World Insulation to 2012 - Freedonia Market Research

World Insulation to 2012

World Insulation to 2012 - Freedonia Market Research
World Insulation to 2012
Published Feb 01, 2009
467 pages — Published Feb 01, 2009
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Global insulation consumption is projected to grow 3.8 percent annually through 2012. The fastest growth will occur in developing Asian countries based on strong building construction activity and increasing production of insulated products. Foamed plastic will remain the largest segment while fiberglass gains market share.This study analyzes the $29.2 billion world insulation industry. It presents historical demand data for the years 1997, 2002 and 2007, and forecasts for 2012 and 2017 by material (e.g., foamed plastics, fiberglass, mineral wool), market (construction; industrial, HVAC and OEM), world region (e.g., Asia/Pacific, North America, Western Europe) and for 46 countries.The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles 36 industry players, including Saint-Gobain, Rockwool International and Owens Corning.

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
World Economic Overview81
Recent Historical Trends83
Macroeconomic Outlook113
World Demographic Overview141
Urbanization Patterns162
World Fixed Investment Overview203
World Construction Outlook232
Residential Building253
Nonresidential Building282
World Refrigerator &Freezer Trends303
Material Variations in Thermal Resistance &R-Values334
Regulatory, Health &Environmental Considerations371
Environmental Considerations372
Health Considerations392
Energy Considerations413
Green Labeling482
World Insulation Outlook521
Regional Demand by Insulating Capacity (R-1 Value)534
Relationship to Capital Investment572
Regional Demand by Dollar Value595
World Insulation Trade Flows642
Insulation Production by Region662
Insulation Demand by Material714
Foamed Plastics7510
Mineral Wool926
Other Insulation Materials988
Industrial, HVAC &OEM1071
North America: General1083
North America: Insulation Supply &Demand1114
North America: Demand by Country1151
North America: Producers1161
United States: Macroeconomic Environment1173
United States: Insulation Supply &Demand1203
United States: Producers1231
Canada: Macroeconomic Environment1243
Canada: Insulation Supply &Demand1274
Canada: Producers1312
Mexico: Macroeconomic Environment1332
Mexico: Insulation Supply &Demand1353
Mexico: Producers1381
Western Europe: General1393
Western Europe: Insulation Supply &Demand1424
Western Europe: Demand by Country1462
Western Europe: Producers1481
Germany: Macroeconomic Environment1493
Germany: Insulation Supply &Demand1523
Germany: Producers1551
France: Macroeconomic Environment1562
France: Insulation Supply &Demand1583
France: Producers1611
Italy: Macroeconomic Environment1623
Italy: Insulation Supply &Demand1653
Italy: Producers1681
United Kingdom: Macroeconomic Environment1692
United Kingdom: Insulation Supply &Demand1712
United Kingdom: Producers1732
Spain: Macroeconomic Environment1752
Spain: Insulation Supply &Demand1773
Spain: Producers1801
The Netherlands: Macroeconomic Environment1813
The Netherlands: Insulation Supply &Demand1843
The Netherlands: Producers1871
Other Western Europe: Macroeconomic Environment1883
Other Western Europe: Insulation Supply &Demand 1913
Other Western Europe: Demand by Country1947
Other Western Europe: Producers2011
Asia/Pacific: General2024
Asia/Pacific: Insulation Supply &Demand2064
Asia/Pacific: Demand by Country2102
Asia/Pacific: Producers2121
China: Macroeconomic Environment2133
China: Insulation Supply &Demand2164
China: Producers2202
Japan: Macroeconomic Environment2223
Japan: Insulation Supply &Demand2254
Japan: Producers2291
India: Macroeconomic Environment2303
India: Insulation Supply &Demand2333
India: Producers2361
South Korea: Macroeconomic Environment2373
South Korea: Insulation Supply &Demand2403
South Korea: Producers2431
Australia: Macroeconomic Environment2443
Australia: Insulation Supply &Demand2474
Australia: Producers2511
Indonesia: Macroeconomic Environment2523
Indonesia: Insulation Supply &Demand2552
Indonesia: Producers2571
Thailand: Macroeconomic Environment2583
Thailand: Insulation Supply &Demand2613
Thailand: Producers2641
Taiwan: Macroeconomic Environment2653
Taiwan: Insulation Supply &Demand2682
Taiwan: Producers2701
Other Asia/Pacific: Macroeconomic Environment2713
Other Asia/Pacific: Insulation Supply &Demand2742
Other Asia/Pacific: Demand by Country2763
Other Asia/Pacific: Producers2791
Latin America: General2803
Latin America: Insulation Supply &Demand2833
Latin America: Producers2861
Brazil: Macroeconomic Environment2877
Argentina: Macroeconomic Environment2945
Other Latin America: Macroeconomic Environment2997
Eastern Europe: General3063
Eastern Europe: Insulation Supply &Demand3092
Eastern Europe: Producers3111
Russia: Macroeconomic Environment3127
Poland: Macroeconomic Environment3196
Other Eastern Europe: Macroeconomic Environment3259
Africa/Mideast: General3343
Africa/Mideast: Insulation Supply &Demand3373
Africa/Mideast: Producers3401
Turkey: Macroeconomic Environment3416
Other Africa/Mideast: Macroeconomic Environment 3477
Industry Composition3563
Market Share3593
Industry Leaders3623
Other Key Producers3651
Product Development &Manufacturing3662
Competitive Strategies3682
Marketing &Distribution3701
Mergers &Acquisitions3712
Cooperative Agreements3737
Company Profiles38088
Aislantes Minerales SA de CV3812
Armacell International GmbH3833
Asahi Glass Company Limited3861
Bayer AG3922
Berkshire Hathaway Incorporated3945
Bridgestone Corporation3992
Byucksan Corporation4011
CRH plc4022
CSR Limited4042
Dow Chemical Company4065
Finetec Corporation4111
Fletcher Building Limited4122
Hood Companies4142
Huntsman Corporation4162
Industria de Conglomerados y Aislantes SAIC4181
Italmobiliare SpA4192
KCC Corporation4212
Kingspan Group plc4232
Knauf Gips KG4254
NICHIAS Corporation4292
Ningbo Firewheel Thermal Insulation &Sealing Company Limited4311
Nitto Boseki Company Limited4321
Norisol A/S4332
Owens Corning4354
Paroc Group Oy AB4392
Recticel SA4412
Rockfibras do Brasil Industria e Comercio Limitada4431
Rockwool International A/S4443
Siam Cement Public Company Limited4542
Sto AG4562
Swisspor Management AG4582
Thermafiber Incorporated4602
Union Lesni Brana as4621
Uralita SA4632
Other Companies Mentioned in Study4653

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