This study analyzes the 7.5 billion meter world plastic pipe industry. It presents historical demand data for the years 2002, 2007 and 2012, and forecasts for 2017 and 2022 by market (e.g., residential construction, nonresidential construction, nonbuilding construction), resin (e.g., PVC, HDPE), world region, and for 24 major countries.The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles 38 industry competitors such as Mexichem, JM Eagle, and Sekisui Chemical.

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
  World Economic Overview141
    Recent Historical Trends153
    Macroeconomic Outlook184
  World Demographic Overview221
    Urbanization Patterns252
  World Fixed Investment Outlook292
  World Construction Outlook313
  World Energy Overview341
    Energy Supply353
    Energy Consumption382
  World Water Utilization Trends401
    Nonagricultural Water Use413
    Agricultural Water Use442
  Competitive Materials461
    Ductile/Cast Iron501
    Vitrified Clay521
  Environmental &Regulatory Considerations531
    Building Codes542
    Environmental, Health, &Performance Considerations562
    Pipe Recycling582
  Plastic Pipe Demand by Region661
    Demand by Weight676
    Demand by Length738
  Plastic Pipe Production by Region812
  World Plastic Pipe Trade Flows832
  Plastic Pipe Demand by Resin857
  North America: General933
  North America: Plastic Pipe Markets962
  North America: Plastic Pipe Products &Producers986
  United States: Overview1043
    United States: Plastic Pipe Markets1072
    United States: Plastic Pipe Products &Producers1093
  Canada: Overview1123
    Canada: Plastic Pipe Markets1152
    Canada: Plastic Pipe Products &Producers1173
  Mexico: Overview1203
    Mexico: Plastic Pipe Markets1232
    Mexico: Plastic Pipe Products &Producers1253
  Western Europe: General1293
  Western Europe: Plastic Pipe Markets1322
  Western Europe: Plastic Pipe Products &Producers1346
  France: Overview1403
    France: Plastic Pipe Markets1432
    France: Plastic Pipe Products &Producers1453
  Germany: Overview1483
    Germany: Plastic Pipe Markets1512
    Germany: Plastic Pipe Products &Producers1533
  Italy: Overview1563
    Italy: Plastic Pipe Markets1592
    Italy: Plastic Pipe Products &Producers1613
  Netherlands: Overview1643
    Netherlands: Plastic Pipe Markets1672
    Netherlands: Plastic Pipe Products &Producers1693
  Spain: Overview1723
    Spain: Plastic Pipe Markets1752
    Spain: Plastic Pipe Products &Producers1772
  United Kingdom: Overview1793
    United Kingdom: Plastic Pipe Markets1822
    United Kingdom: Plastic Pipe Products &Producers1843
  Other Western Europe: Overview1873
    Other Western Europe: Plastic Pipe Markets &Resins1902
    Other Western Europe: Plastic Pipe Demand by Country1927
    Other Western Europe: Plastic Pipe Producers1991
  Asia/Pacific: General2013
  Asia/Pacific: Plastic Pipe Markets2042
  Asia/Pacific: Plastic Pipe Products &Producers2066
  Australia: Overview2123
    Australia: Plastic Pipe Markets2152
    Australia: Plastic Pipe Products &Producers2172
  China: Overview2193
    China: Plastic Pipe Markets2222
    China: Plastic Pipe Products &Producers2243
  India: Overview2273
    India: Plastic Pipe Markets2302
    India: Plastic Pipe Products &Producers2323
  Indonesia: Overview2353
    Indonesia: Plastic Pipe Markets2382
    Indonesia: Plastic Pipe Products &Producers2402
  Japan: Overview2423
    Japan: Plastic Pipe Markets2452
    Japan: Plastic Pipe Products &Producers2473
  South Korea: Overview2503
    South Korea: Plastic Pipe Markets2532
    South Korea: Plastic Pipe Products &Producers2552
  Taiwan: Overview2573
    Taiwan: Plastic Pipe Markets2602
    Taiwan: Plastic Pipe Products &Producers2622
  Thailand: Overview2643
    Thailand: Plastic Pipe Markets2672
    Thailand: Plastic Pipe Products &Producers2692
  Other Asia/Pacific: Overview2713
    Other Asia/Pacific: Plastic Pipe Markets &Resins2742
    Other Asia/Pacific: Plastic Pipe Demand by Country2765
    Other Asia/Pacific: Plastic Pipe Producers2811
  Central &South America2831
    Central &South America: General2843
    Central &South America: Plastic Pipe Markets2872
    Central &South America: Plastic Pipe Products &Producers2896
    Argentina: Overview2956
    Brazil: Overview3017
    Other Central &South America: Overview3088
  Eastern Europe3161
    Eastern Europe: General3173
    Eastern Europe: Plastic Pipe Markets3202
    Eastern Europe: Plastic Pipe Products &Producers3225
    Poland: Overview3277
    Russia: Overview3347
    Other Eastern Europe: Overview34110
    Africa/Mideast: General3523
    Africa/Mideast: Plastic Pipe Markets3552
    Africa/Mideast: Plastic Pipe Products &Producers3576
    Iran: Overview3637
    Saudi Arabia: Overview3707
    Turkey: Overview3777
    Other Africa/Mideast: Overview3849
  Industry Composition3953
  Market Share3986
  Manufacturing &Product Development4042
  Marketing &Distribution4062
  Acquisitions &Divestitures4085
  Cooperative Agreements4134
Company Profiles417115
  Advanced Drainage Systems Incorporated4184
  Aliaxis SA4227
  Arkema SA4291
  Axiall Corporation4302
  Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LLC4322
  China Liansu Group Holdings Limited4342
  Dura-Line Holdings Incorporated4363
  egeplast Werner Strumann GmbH &Company KG4392
  Finolex Industries Limited4412
  Fischer (Georg) Limited4437
  Formosa Plastics Group4502
  Future Pipe Industries Group Limited4523
  Ginde Plastic Pipe Industry Group4551
  HOBAS Engineering GmbH4562
  J-M Manufacturing Company Incorporated4583
  Kabelwerke Brugg AG Holding4612
  Kubota Corporation4652
  KWH Group Limited4674
  Mexichem SAB de CV4716
  Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation4772
  Mitsubishi Corporation4792
  National Oilwell Varco Incorporated4814
  National Pipe &Plastics Incorporated4852
  REHAU AG &Company4873
  Saudi Arabian Amiantit Group4944
  Sekisui Chemical Company Limited4984
  Solvay SA5021
  Tessenderlo Group NV5032
  Tigre SA Tubos e Conexoes5052
  Toagosei Company Limited5071
  Uponor Corporation5083
  Uralita SA5112
  Vinidex Pty Limited5132
  Westlake Chemical Corporation5152
  Wienerberger Baustoffindustrie AG5173
  Other Companies Mentioned in the Study52012

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