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World Housing

World Housing - Freedonia Market Research
World Housing
Published Jul 02, 2014
352 pages — Published Jul 02, 2014
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World construction of new housing will reach 61.3 million units in 2018 on 2.9 percent yearly advances. The Asia/Pacific region will own the most new housing units, while the Africa/Mideast housing stock region will grow the fastest. Multifamily housing construction will continue to outpace that of single-family types.This study analyzes the two billion unit world housing industry. It presents historical demand data for 2003, 2008 and 2013, and forecasts for 2018 and 2023 for housing stock and new housing units by type (single family, multifamily), world region, and for 22 countries. The study also considers economic trends, demographics and other market factors.

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
  World Economic Overview131
    Recent Historical Trends142
    World Economic Outlook164
  World Demographic Overview201
    Urban Population243
  Per Capita GDP302
  World Residential Building Construction Expenditures323
  Legislation &Regulatory Considerations352
  Housing Stock by Region398
  Housing Stock by Housing Type473
  Housing Quality501
    Informal Housing514
    Access to Water &Sewage Facilities555
    Access to Electricity602
  New Housing Demand by Region625
  New Housing Demand by Type673
  North America: General712
  North America: Housing Stock734
  North America: New Housing Units773
  United States801
    United States: General812
    United States: Housing Stock834
    United States: New Housing Units873
    Canada: General912
    Canada: Housing Stock934
    Canada: New Housing Units972
    Mexico: General1002
    Mexico: Housing Stock1024
    Mexico: New Housing Units1063
  Western Europe: General1102
  Western Europe: Housing Stock1124
  Western Europe: New Housing Units1162
    Germany: General1192
    Germany: Housing Stock1214
    Germany: New Housing Units1252
    France: General1281
    France: Housing Stock1294
    France: New Housing Units1333
  United Kingdom1361
    United Kingdom: General1372
    United Kingdom: Housing Stock1394
    United Kingdom: New Housing Units1432
    Italy: General1462
    Italy: Housing Stock1484
    Italy: New Housing Units1522
    Spain: General1552
    Spain: Housing Stock1574
    Spain: New Housing Units1612
  Other Western Europe1631
    Other Western Europe: General1642
    Other Western Europe: Housing Stock1664
    Other Western Europe: New Housing Units1702
  Asia/Pacific: General1732
  Asia/Pacific: Housing Stock1754
  Asia/Pacific: New Housing Units1792
    China: General1822
    China: Housing Stock1844
    China: New Housing Units1883
    India: General1922
    India: Housing Stock1944
    India: New Housing Units1982
    Indonesia: General2012
    Indonesia: Housing Stock2034
    Indonesia: New Housing Units2072
    Japan: General2102
    Japan: Housing Stock2124
    Japan: New Housing Units2162
    Thailand: General2192
    Thailand: Housing Stock2214
    Thailand: New Housing Units2252
  South Korea2271
    South Korea: General2282
    South Korea: Housing Stock2304
    South Korea: New Housing Units2342
    Australia: General2371
    Australia: Housing Stock2384
    Australia: New Housing Units2422
    Taiwan: General2452
    Taiwan: Housing Stock2474
    Taiwan: New Housing Units2512
  Other Asia/Pacific2531
    Other Asia/Pacific: General2542
    Other Asia/Pacific: Housing Stock2564
    Other Asia/Pacific: New Housing Units2602
    Other Asia/Pacific: Housing Stock &New Housing Units by Country2622
  Central &South America26530
    Central &South America: General2662
    Central &South America: Housing Stock2684
    Central &South America: New Housing Units2722
    Other Central &South America2887
  Eastern Europe29527
    Eastern Europe: General2962
    Eastern Europe: Housing Stock2984
    Eastern Europe: New Housing Units3022
    Other Eastern Europe3166
    Africa/Mideast: General3232
    Africa/Mideast: Housing Stock3254
    Africa/Mideast: New Housing Units3293
    South Africa3396
    Other Africa/Mideast3458

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