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World Major Household Appliances

World Major Household Appliances - Freedonia Market Research
World Major Household Appliances
Published Jan 28, 2014
519 pages — Published Jan 28, 2014
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World major household appliance demand will rise 3.8 percent annually through 2017 to 430 million units. Cooking appliances will lead gains, as they are among the first major appliances purchased in developing countries. Rebounding housing activity and the release of pent up demand will support growth in advanced nations.This study analyzes the 358 million unit world major appliance industry. It presents historical demand data for 2002, 2007 and 2012, and forecasts for 2017 and 2022 by product (e.g., refrigerators and freezers, clothes washers and dryers, large cooking appliances, dishwashers), world region, and for 25 countries.The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles 30 industry players, including Whirlpool, Electrolux and BSH Bosch.

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
  World Economic Environment131
    Recent Historical Trends143
    World Economic Outlook174
  Personal Income &Expenditure Trends213
  Residential Building Construction Expenditures242
  World Demographic Outlook262
    Urbanization Patterns282
    Household Formation Patterns302
  Household Appliance Pricing Patterns322
  Legal &Regulatory Issues342
  Technology &Product Innovations361
    Energy &Water Efficiency381
    Aesthetic Appeal &Noise Reduction391
  World Major Household Appliance Demand Dynamics431
    Appliance Ownership Rates442
    Regional Sales Trends465
  World Major Household Appliance Supply Dynamics595
  International Trade Flows642
  North America: General672
  North America: Supply &Demand693
    North America: Refrigerators &Freezers721
    North America: Washers &Dryers732
    North America: Large Cooking Appliances751
    North America: Dishwashers761
  United States771
    United States: General782
    United States: Supply &Demand808
    Canada: General892
    Canada: Supply &Demand917
    Mexico: General992
    Mexico: Supply &Demand1016
  Western Europe: General1082
  Western Europe: Supply &Demand1103
    Western Europe: Refrigerators &Freezers1131
    Western Europe: Washers &Dryers1142
    Western Europe: Large Cooking Appliances1161
    Western Europe: Dishwashers1171
    France: General1192
    France: Supply &Demand1217
    Germany: General1292
    Germany: Supply &Demand1317
    Italy: General1392
    Italy: Supply &Demand1417
    Netherlands: General1492
    Netherlands: Supply &Demand1516
    Spain: General1582
    Spain: Supply &Demand1607
  United Kingdom1671
    United Kingdom: General1682
    United Kingdom: Supply &Demand1706
  Other Western Europe1761
    Other Western Europe: General1772
    Other Western Europe: Supply &Demand1796
  Asia/Pacific: General1862
  Asia/Pacific: Supply &Demand1884
    Asia/Pacific: Refrigerators &Freezers1921
    Asia/Pacific: Washers &Dryers1932
    Asia/Pacific: Large Cooking Appliances1951
    Asia/Pacific: Dishwashers1961
    Australia: General1982
    Australia: Supply &Demand2006
    China: General2072
    China: Supply &Demand2098
    India: General2182
    India: Supply &Demand2207
    Indonesia: General2282
    Indonesia: Supply &Demand2306
    Japan: General2372
    Japan: Supply &Demand2397
  South Korea2461
    South Korea: General2472
    South Korea: Supply &Demand2497
    Taiwan: General2572
    Taiwan Supply &Demand2596
    Thailand: General2662
    Thailand: Supply &Demand2687
  Other Asia/Pacific2751
    Other Asia/Pacific: General2762
    Other Asia/Pacific: Supply &Demand2787
  Central &South America2861
    Central &South America: General2872
    Central &South America: Supply &Demand2896
    Other Central &South America3118
  Eastern Europe3191
    Eastern Europe: General3202
    Eastern Europe: Supply &Demand3227
    Czech Republic3298
    Other Eastern Europe3618
    Africa/Mideast: General3702
    Africa/Mideast: Supply &Demand3727
    South Africa3798
    Other Africa/Mideast3948
  Industry Composition4042
  Market Share4066
  Mergers, Acquisitions, &Industry Restructuring4123
  Product Development &Manufacturing4152
  Marketing &Distribution4172
  Cooperative Agreements4198
  Financial Requirements4272
Company Profiles42991
  Amica Wronki SA4302
  BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausger te GmbH4325
  Candy Hoover Group Srl4372
  Controladora Mabe SA de CV4392
  Dongbu Daewoo Electronics Corporation4432
  Electrolux AB4455
  General Electric Company4504
  Godrej Industries Limited4541
  Gorenje gospodinjski aparati dd4554
  Grupo Edson Queiroz4592
  Haier Group Company4615
  Indesit Company SpA4663
  Konka Group Company Limited4721
  LG Electronics Incorporated4735
  Liebherr-International AG4782
  Middleby Corporation4802
  Midea Group Company Limited4823
  Miele &Cie KG4853
  Mitsubishi Electric Corporation4883
  Mondragon Corporacion Cooperativa4913
  Panasonic Corporation4946
  Samsung Electronics Company Limited5004
  Sharp Corporation5043
  Sub-Zero Incorporated5072
  Tatung Company Limited5092
  Toshiba Corporation5112
  Videocon Industries Limited5132
  Whirlpool Corporation5155

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