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World Membrane Separation Technologies

World Membrane Separation Technologies - Freedonia Market Research
World Membrane Separation Technologies
Published Sep 30, 2015
626 pages — Published Sep 30, 2015
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World demand for membranes will rise 8.5 percent annually to $26.3 billion in 2019. Industrializing countries such as India, China, Russia, Poland, and Brazil will show strong growth, while developed areas will remain intensive membrane users. Reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, and nanofiltration will see above average growth.This study analyzes the $17.5 billion global membrane industry. It presents historical demand data (2004, 2009 and 2014) and forecasts (2019 and 2024) by product (e.g., microfiltration, reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration) and market (e.g., water treatment, wastewater treatment, food and beverage processing, pharmaceutical and medical) for six world regions and 21 major countries.The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market share, and profiles 41 industry players, including Danaher, EMD Millipore, and General Electric.

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
  World Economic Outlook141
    Recent Historical Trends152
    World Economic Outlook173
  World Fixed Investment202
  World Demographic Outlook221
    Urbanization Patterns252
  World Water Use273
  World Manufacturing Outlook303
  World Food &Beverage Processing Outlook334
  World Pharmaceutical Overview373
  World Chemical Industry Outlook403
  Environmental &Regulatory Issues432
    Water Pollution452
    Waterborne Diseases511
  Regional Overview5410
    Reverse Osmosis767
    Other Membranes9010
    Water Treatment1057
    Wastewater Treatment1127
    Food &Beverage Processing1198
    Pharmaceutical &Medical1277
    Other Markets1347
  North America: General1423
  North America: Membrane Demand1456
  United States1511
    United States: General1522
    United States: Membrane Demand by Product1544
    United States: Membrane Demand by Market1585
    United States: Membrane Suppliers1631
    Canada: General1652
    Canada: Membrane Demand by Product1672
    Canada: Membrane Demand by Market1694
    Canada: Membrane Suppliers1731
    Mexico: General1753
    Mexico: Membrane Demand by Product1782
    Mexico: Membrane Demand by Market1804
    Mexico: Membrane Suppliers1841
  Western Europe: General1863
  Western Europe: Membrane Demand1896
    Belgium: General1963
    Belgium: Membrane Demand by Product1992
    Belgium: Membrane Demand by Market2012
    Belgium: Membrane Suppliers2031
    France: General2053
    France: Membrane Demand by Product2082
    France: Membrane Demand by Market2103
    France: Membrane Suppliers2132
    Germany: General2162
    Germany: Membrane Demand by Product2182
    Germany: Membrane Demand by Market2203
    Germany: Membrane Suppliers2233
    Italy: General2274
    Italy: Membrane Demand by Product2313
    Italy: Membrane Demand by Market2344
    Italy: Membrane Suppliers2381
    Netherlands: General2402
    Netherlands: Membrane Demand by Product2422
    Netherlands: Membrane Demand by Market2442
    Netherlands: Membrane Suppliers2461
    Spain: General2483
    Spain: Membrane Demand by Product2513
    Spain: Membrane Demand by Market2545
    Spain: Membrane Suppliers2591
  United Kingdom2601
    United Kingdom: General2612
    United Kingdom: Membrane Demand by Product2632
    United Kingdom: Membrane Demand by Market2653
    United Kingdom: Membrane Suppliers2682
  Other Western Europe2701
    Other Western Europe: General2713
    Other Western Europe: Membrane Demand by Product2742
    Other Western Europe: Membrane Demand by Market2763
    Other Western Europe: Membrane Demand by Country2792
    Other Western Europe: Membrane Suppliers2812
  Asia/Pacific: General2843
  Asia/Pacific: Membrane Demand2877
    Australia: General2952
    Australia: Membrane Demand by Product2972
    Australia: Membrane Demand by Market2994
    Australia: Membrane Suppliers3031
    China: General3053
    China: Membrane Demand by Product3083
    China: Membrane Demand by Market3115
    China: Membrane Suppliers3163
    India: General3203
    India: Membrane Demand by Product3233
    India: Membrane Demand by Market3265
    India: Membrane Suppliers3312
    Japan: General3343
    Japan: Membrane Demand by Product3372
    Japan: Membrane Demand by Market3393
    Japan: Membrane Suppliers3422
  South Korea3441
    South Korea: General3453
    South Korea: Membrane Demand by Product3482
    South Korea: Membrane Demand by Market3503
    South Korea: Membrane Suppliers3532
    Taiwan: General3563
    Taiwan: Membrane Demand by Product3592
    Taiwan: Membrane Demand by Market3613
    Taiwan: Membrane Suppliers3641
  Other Asia/Pacific3651
    Other Asia/Pacific: General3662
    Other Asia/Pacific: Membrane Demand by Product3682
    Other Asia/Pacific: Membrane Demand by Market3704
    Other Asia/Pacific: Membrane Demand by Country3741
    Other Asia/Pacific: Membrane Suppliers3752
  Central &South America3781
    Central &South America: General3793
    Central &South America: Membrane Demand3822
    Other Central &South America3937
  Eastern Europe4001
    Eastern Europe: General4012
    Eastern Europe: Membrane Demand4035
    Other Eastern Europe4238
    Africa/Mideast: General4323
    Africa/Mideast: Membrane Demand4356
    Saudi Arabia4418
    South Africa4498
    Other Africa/Mideast4579
  Industry Composition4683
  Market Share4718
  Competitive Strategies4793
  Research &Development4823
  Mergers &Acquisitions4854
  Cooperative Agreements4895
Company Profiles494133
  Acciona SA4952
  Air Liquide Group4973
  Asahi Kasei Corporation5005
  BASF SE5052
  Berkshire Hathaway Incorporated5074
  BWT AG5114
  Chemours Company5152
  China National Bluestar Group Company Limited5172
  Coway Company Limited5192
  Danaher Corporation5218
  Donaldson Company Incorporated5292
  Dow Chemical Company5314
  DuPont (EI) de Nemours5352
  Ecolab Incorporated5372
  Evoqua Water Technologies LLC5393
  General Electric Company5428
  Gore (WL) &Associates Incorporated5504
  Hyflux Limited5543
  Industrie De Nora SpA5572
  ITT Corporation5591
  Koch Industries Incorporated5604
  Linde Group5642
  Merck KGaA5696
  Nitto Denko Corporation5754
  Parker-Hannifin Corporation5795
  Pentair plc5844
  Polymem SA5882
  Sartorius AG5904
  Severn Trent plc5942
  Siemens AG5961
  SUEZ Environnement SAS5973
  3M Company6005
  Tianjin Motimo Membrane Technology Company Limited6051
  Tianjin Novofangyuan Membrane Separation Technology Company Limited6062
  Toray Industries Incorporated6084
  Toyobo Company Limited6122
  Ube Industries Limited6142
  Veolia Environnement SA6163
  Vontron Technology Company Limited6192
  Xylem Incorporated6213
  Other Companies Mentioned in Study6243

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