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World Paint & Coatings

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World Paint & Coatings
Published Jun 10, 2016
553 pages — Published Jun 10, 2016
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Global demand for paint and coatings is forecast to rise 3.7 percent per year to 54.7 million metric tons in 2020, valued at $193 billion. Advances will be driven by strong economic growth in developing regions, particularly in the massive Asia/Pacific market, where robust gains in building construction activity will boost sales of architectural paint. Suppliers to developing regions are also expected to benefit from bright outlooks for manufacturing output and infrastructure spending, which will spur sales of industrial coatings used in the production and upkeep of motor vehicles, furniture, marine vessels, and roads and bridges. However, overall gains will be limited by the increased use of higher quality coatings and more efficient application processes in both the developed and developing world, reducing the volumes necessary to complete a given paint job. A significant slowdown in China?s economic output and construction spending will also hinder stronger overall growth.

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
  World Economic Overview151
    Recent Historical Trends162
    World Economic Outlook183
  World Population Outlook213
  World Gross Fixed Investment Outlook242
  World Building Construction Outlook262
    Residential Building283
    Nonresidential Building312
  World Nonbuilding Construction Outlook332
  World Manufacturing Outlook353
  World Motor Vehicle Production383
  World Motor Vehicles In Use412
  Environmental &Regulatory Considerations431
    Volatile Organic Compounds443
    Other Environmental Issues473
  Demand by Region546
  Demand by Formulation606
    Powder Coatings &Other713
  Demand by Market745
    Maintenance &Specialty885
  Production by Region935
  International Trade Flows982
  North America: Economic Overview1012
  North America: Supply &Demand1032
  North America: Outlook1055
  United States1101
    United States: Economic Overview1112
    United States: Supply &Demand1132
    United States: Outlook1153
    Canada: Economic Overview1192
    Canada: Supply &Demand1212
    Canada: Outlook1232
    Mexico: Economic Overview1262
    Mexico: Supply &Demand1283
    Mexico: Outlook1312
  North America: Suppliers &Market Share1337
  Western Europe: Economic Overview1412
  Western Europe: Supply &Demand1432
  Western Europe: Outlook1455
    Germany: Economic Overview1512
    Germany: Supply &Demand1532
    Germany: Outlook1552
    Italy: Economic Overview1582
    Italy: Supply &Demand1602
    Italy: Outlook1623
  United Kingdom1651
    United Kingdom: Economic Overview1662
    United Kingdom: Supply &Demand1682
    United Kingdom: Outlook1702
    France: Economic Overview1732
    France: Supply &Demand1752
    France: Outlook1772
    Spain: Economic Overview1802
    Spain: Supply &Demand1822
    Spain: Outlook1842
    Netherlands: Economic Overview1872
    Netherlands: Supply &Demand1892
    Netherlands: Outlook1912
  Other Western Europe1931
    Other Western Europe: Economic Overview1942
    Other Western Europe: Supply &Demand1962
    Other Western Europe: Outlook1982
    Other Western Europe: Demand by Country2002
  Western Europe: Suppliers &Market Share2026
  Asia/Pacific: Economic Overview2092
  Asia/Pacific: Supply &Demand2112
  Asia/Pacific: Outlook2136
    China: Economic Overview2202
    China: Supply &Demand2222
    China: Outlook2244
    India: Economic Overview2292
    India: Supply &Demand2312
    India: Outlook2334
    Japan: Economic Overview2382
    Japan: Supply &Demand2402
    Japan: Outlook2423
  South Korea2451
    South Korea: Economic Overview2462
    South Korea: Supply &Demand2482
    South Korea: Outlook2502
    Indonesia: Economic Overview2532
    Indonesia: Supply &Demand2552
    Indonesia: Outlook2572
    Thailand: Economic Overview2602
    Thailand: Supply &Demand2622
    Thailand: Outlook2642
    Taiwan: Economic Overview2672
    Taiwan: Supply &Demand2692
    Taiwan: Outlook2713
    Australia: Economic Overview2751
    Australia: Supply &Demand2762
    Australia: Outlook2782
  Other Asia/Pacific2801
    Other Asia/Pacific: Economic Overview2812
    Other Asia/Pacific: Supply &Demand2832
    Other Asia/Pacific: Outlook2852
    Other Asia/Pacific: Demand by Country2872
  Asia/Pacific: Suppliers &Market Share2896
  Central &South America2961
    Central &South America: Economic Overview2972
    Central &South America: Supply &Demand2992
    Central &South America: Outlook3012
    Other Central &South America3095
  Eastern Europe3141
    Eastern Europe: Economic Overview3152
    Eastern Europe: Supply &Demand3172
    Eastern Europe: Outlook3192
    Other Eastern Europe3325
    Africa/Mideast: Economic Overview3382
    Africa/Mideast: Supply &Demand3402
    Africa/Mideast: Outlook3422
    South Africa3545
    Other Africa/Mideast3596
  Market Share3719
  Acquisitions &Industry Restructuring3806
  Cooperative Agreements3866
  Channels of Distribution3922
  Competitive Strategies3942
  Research &Development3962
Company Profiles398156
  Akzo Nobel NV3998
  Asian Paints Limited4074
  Axalta Coating Systems Limited4114
  BASF SE4156
  Berger Paints India Limited4214
  Berkshire Hathaway Incorporated4254
  Carpoly Chemical Group Company Limited4292
  Chugoku Marine Paints Limited4315
  Cloverdale Paint Incorporated4364
  Dai Nippon Toryo Company Limited4432
  Deutsche Amphibolin-Werke von Robert Murjahn Stiftung &Company KG4452
  DuluxGroup Limited4474
  Fujikura Kasei Company Limited4513
  Grupo Orbis SA4541
  Hempel A/S4556
  Jotun A/S4615
  Kansai Paint Company Limited4663
  KCC Corporation4692
  Lind ngruppen AB4713
  Looser Holding AG4742
  Masco Corporation4763
  National Paints Factories Company Limited4792
  Nippon Paint Holdings Company Limited4813
  NOROO Holdings Company Limited4843
  Pacific Paint Boysen Philippines Incorporated4872
  PPG Industries Incorporated48913
  Ring International Holding AG5023
  RPM International Incorporated5058
  Samhwa Paints Industrial Company Limited5131
  Shawcor Limited5142
  Sherwin-Williams Company5168
  SK Kaken Company Limited5241
  Teknos Oy5254
  Tikkurila Oyj5293
  TOA Paint Thailand Company Limited5322
  Valspar Corporation5349
  ZAO Empils5431
  Other Companies Mentioned in Study54410

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