World Hydrogen to 2016 - Freedonia Market Research

World Hydrogen to 2016

World Hydrogen to 2016 - Freedonia Market Research
World Hydrogen to 2016
Published Jul 31, 2012
446 pages — Published Jul 31, 2012
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Global demand for hydrogen is projected to increase 4.1 percent annually through 2016 to 286 cubic meters. Chemical manufacturing will be the fastest growing market while petroleum refining will remain dominant. The Asia/Pacific region will continue as the largest market and grow the fastest.This study analyzes the 233.7 billion cubic meter world hydrogen industry. It presents historical demand data for the years 2001, 2006 and 2011, and forecasts for 2016 and 2021 by market (e.g., petroleum refining, petroleum refining processes, chemical manufacturing, other manufacturing), production method (e.g., hydrocarbons, water), world region and for 17 major countries.The study also considers market environment factors, examines the hydrogen economy, evaluates company market share and profiles 9 industry participants, including Air Products and Chemicals, Linde and Air Liquide.

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
  World Economic Overview151
    Recent Historical Trends162
    World Economic Outlook185
  World Population Overview232
  World Manufacturing Overview252
  World Chemical Manufacturing Outlook272
  World Energy Outlook296
  World Petroleum Refining Outlook354
  World Fuel Cell Outlook397
  World Motor Vehicle Outlook463
    Hydrogen-Powered Motor Vehicles491
    Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles503
    Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles531
  Environmental &Regulatory Issues544
  Codes &Standards582
  World Hydrogen Demand by Region659
  World Hydrogen Demand by Market745
    Petroleum Refining792
    Petroleum Refining Processes813
    Chemical Manufacturing843
    Other Markets for Hydrogen877
  The Hydrogen Economy941
    Fuel Cells987
    Hydrogen Production Methods1056
    Hydrogen Storage1113
  Pricing Trends1142
  North America: Macroeconomic Environment1173
  North America: Hydrogen Demand1205
  North America: Suppliers &Market Share1255
  United States1301
    United States: Macroeconomic Environment1314
    United States: Hydrogen Demand1353
    United States: The Hydrogen Economy1383
    Canada: Macroeconomic Environment1423
    Canada: Hydrogen Demand1453
    Canada: The Hydrogen Economy1482
    Mexico: Macroeconomic Environment1514
    Mexico: Hydrogen Demand1553
  Western Europe: Macroeconomic Environment1594
  Western Europe: Hydrogen Demand1636
  Western Europe: Suppliers &Market Share1695
    Germany: Macroeconomic Environment1754
    Germany: Hydrogen Demand1793
    Germany: The Hydrogen Economy1823
    Italy: Macroeconomic Environment1864
    Italy: Hydrogen Demand1902
    Italy: The Hydrogen Economy1922
    France: Macroeconomic Environment1954
    France: Hydrogen Demand1992
    France: The Hydrogen Economy2011
  United Kingdom2021
    United Kingdom: Macroeconomic Environment2034
    United Kingdom: Hydrogen Demand2072
    United Kingdom: The Hydrogen Economy2092
  The Netherlands2111
    The Netherlands: Macroeconomic Environment2124
    The Netherlands: Hydrogen Demand2162
    The Netherlands: The Hydrogen Economy2182
    Spain: Macroeconomic Environment2214
    Spain: Hydrogen Demand2252
    Spain: The Hydrogen Economy2271
  Other Western Europe2281
    Other Western Europe: Macroeconomic Environment2293
    Other Western Europe: Hydrogen Demand2323
    Other Western Europe: The Hydrogen Economy2353
  Asia/Pacific: Macroeconomic Environment2395
  Asia/Pacific: Hydrogen Demand2446
  Asia/Pacific: Suppliers &Market Share2506
    China: Macroeconomic Environment2574
    China: Hydrogen Demand2613
    China: The Hydrogen Economy2642
    Japan: Macroeconomic Environment2675
    Japan: Hydrogen Demand2723
    Japan: The Hydrogen Economy2753
    India: Macroeconomic Environment2794
    India: Hydrogen Demand2833
    India: The Hydrogen Economy2863
  South Korea2891
    South Korea: Macroeconomic Environment2904
    South Korea: Hydrogen Demand2942
    South Korea: The Hydrogen Economy2963
    Taiwan: Macroeconomic Environment3004
    Taiwan: Hydrogen Demand3042
    Taiwan: The Hydrogen Economy3061
    Australia: Macroeconomic Environment3084
    Australia: Hydrogen Demand3122
    Australia: The Hydrogen Economy3142
  Other Asia/Pacific3161
    Other Asia/Pacific: Macroeconomic Environment3174
    Other Asia/Pacific: Hydrogen Demand3212
  Central &South America3241
    Central &South America: Macroeconomic Environment3254
    Central &South America: Hydrogen Demand3292
    Central &South America: Suppliers &Market Share3315
    Other Central &South America3426
  Eastern Europe3481
    Eastern Europe: Macroeconomic Environment3494
    Eastern Europe: Hydrogen Demand3532
    Eastern Europe: Suppliers &Market Share3555
    Other Eastern Europe3687
    Africa/Mideast: Macroeconomic Environment3764
    Africa/Mideast: Hydrogen Demand3804
    Africa/Mideast: Suppliers &Market Share3844
  Market Share3927
  Acquisitions &Divestitures3992
  Cooperative Agreements4014
    Tonnage Distribution4062
    Liquid Distribution4081
    Cylinder &Packaged Gas Distribution4091
Company Profiles41037
  Air Liquide Group4115
  Air Products and Chemicals Incorporated4167
  Airgas Incorporated4232
  Iwatani International Corporation4252
  Linde Group4276
  Messer Group GmbH4332
  Praxair Incorporated4357
  Showa Denko KK4422
  Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation4443

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