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World Fuel Cells

World Fuel Cells - Freedonia Market Research
World Fuel Cells
Published Apr 21, 2014
627 pages — Published Apr 21, 2014
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Global demand for commercial fuel cells will almost triple to $4 billion in 2017, and then triple again by 2022 to $12 billion. Motor vehicle, portable electronics and industrial stationary/motive power applications will grow the fastest. Japan and the US will remain by far the largest markets, while China and South Korea will grow the fastest. This study analyzes the $1.5 billion world fuel cell industry. It presents historical demand data for 2002, 2007 and 2012, with forecasts for 2017 and 2022 by product (e.g., systems, fuels, electronic devices), chemistry (e.g., proton exchange membrane, solid oxide, molten carbonate, phosphoric acid, direct methanol, alkaline), application (e.g., electric power generation, industrial and stationary motive power, motor vehicles, other transportation equipment, portable electronics), world region and for 16 countries.The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles 41 industry players, including Bloom Energy, Panasonic and JX Holdings.

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
  World Economic Overview162
    Recent Historical Trends183
    World Economic Outlook214
    Personal Income &Expenditure Trends253
  World Population Outlook283
  Gross Fixed Investment &Manufacturing Trends311
    World Gross Fixed Investment Outlook323
    World Manufacturing Outlook353
  Fuel Cell Infrastructure381
    World Energy &Power Generation Outlook3912
    World Motor Vehicle Outlook518
    World Electronics Sector Outlook593
    Government/Institutional Trends622
  Fuel Cell Cost/Pricing Dynamics646
  Environmental &Regulatory Issues703
  Basic Electrical Properties761
  Fuel Cell Construction &Operation774
  Fuel Cell Efficiency811
  Fuel Cell Chemistries821
    Molten Carbonate852
    Phosphoric Acid871
    Proton Exchange Membrane882
    Direct Methanol901
    Solid Oxide911
    Other Chemistries923
  Hydrogen Fuel Sources952
  Fuel Cell Materials971
    Electrodes, Electrolytes, &Plates992
  Alternate Sources of Power1035
    Internal Combustion Engines1102
    Turbines &Microturbines1122
    Other Sources of Power1144
  World Fuel Cell Markets1211
  Regional Demand Dynamics1223
    / Total Fuel Cell Spending1257
    Commercial Fuel Cell Demand1325
  Demand by Product1372
    Electronic Devices1441
    Other Products &Services1452
  Demand by Chemistry1475
    Proton Exchange Membrane1524
    Solid Oxide1563
    Molten Carbonate1593
    Phosphoric Acid1623
    Direct Methanol1652
    Other Chemistries1702
  Demand by Application1721
    Application Demand Measured by Revenues1735
    Application Demand Measured in Units1785
    Electric Power Generation1837
    Industrial Stationary &Motive Power1906
    Motor Vehicles1965
    Other Transportation Equipment2015
    Portable Electronics2064
    Other Applications2103
  World Fuel Cell Production2134
  International Trade Flows &Multinational Investment2173
  North America: General2212
  North America: Fuel Cell Activity &Markets2232
  North America: Fuel Cell Outlook &Suppliers2256
  United States2311
    United States: General2322
    United States: Fuel Cell Activity &Markets2343
    United States: Fuel Cell Outlook &Suppliers2374
    Canada: General2422
    Canada: Fuel Cell Activity &Markets2442
    Canada: Fuel Cell Outlook &Suppliers2463
    Mexico: General2502
    Mexico: Fuel Cell Activity &Markets2522
    Mexico: Fuel Cell Outlook &Suppliers2543
  Western Europe: General2582
  Western Europe: Fuel Cell Activity &Markets2605
  Western Europe: Fuel Cell Outlook &Suppliers2657
    Germany: General2732
    Germany: Fuel Cell Activity &Markets2753
    Germany: Fuel Cell Outlook &Suppliers2783
  United Kingdom2811
    United Kingdom: General2822
    United Kingdom: Fuel Cell Activity &Markets2842
    United Kingdom: Fuel Cell Outlook &Suppliers2863
    Spain: General2902
    Spain: Fuel Cell Activity &Markets2922
    Spain: Fuel Cell Outlook &Suppliers2943
    France: General2982
    France: Fuel Cell Activity &Markets3003
    France: Fuel Cell Outlook &Suppliers3033
    Italy: General3072
    Italy: Fuel Cell Activity &Markets3092
    Italy: Fuel Cell Outlook &Suppliers3112
    Netherlands: General3142
    Netherlands: Fuel Cell Activity &Markets3162
    Netherlands: Fuel Cell Outlook &Suppliers3183
  Other Western Europe3211
    Other Western Europe: General3222
    Other Western Europe: Fuel Cell Activity &Markets3243
    Other Western Europe: Fuel Cell Outlook &Suppliers3273
  Asia/Pacific: General3312
  Asia/Pacific: Fuel Cell Activity &Markets3333
  Asia/Pacific: Fuel Cell Outlook &Suppliers3367
    Japan: General3442
    Japan: Fuel Cell Activity &Markets3463
    Japan: Fuel Cell Outlook &Suppliers3493
  South Korea3521
    South Korea: General3532
    South Korea: Fuel Cell Activity &Markets3552
    South Korea: Fuel Cell Outlook &Suppliers3573
    China: General3612
    China: Fuel Cell Activity &Markets3633
    China: Fuel Cell Outlook &Suppliers3663
    India: General3702
    India: Fuel Cell Activity &Markets3724
    Taiwan: General3772
    Taiwan: Fuel Cell Activity &Markets3792
    Taiwan: Fuel Cell Outlook &Suppliers3813
    Australia: General3852
    Australia: Fuel Cell Activity &Markets3872
    Australia: Fuel Cell Outlook &Suppliers3893
  Other Asia/Pacific3921
    Other Asia/Pacific: General3932
    Other Asia/Pacific: Fuel Cell Activity &Markets3952
    Other Asia/Pacific: Fuel Cell Outlook &Suppliers3973
  Central &South America4011
    Central &South America: General4022
    Central &South America: Fuel Cell Activity &Markets4043
    Central &South America: Fuel Cell Outlook &Suppliers4073
  Eastern Europe4101
    Eastern Europe: General4112
    Eastern Europe: Fuel Cell Activity &Markets4132
    Eastern Europe: Fuel Cell Outlook &Suppliers4153
    Other Eastern Europe4245
    Africa/Mideast: General4302
    Africa/Mideast: Fuel Cell Activity &Markets4323
    Africa/Mideast: Fuel Cell Outlook &Suppliers4354
  Industry Composition4412
  Market Share4438
  Research &Product Development4513
  Marketing &Distribution4572
  Cooperative Agreements45915
  Financial Requirements4742
  Acquisitions &Divestitures4764
Company Profiles480148
  Acumentrics Corporation4811
  Air Liquide Group4823
  Altergy Systems4852
  AREVA Group4872
  Ballard Power Systems Incorporated4895
  Bloom Energy Corporation4942
  Cellkraft AB4961
  Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited4973
  ClearEdge Power Incorporated5002
  Daimler AG5023
  Electro Power Systems SpA5052
  Ford Motor Company5072
  FuelCell Energy Incorporated5095
  FuelCellPower Incorporated5141
  General Motors Company5152
  Hess Corporation5173
  Honda Motor Company Limited5203
  Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies Private Limited5233
  Hydrogenics Corporation5263
  Hyundai Motor Company5292
  Intelligent Energy Holdings plc5313
  IRD Fuel Cell A/S5342
  Johnson Matthey plc5363
  JX Holdings Incorporated5392
  Lilliputian Systems Incorporated5412
  myFC AB5431
  Osaka Gas Company Limited5442
  Panasonic Corporation5462
  Plug Power Incorporated5485
  Protonex Technology Corporation5531
  Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide Incorporated5542
  Serenergy A/S5562
  SFC Energy AG5584
  Siemens AG5622
  Soci t BIC5642
  Sunrise Power Company Limited5661
  Teledyne Technologies Incorporated5672
  Tokyo Gas Company Limited5692
  Toshiba Corporation5712
  Toyota Motor Corporation5733
  United Technologies Corporation5762
  Other Companies Mentioned in Study57850

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