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World Oilfield Chemicals

World Oilfield Chemicals - Freedonia Market Research
World Oilfield Chemicals
Published Apr 01, 2015
555 pages — Published Apr 01, 2015
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World demand for oilfield chemicals is forecast to increase 6.0 percent annually to $33 billion in 2019. North America will remain by far the dominant market, while Asia/Pacific and Africa/Mideast markets grow the fastest from small bases. Drilling fluids will continue to account for the largest share of demand and will grow at a healthy pace.This study analyzes the $25 billion world oilfield chemical industry. It presents historical demand data (2004, 2009 and 2014) and forecasts (2019 and 2024) by product (drilling fluids, stimulation and enhanced oil recovery chemicals, production chemicals, completion and workover fluids, oilfield cement and cement additives), world region, and for 25 countries.The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market share, and profiles 43 industry players, including Baker Hughes, Ecolab, and Halliburton.

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
  World Economic Overview152
    Recent Historical Trends172
    Macroeconomic Outlook193
  World Demographic Outlook222
  World Manufacturing Outlook243
  World Oil &Gas Outlook273
    World Petroleum Outlook3018
    World Natural Gas Outlook4813
  Oilfield Services Overview613
  Environmental &Regulatory Issues643
  Well Drilling712
    Directional &Horizontal Drilling732
    Multilateral Drilling752
    Coiled Tubing771
    Dual-Gradient Drilling781
    Underbalanced Drilling791
    Drilling Fluids802
  Well Completion &Workover822
  Well Stimulation841
    Hydraulic Fracturing852
    Gas Fracturing871
    Fracture Acidizing911
    Other Well Stimulation Techniques &Technologies921
  Enhanced Oil Recovery931
    Thermal Recovery941
    Gas Recovery951
    Chemical Recovery961
  Unconventional Oil &Gas972
    Tight Oil &Gas991
    Shale Formations1002
    Coalbed Methane1021
    Oil Sands &Extra Heavy Crude1032
  Regional Overview1067
  Product Overview1137
    Drilling Fluids12010
    Stimulation &Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Chemicals1306
    Production Chemicals1367
    Completion &Workover Fluids1432
    Oilfield Cement &Cement Additives1454
  North America: General1501
  North America: Macroeconomic Overview1512
  North America: Oil &Gas Outlook1535
  North America: Oilfield Chemical Demand1586
  United States1641
    United States: General1652
    United States: Oil &Gas Outlook1673
    United States: Oilfield Chemical Demand1704
    Canada: General1752
    Canada: Oil &Gas Outlook1774
    Canada: Oilfield Chemical Demand1813
    Mexico: General1852
    Mexico: Oil &Gas Outlook1873
    Mexico: Oilfield Chemical Demand1903
  Europe: General1941
  Europe: Macroeconomic Overview1955
  Europe: Oil &Gas Outlook2006
  Europe: Oilfield Chemical Demand2066
    Norway: General2132
    Norway: Oil &Gas Outlook2153
    Norway: Oilfield Chemical Demand2183
    Russia: General2222
    Russia: Oil &Gas Outlook2244
    Russia: Oilfield Chemical Demand2284
  United Kingdom2321
    United Kingdom: General2332
    United Kingdom: Oil &Gas Outlook2352
    United Kingdom: Oilfield Chemical Demand2373
  Other Europe2401
    Other Europe: General2412
    Other Europe: Oil &Gas Outlook2432
    Other Europe: Oilfield Chemical Demand2453
  Asia/Pacific: General2491
  Asia/Pacific: Macroeconomic Overview2503
  Asia/Pacific: Oil &Gas Outlook2535
  Asia/Pacific: Oilfield Chemical Demand2587
    China: General2662
    China: Oil &Gas Outlook2684
    China: Oilfield Chemical Demand2723
    India: General2762
    India: Oil &Gas Outlook2783
    India: Oilfield Chemical Demand2813
    Indonesia: General2852
    Indonesia: Oil &Gas Outlook2873
    Indonesia: Oilfield Chemical Demand2902
    Kazakhstan: General2932
    Kazakhstan: Oil &Gas Outlook2952
    Kazakhstan: Oilfield Chemical Demand2973
    Malaysia: General3012
    Malaysia: Oil &Gas Outlook3032
    Malaysia: Oilfield Chemical Demand3052
  Other Asia/Pacific3071
    Other Asia/Pacific: General3082
    Other Asia/Pacific: Oil &Gas Outlook3103
    Other Asia/Pacific: Oilfield Chemical Demand3133
  Central &South America: General3171
  Central &South America: Macroeconomic Overview3183
  Central &South America: Oil &Gas Outlook3215
  Central &South America: Oilfield Chemical Demand3265
    Argentina: General3322
    Argentina: Oil &Gas Outlook3343
    Argentina: Oilfield Chemical Demand3372
    Brazil: General3402
    Brazil: Oil &Gas Outlook3423
    Brazil: Oilfield Chemical Demand3453
    Venezuela: General3492
    Venezuela: Oil &Gas Outlook3514
    Venezuela: Oilfield Chemical Demand3553
  Other Central &South America3581
    Other Central &South America: General3591
    Other Central &South America: Oil &Gas Outlook3603
    Other Central &South America: Oilfield Chemical Demand3632
  Africa/Mideast: General3661
  Africa/Mideast: Macroeconomic Overview3672
  Africa/Mideast: Oil &Gas Outlook3693
  Africa/Mideast: Oilfield Chemical Demand3723
    Africa: Oil &Gas Outlook3767
    Africa: Oilfield Chemical Demand38316
  Middle East3991
    Middle East: Oil &Gas Overview4007
    Middle East: Oilfield Chemical Demand40718
  Market Share4298
  Industry Restructuring4375
  Competitive Strategies4423
  Cooperative Agreements4452
  Marketing &Distribution4472
Company Profiles449107
  Akzo Nobel NV4503
  Albemarle Corporation4532
  Anton Oilfield Services Group Limited4552
  Ashland Incorporated4573
  Baker Hughes Incorporated4604
  BASF SE4643
  Berkshire Hathaway Incorporated4673
  Buzzi Unicem SpA4702
  Calumet Specialty Products Partners LP4722
  Canadian Energy Services &Technology Corporation4743
  Chemtura Corporation4772
  Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LLC4792
  China National Petroleum Corporation4812
  Clariant International Limited4833
  Dow Chemical Company4863
  DuPont (EI) de Nemours4891
  Ecolab Incorporated4905
  Emery Oleochemicals Group4952
  Enerchem International Incorporated4972
  Gumpro Drilling Fluids Pvt Limited4991
  Halliburton Company5004
  Holcim Limited5043
  Imdex Limited5072
  Innospec Incorporated5093
  Israel Chemicals Limited5122
  Kemira Oyj5143
  Lafarge SA5172
  Minerals Technologies Incorporated5194
  National Oilwell Varco Incorporated5232
  Navdeep Chemicals Private Limited5251
  Newpark Resources Incorporated5264
  Nigerian-German Chemicals plc5301
  PT Tesso Tetra Chemika5312
  Roemex Limited5351
  Schlumberger Limited5365
  Scomi Group Bhd5412
  Secure Energy Services Incorporated5432
  Sichem LLC5452
  Solvay SA5473
  TETRA Technologies Incorporated5502
  Thermax Group5522
  Weatherford International plc5542

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