World Flame Retardants to 2016 - Freedonia Market Research

World Flame Retardants to 2016

World Flame Retardants to 2016 - Freedonia Market Research
World Flame Retardants to 2016
Published Feb 28, 2013
445 pages — Published Feb 28, 2013
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World demand for flame retardant additives is forecast to rise 5.4 percent per year to 2.6 million metric tons in 2016. The Asia/Pacific region will continue to be largest and fastest growing market, accounting for over half of world demand in 2016. Boron and phosphorus compounds will be among the fastest growing types.This study analyzes the 1.9 million metric ton world flame retardant industry. It presents historical demand data for the years 2011, 2006 and 2011, and forecasts for 2016 and 2021 by product (e.g., alumina trihydrate, brominated compounds, phosphorus compounds, chlorinated compounds, antimony compounds, born compounds), market (e.g., electrical and electronics, construction, wire and cable, motor vehicles, textiles), world region and for 18 countries.The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles 37 industry participants such as Albermarle, Israel Chemicals, and Chemtura.

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
  Global Economic Overview131
    Recent Historical Trends142
    World Economic Outlook165
  World Demographic Outlook213
  Building Construction Outlook244
  World Manufacturing Overview283
    World Electronics Outlook312
    World Motor Vehicle Production Outlook334
    World Wire &Cable Production375
  World Plastics Production Outlook423
  Regulatory Factors451
    Environmental &Health Issues464
    Building, Fire, &Electrical Codes504
    Recycling &Disposal Issues541
  Demand by Region586
  Demand by Product649
    Alumina Trihydrate734
    Brominated Compounds774
    Phosphorus Compounds814
    Chlorinated Compounds853
    Antimony Compounds883
    Boron Compounds913
    Other Compounds943
  Demand by Market975
    Electrical &Electronics1024
    Wire &Cable1102
    Motor Vehicles1123
    Other Markets1182
  Production &Trade1202
  North America: Overview1232
  North America: Flame Retardant Demand1255
  United States1301
    United States: Overview1313
    United States: Products1343
    United States: Markets1372
    United States: Suppliers1391
    Canada: Overview1412
    Canada: Products1432
    Canada: Markets1452
    Canada: Suppliers1471
    Mexico: Overview1492
    Mexico: Products1512
    Mexico: Markets1532
    Mexico: Suppliers1551
  Western Europe: Overview1573
  Western Europe: Flame Retardant Demand1606
    Germany: Overview1672
    Germany: Products1692
    Germany: Markets1712
    Germany: Suppliers1731
    France: Overview1752
    France: Products1772
    France: Markets1792
    France: Suppliers1811
    Italy: Overview1832
    Italy: Products1852
    Italy: Markets1872
    Italy: Suppliers1891
  United Kingdom1901
    United Kingdom: Overview1912
    United Kingdom: Products1932
    United Kingdom: Markets1952
    United Kingdom: Suppliers1971
    Spain: Overview1992
    Spain: Products2012
    Spain: Markets2032
    Spain: Suppliers2051
    Netherlands: Overview2072
    Netherlands: Products2092
    Netherlands: Markets2112
    Netherlands: Suppliers2131
    Belgium: Overview2152
    Belgium: Products2172
    Belgium: Markets2192
    Belgium: Suppliers2211
  Other Western Europe2221
    Other Western Europe: Overview2232
    Other Western Europe: Products2252
    Other Western Europe: Markets2272
    Other Western Europe: Suppliers2291
  Asia/Pacific: Overview2313
  Asia/Pacific: Flame Retardant Demand2346
    China: Overview2413
    China: Products2443
    China: Markets2472
    China: Suppliers2492
    Japan: Overview2523
    Japan: Products2552
    Japan: Markets2572
    Japan: Suppliers2591
  South Korea2601
    South Korea: Overview2613
    South Korea: Products2642
    South Korea: Markets2662
    South Korea: Suppliers2681
    Taiwan: Overview2703
    Taiwan: Products2732
    Taiwan: Markets2752
    Taiwan: Suppliers2771
    India: Overview2792
    India: Products2812
    India: Markets2832
    India: Suppliers2851
    Thailand: Overview2873
    Thailand: Products2902
    Thailand: Markets2921
    Thailand: Suppliers2931
  Other Asia/Pacific2941
    Other Asia/Pacific: Overview2952
    Other Asia/Pacific: Products2972
    Other Asia/Pacific: Markets2992
    Other Asia/Pacific: Suppliers3011
  Central &South America3031
    Central &South America: Overview3042
    Central &South America: Flame Retardant Demand3062
    Other Central &South America3145
  Eastern Europe3191
    Eastern Europe: Overview3202
    Eastern Europe: Flame Retardant Demand3222
    Other Eastern Europe3296
    Africa/Mideast: Overview3363
    Africa/Mideast: Products3392
    Africa/Mideast: Markets3412
    Africa/Mideast: Suppliers3431
  Market Share3477
  Industry Restructuring3542
  Competitive Strategies3561
    Product Differentiation &Market Segmentation3571
    Research &Development3582
    Cooperative Agreements3604
  Marketing &Distribution3642
Company Profiles36680
  Akzo Nobel NV3673
  Albemarle Corporation3704
  Almatis GmbH3742
  BASF SE3762
  Borealis GmbH3782
  Campine NV3801
  Chemtura Corporation3815
  China Minmetals Nonferrous Metals Company Limited3861
  Clariant International Limited3873
  Cytec Industries Incorporated3902
  Daihachi Chemical Industry Company3922
  Eti Mine Works General Management3942
  Glencore International AG3962
  Hsikwangshan Twinkling Star Company Limited3981
  Huber (JM) Corporation3992
  ICC Industries Incorporated4012
  Israel Chemicals Limited4035
  Italmatch Chemicals SpA4082
  Jiangsu Yoke Technology Company Limited4102
  Manac Incorporated4152
  Martin Marietta Materials Incorporated4172
  Nabaltec AG4192
  Nihon Seiko Company Limited4212
  Nippon Carbide Industries Company Incorporated4231
  Occidental Petroleum Corporation4242
  Oetker (Dr. August) KG4262
  Rio Tinto Group4283
  SCR-Sibelco NV4312
  Shandong Brother Science &Technology Company Limited4332
  Shandong Haiwang Chemical Company Limited4351
  Shanghai Chlor-Alkali Chemical Company Limited4361
  Showa Denko KK4372
  Solaris ChemTech Industries Limited4392
  Suzuhiro Chemical Company Limited4411
  Tina Organics Private Limited4421
  Tosoh Corporation4433

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