World Pharmaceutical Packaging to 2017 - Freedonia Market Research

World Pharmaceutical Packaging to 2017

World Pharmaceutical Packaging to 2017 - Freedonia Market Research
World Pharmaceutical Packaging to 2017
Published May 01, 2013
626 pages — Published May 01, 2013
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orld demand for drug packaging products will increase 6.4 percent annually to $90 billion in 2017. Most demand will remain in the developed economies of Canada, Japan, the US, and Western Europe. Prefillable syringes and parenteral vials will lead growth as new injectable therapies are introduced.This study analyzes the $66 billion world drug packaging industry. It presents historical demand data for 2002, 2007 and 2012, and forecasts for 2017 and 2022 by product (e.g., plastic bottles, blister packs, prefillable syringes, parenteral vials and ampuls, prefillable inhalers, pouches, medication tubes, IV containers, glass bottles and jars, closures, labels, secondary containers, prescription containers, accessories), world region, and for 16 major countries.The study also considers market environment factors, examines raw material usage, evaluates company market share, and profiles 37 industry players such as Amcor, MeadWestvaco, and Gerresheimer.

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
  Economic Factors161
    Recent Economic Trends173
    World Economic Outlook204
  World Demographic Trends241
    Total Population252
    Population 65 Years &Older272
  World Health Expenditures294
  World Pharmaceutical Market Overview331
    Product Demand Patterns343
    Product Shipments376
  Pharmaceutical Packaging Demand by Region496
  Pharmaceutical Packaging Demand by Product Group558
  Primary Pharmaceutical Containers631
    Demand by Region641
    Demand by Type655
    Plastic Pharmaceutical Bottles708
    Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging7813
    Prefillable Syringes918
    Parenteral Vials &Ampuls997
    Prefillable Inhalers1069
    Pharmaceutical Pouches1154
    Medication Tubes1196
    IV Containers1257
    Glass Pharmaceutical Bottles &Jars1324
    Other Primary Pharmaceutical Containers1367
  Pharmaceutical Closures1431
    Demand by Region1442
    Demand by Type14613
  Pharmaceutical Labels1591
    Demand by Region1602
    Demand by Type1626
  Secondary Pharmaceutical Containers1691
    Demand by Region1702
    Demand by Type1726
  Prescription Containers1781
    Demand by Region1792
    Demand by Type1815
  Pharmaceutical Packaging Accessories1871
    Demand by Region1882
    Demand by Type1905
  World Production &Trade1952
  Pharmaceutical Packaging Raw Materials1972
    Plastic Resins1996
    Paper &Paperboard2051
    Aluminum Foil2071
    Other Raw Materials2082
  North America: Market Environment2113
  North America: Pharmaceutical Packaging Demand2143
  United States2171
    United States: Market Environment2185
    United States: Pharmaceutical Packaging Demand2233
    United States: Pharmaceutical Packaging Producers2262
    Canada: Market Environment2295
    Canada: Pharmaceutical Packaging Demand2344
    Canada: Pharmaceutical Packaging Producers2381
    Mexico: Market Environment2404
    Mexico: Pharmaceutical Packaging Demand2442
    Mexico: Pharmaceutical Packaging Producers2461
  Western Europe: Market Environment2484
  Western Europe: Pharmaceutical Packaging Demand2523
    France: Market Environment2566
    France: Pharmaceutical Packaging Demand2623
    France: Pharmaceutical Packaging Producers2652
    Germany: Market Environment2684
    Germany: Pharmaceutical Packaging Demand2724
    Germany: Pharmaceutical Packaging Producers2764
    Ireland: Market Environment2814
    Ireland: Pharmaceutical Packaging Demand2853
    Ireland: Pharmaceutical Packaging Producers2881
    Italy: Market Environment2905
    Italy: Pharmaceutical Packaging Demand2953
    Italy: Pharmaceutical Packaging Producers2982
    Spain: Market Environment3016
    Spain: Pharmaceutical Packaging Demand3073
    Spain: Pharmaceutical Packaging Producers3101
    Switzerland: Market Environment3125
    Switzerland: Pharmaceutical Packaging Demand3173
    Switzerland: Pharmaceutical Packaging Producers3202
  United Kingdom3221
    United Kingdom: Market Environment3237
    United Kingdom: Pharmaceutical Packaging Demand3303
    United Kingdom: Pharmaceutical Packaging Producers3333
  Other Western Europe3361
    Other Western Europe: Market Environment3374
    Other Western Europe: Pharmaceutical Packaging Demand by Product Group3413
    Other Western Europe: Pharmaceutical Packaging Demand by Country3446
    Other Western Europe: Pharmaceutical Packaging Producers3502
  Asia/Pacific: Market Environment3535
  Asia/Pacific: Pharmaceutical Packaging Demand3583
    China: Market Environment3628
    China: Pharmaceutical Packaging Demand3702
    China: Pharmaceutical Packaging Producers3722
    India: Market Environment3755
    India: Pharmaceutical Packaging Demand3802
    India: Pharmaceutical Packaging Producers3823
    Japan: Market Environment3867
    Japan: Pharmaceutical Packaging Demand3932
    Japan: Pharmaceutical Packaging Producers3952
  South Korea3971
    South Korea: Market Environment3984
    South Korea: Pharmaceutical Packaging Demand4022
    South Korea: Pharmaceutical Packaging Producers4041
  Other Asia/Pacific4051
    Other Asia/Pacific: Market Environment4064
    Other Asia/Pacific: Pharmaceutical Packaging Demand by Product Group4102
    Other Asia/Pacific: Pharmaceutical Packaging Demand by Country4125
  Central &South America4181
    Central &South America: Market Environment4194
    Central &South America: Pharmaceutical Packaging Demand4232
    Other Central &South America43414
  Eastern Europe4481
    Eastern Europe: Market Environment4494
    Eastern Europe: Pharmaceutical Packaging Demand by Product Group4532
    Eastern Europe: Pharmaceutical Packaging Demand by Country4559
    Africa/Mideast: Market Environment4654
    Africa/Mideast: Pharmaceutical Packaging Demand4692
    Other Africa/Mideast47713
  Market Share4957
  Competitive Strategies5023
  Mergers &Acquisitions5055
  Licensing &Related Agreements5105
  Product Development Activities5152
  Marketing &Distribution5173
Company Profiles522105
  Alexander (James) Corporation5232
  Amcor Limited5256
  AmerisourceBergen Corporation5312
  AptarGroup Incorporated5334
  Becton, Dickinson and Company5372
  Catalent Pharma Solutions Incorporated5392
  CCL Industries Incorporated5414
  Chesapeake Limited5453
  Clondalkin Group Holdings BV5484
  Constantia Flexibles Group GmbH5523
  D twyler Holding Incorporated5552
  Gerresheimer Holdings GmbH5576
  Global Closure Systems5632
  Hindalco Industries Limited5652
  International Paper Company5672
  IntraPac Group5692
  Kl ckner Pentaplast Group5713
  K rber AG5743
  McKesson Corporation5772
  MeadWestvaco Corporation5794
  Menasha Corporation5832
  Mini Graphics Incorporated5851
  Nampak Limited5862
  Palladio Zannini Industrie Grafiche Cartotecniche SpA5881
  Placon Corporation5892
  Plastube Incorporated5911
  Rexam plc5923
  Reynolds Group Holdings Limited5953
  Ropack Incorporated5982
  RPC Group plc6003
  3M Company6073
  Unicep Packaging Incorporated6102
  United Drug plc6123
  Vetter Pharma International GmbH6152
  West Pharmaceutical Services Incorporated6174
  Wihuri Oy6212
  Other Companies Mentioned in the Study6234

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