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World Graphene
Published Apr 08, 2016
392 pages — Published Apr 08, 2016
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Graphene has been touted as a ?wonder material? with the potential to disrupt and revolutionize technologies utilized in electronics, energy, and other high-tech industries. Applications with higher technology readiness levels, including graphene-based polymer composites, lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries, water filtration systems, and oilfield chemicals, will drive initial commercial demand. By 2035, the world graphene market is expected to reach over $2 billion, supported by a more significant wave of commercialized graphene products in applications such as supercapacitors, high-frequency transistors, sensors, and biomedical technologies. In the shorter term, the global market for graphene is forecast to grow more than sixfold through 2020 to $136 million, supported by improved manufacturing technologies and falling prices, as well as by the ongoing development of novel graphene-enhanced products. Prospects for graphene as a disruptive technology are largely contingent on price reductions. As manufacturing processes improve and output of high-quality graphene nanoplatelets and graphene oxide is scaled up, prices are expected to fall rapidly, reaching levels more competitive with substitute materials by 2035. Semi-continuous processes (such as roll-to-roll methods) are expected to boost output of high-quality graphene film, enabling lower costs and wider adoption in applications such as flexible displays and transistors.Graphene-based composites feature the most promising near-term commercialization prospects of any market. Graphene?s thermal stability and impermeability are driving its use in food packaging, piping, and protective apparel applications, while its high mechanical strength and light weight make the material desirable for composites used in motor vehicles, aircraft, and military equipment. In the energy storage sector, producers of Li-Ion batteries are employing graphene materials to improve energy density. Graphene is also expected to find growing adoption in supercapacitors, as these technologies are increasingly used in electrical grids and renewable energy systems. While significant barriers (such as a zero band gap) are restricting short-term commercialization of many graphene-enhanced electronic devices, electronics will account for the leading share of total sales by 2035. In the near term, graphene?s superior electrical and thermal conductivity will drive its use in conductive coatings, electromagnetic shielding, and thermal management products for mobile phones and other portable devices. The US is forecast to remain the leading national market for graphene through 2035, bolstered by growing adoption of the material in high-performance composites and energy storage devices, as well as by rising research and development (R&D) spending in advanced electronics fields (such as optoelectronics). The Asia/Pacific region will rank as the top regional consumer of graphene, driven by the advanced electronics and energy storage industries of Japan, China, and South Korea. Like the US, these countries will remain at the forefront of graphene R&D, funding nanotechnology projects to further explore graphene?s potential. Western Europe will also remain an important regional market for graphene, as Germany, the UK, France, and Spain help lead the drive for the development and commercialization of graphene, particularly in advanced energy sectors.

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
  World Economic Overview131
    Recent Historical Trends142
    World Economic Outlook163
  World Population Outlook193
  World Manufacturing Outlook223
  World Electrical &Electronic Equipment Outlook252
  World Rechargeable Battery Outlook272
  World Healthcare Spending Overview293
  Environmental &Regulatory Factors322
  Production Methods367
    Graphite Exfoliation431
    Chemical Vapor Deposition444
    Other Methods481
  Research &Development491
    R&D Spending for Emerging Applications504
    Commercial Prospects &Media Hype544
    Investment &Patent Trends582
  Regional Overview659
  Graphene Demand by Product748
    Graphene Nanoplatelets822
    Graphene Film842
    Graphene Oxide862
    Other Graphene Products883
  Graphene Demand by Market918
    Academic Research1303
    Other Markets1333
  Americas: Economic Overview1372
  Americas: Graphene Products1392
  Americas: Graphene Markets1412
  Americas: Research &Suppliers1431
  United States1441
    United States: Economic Overview1452
    United States: Graphene Products1472
    United States: Graphene Markets1493
    United States: Research &Suppliers1523
  Canada &Other Americas1551
    Canada &Other Americas: Economic Overview1562
    Canada &Other Americas: Graphene Products1582
    Canada &Other Americas: Graphene Markets1603
    Canada &Other Americas: Research &Suppliers1632
  Western Europe: Economic Overview1662
  Western Europe: Graphene Products1685
  Western Europe: Graphene Markets1732
  Western Europe: Research &Suppliers1751
    Germany: Economic Overview1772
    Germany: Graphene Products1792
    Germany: Graphene Markets1812
    Germany: Research &Suppliers1832
  United Kingdom1851
    United Kingdom: Economic Overview1862
    United Kingdom: Graphene Products1882
    United Kingdom: Graphene Markets1902
    United Kingdom: Research &Suppliers1922
    France: Economic Overview1952
    France: Graphene Products1972
    France: Graphene Markets1992
    France: Research &Suppliers2011
    Spain: Economic Overview2032
    Spain: Graphene Products2052
    Spain: Graphene Markets2072
    Spain: Research &Suppliers2092
  Other Western Europe2111
    Other Western Europe: Economic Overview2122
    Other Western Europe: Graphene Products2142
    Other Western Europe: Graphene Markets2162
    Other Western Europe: Research &Suppliers2182
  Asia/Pacific: Economic Overview2212
  Asia/Pacific: Graphene Products2235
  Asia/Pacific: Graphene Markets2282
  Asia/Pacific: Research &Suppliers2301
    Japan: Economic Overview2322
    Japan: Graphene Products2342
    Japan: Graphene Markets2362
    Japan: Research &Suppliers2382
    China: Economic Overview2412
    China: Graphene Products2432
    China: Graphene Markets2453
    China: Research &Suppliers2483
  South Korea2511
    South Korea: Economic Overview2522
    South Korea: Graphene Products2542
    South Korea: Graphene Markets2563
    South Korea: Research &Suppliers2592
  Other Asia/Pacific2611
    Other Asia/Pacific: Economic Overview2622
    Other Asia/Pacific: Graphene Products2642
    Other Asia/Pacific: Graphene Markets2663
    Other Asia/Pacific: Research &Suppliers2692
  Eastern Europe2721
    Eastern Europe: Economic Overview2732
    Eastern Europe: Graphene Products2752
    Eastern Europe: Graphene Markets2772
    Eastern Europe: Research &Suppliers2792
    Africa/Mideast: Economic Overview2822
    Africa/Mideast: Graphene Products2842
    Africa/Mideast: Graphene Markets2862
    Africa/Mideast: Research &Suppliers2882
  Industry Composition2925
  Competitive Strategies2971
  Acquisitions &Divestitures2982
  Cooperative Agreements3001
    Cooperative Agreements for Commercial Product Development3016
    Cooperative Agreements for Supply &Production Technologies3072
    Cooperative Agreements for Distribution &Marketing3092
    Additional Collaborations3114
Company Profiles31578
  Adeka Corporation3161
  AMO GmbH3172
  Angstron Materials Incorporated3192
  Applied Graphene Materials plc3212
  BASF SE3232
  BGT Materials Limited3252
  Deyang Carbonene Technology Company Limited3271
  Directa Plus SpA3283
  Focus Graphite Incorporated3312
  Grafen Chemical Industries Company3333
  Grafoid Incorporated3363
  Graphene Frontiers LLC3392
  Graphene NanoChem plc3413
  Graphene Square Incorporated3441
  Graphene Technologies Incorporated3452
  Graphene 3D Lab Incorporated3473
  Graphenea SA3502
  Graphensic AB3521
  Group NanoXplore Incorporated3532
  Haydale Graphene Industries plc3554
  HEAD BV3592
  International Business Machines Corporation3612
  Lomiko Metals Incorporated3632
  Ningbo Morsh Technology Company Limited3651
  Northern Graphite Corporation3662
  Osaka Gas Company Limited3681
  Perpetuus Advanced Materials plc3692
  Powerbooster Technologies Group3711
  Samsung Electronics Company Limited3722
  Sixth Element Changzhou Materials Technology Company Limited3741
  Swan (Thomas) &Company Limited3752
  Talga Resources Limited3772
  2D Carbon Graphene Material Company Limited3792
  Vorbeck Materials Corporation3812
  XG Sciences Incorporated3834
  Other Companies Mentioned in Study3876

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