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World Pallets

World Pallets - Freedonia Market Research
World Pallets
Published Feb 27, 2014
476 pages — Published Feb 27, 2014
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Global sales of pallets are projected to climb 5.0 percent annually through 2017 to 5.1 billion units. The Asia/Pacific region will be the fastest growing market and will surpass North America as the largest. Plastic pallets will grow the fastest based on their ability to be better cleaned and recycled, while wood pallets will remain dominant based on their low cost.This study analyzes the four billion unit global pallet industry. It presents historical demand data for 2002, 2007 and 2012, and forecasts for 2017 and 2022 by product (e.g., wood, plastic), market (e.g., food and beverage manufacturing, warehousing, construction), world region, and for 25 countries.The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles 51 industry players, including Schoeller Allibert, PalletOne and CHEP.

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
  World Population Outlook143
  World Economic Overview171
    Recent Historical Trends183
    World Economic Outlook214
  World Manufacturing Outlook253
  World Food &Beverage Outlook284
  World Construction Expenditures Outlook322
  Pricing Patterns346
  Pallet Management Services402
  Legal &Regulatory Environment423
  Regional Overview471
  Demand by Product725
  Demand by Market885
    Food &Beverage Manufacturing932
    Other Manufacturing954
    Construction &Other1013
  North America: General1052
  North America: Supply &Demand1076
  North America: Market Outlook1132
  United States1151
    United States: General1162
    United States: Supply &Demand1183
    United States: Market Outlook1212
    Canada: General1242
    Canada: Supply &Demand1262
    Canada: Market Outlook1282
    Mexico: General1312
    Mexico: Supply &Demand1333
    Mexico: Market Outlook1362
  Western Europe: General1392
  Western Europe: Supply &Demand1416
  Western Europe: Market Outlook1472
    Germany: General1502
    Germany: Supply &Demand1523
    Germany: Market Outlook1552
    Italy: General1582
    Italy: Supply &Demand1602
    Italy: Market Outlook1622
  United Kingdom1641
    United Kingdom: General1652
    United Kingdom: Supply &Demand1672
    United Kingdom: Market Outlook1692
    France: General1722
    France: Supply &Demand1742
    France: Market Outlook1762
    Spain: General1792
    Spain: Supply &Demand1812
    Spain: Market Outlook1832
    Netherlands: General1862
    Netherlands: Supply &Demand1882
    Netherlands: Market Outlook1902
  Other Western Europe1921
    Other Western Europe: General1932
    Other Western Europe: Supply &Demand1953
    Other Western Europe: Market Outlook1982
    Other Western Europe: Supply &Demand by Country2005
  Asia/Pacific: General2062
  Asia/Pacific: Supply &Demand2086
  Asia/Pacific: Market Outlook2142
    China: General2172
    China: Supply &Demand2193
    China: Market Outlook2222
    Japan: General2252
    Japan: Supply &Demand2273
    Japan: Market Outlook2302
    India: General2332
    India: Supply &Demand2353
    India: Market Outlook2382
  South Korea2401
    South Korea: General2412
    South Korea: Supply &Demand2433
    South Korea: Market Outlook2462
    Australia: General2492
    Australia: Supply &Demand2513
    Australia: Market Outlook2542
    Taiwan: General2572
    Taiwan: Supply &Demand2592
    Taiwan: Market Outlook2612
  Other Asia/Pacific2631
    Other Asia/Pacific: General2642
    Other Asia/Pacific: Supply &Demand2663
    Other Asia/Pacific: Market Outlook2692
    Other Asia/Pacific: Supply &Demand by Country2713
  Central &South America2751
    Central &South America: General2762
    Central &South America: Supply &Demand2783
    Central &South America: Market Outlook2812
    Other Central &South America2895
  Eastern Europe2941
    Eastern Europe: General2952
    Eastern Europe: Supply &Demand2976
    Eastern Europe: Market Outlook3032
    Other Eastern Europe3179
    Africa/Mideast: General3272
    Africa/Mideast: Supply &Demand3296
    Africa/Mideast: Market Outlook3352
    Other Africa/Mideast34311
  Industry Composition3551
    Manufacturers &Refurbishers3563
    Pallet Management Specialists3593
  Market Share3622
    Wood Pallets3641
    Other Pallets3651
  Competitive Strategies3663
  Research &Development3693
  Cooperative Agreements3762
  Mergers &Acquisitions3783
Company Profiles38196
  Affordable Pallets3821
  Boluo Loufushan Forestry Center Wood Product3831
  Brambles Limited3844
  CABKA Group GmbH3882
  Casadei Pallets Srl3901
  Corrugated Pallets Company3921
  Craemer Holding GmbH3932
  DIC Corporation3952
  Eagon Industrial Company Limited3971
  Emirates Pallet Factory LLC3981
  Euro Pool System International BV3992
  Falkenhahn AG4011
  FHG BV4023
  Formosa Plastics Group4051
  GMP Slovakia sro4061
  Guangzhou BIDIFU Plastic Company Limited4071
  Gulf Pallet Factory4081
  HTR Paletten-Service GmbH4092
  INKA Paletten GmbH4112
  Inma Pallets Company Limited4131
  IPG Intelligent Packaging Group AB4141
  Japan Pallet Rental Corporation4152
  LHT Holdings Limited4172
  Linyi Consmos Wood Industry Company Limited4191
  Litco International Incorporated4202
  LOSCAM Limited4222
  Menasha Corporation4243
  Nilkamal Limited4271
  Pallet Supply Company4281
  PalletOne Incorporated4291
  Pallets PME Argentina4301
  PECO Pallet Incorporated4311
  PGS Groupe4323
  Prioridades Ecol gicas SL4351
  PT Victory Blessings Indonesia4361
  Purus Plastics GmbH4371
  Rehrig Pacific Company4382
  RM2 International SA4402
  Schoeller Allibert Limited4422
  Schroth GmbH4442
  Shandong Liyang Plastic Company Limited4461
  Shanghai Lika Plastic Pallet Manufacturing Company Limited4471
  Shanghai YingXin Industrial Company Limited4481
  Shin Tai Plastics Industrial Company Limited4491
  Sonoco Products Company4502
  Svenska Retursystem AB4521
  Toyo Lumber Company Limited4531
  UK Industrial Pallets Southern Limited4541
  UPR Corporation4551
  World Steel Pallet Company Limited4561
  Additional Companies Mentioned in Study45720

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