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World Enzymes

World Enzymes - Freedonia Market Research
World Enzymes
Published Jun 14, 2016
461 pages — Published Jun 14, 2016
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Global demand for enzymes is forecast to grow on average 4.6 percent through 2020 to $7.2 billion. This market includes enzymes used in industrial applications (food and beverages, cleaning products, biofuel production, animal feed, and other markets) and specialty applications (research and biotechnology, diagnostics, and biocatalysts). Food and beverages will remain the largest market for enzymes by value, with gains driven by increasing consumption of products containing enzymes in developing regions. Almost all industrial markets will experience healthy growth, with the exception of biofuels. Specialty markets will experience even stronger growth, driven by changes in healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry. While demand for enzymes used in research and biotechnology and in diagnostics is forecast to post strong gains, the fastest growth will be seen for biocatalysts, particularly those used in the production of pharmaceuticals.

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
  World Population Outlook153
  World Economic Overview181
    Recent Historical Trends192
    World Economic Outlook213
    World Per Capita Gross Domestic Product242
  World Manufacturing Outlook263
    World Food &Beverage Outlook293
    World Chemical Outlook322
    World Cleaning Product Outlook342
    World Animal Feed Outlook363
    World Pharmaceutical Outlook393
  Environmental &Regulatory Issues423
      Amylases -- Demand for amylase enzymes is forecast to expand 3.6 percent annually through 2020 to $995 million. Growth will result mainly from large value gains in the food and beverage market (particularly in baking applications), although faster ad...1023
      Cellulases -- Demand for cellulases is forecast to increase 4.5 percent annually through 2020 to $500 million. Moderate growth will result from healthy gains in the major industrial markets that make use of cellulases, primarily animal feed, as well ...1053
      Other Carbohydrases -- Other carbohydrases include a number of enzymes, such as galactosidases, glucoamylase, glucose isomerase, glucosidases, invertase, lactase, maltase, mannanase, pectinase, and pullulanase, with a variety of primarily industrial a...1083
    Other Enzymes1222
  Regional Markets1246
  Enzyme Production1303
  International Trade Flows1332
  North America: Economic Overview1363
  North America: Enzyme Demand1394
  United States1431
    United States: Economic Overview1443
    United States: Enzyme Demand1475
    Canada: Economic Overview1532
    Canada: Enzyme Demand1553
    Mexico: Economic Overview1593
    Mexico: Enzyme Demand1623
  Western Europe: Economic Overview1663
  Western Europe: Enzyme Demand1694
    Germany: Economic Overview1742
    Germany: Enzyme Demand1764
    France: Economic Overview1813
    France: Enzyme Demand1843
  United Kingdom1871
    United Kingdom: Economic Overview1882
    United Kingdom: Enzyme Demand1903
    Italy: Economic Overview1943
    Italy: Enzyme Demand1973
    Spain: Economic Overview2013
    Spain: Enzyme Demand2043
    Netherlands: Economic Overview2082
    Netherlands: Enzyme Demand2102
  Other Western Europe2121
    Other Western Europe: Economic Overview2133
    Other Western Europe: Enzyme Demand2163
  Asia/Pacific: Economic Overview2203
  Asia/Pacific: Enzyme Demand2234
    China: Economic Overview2283
    China: Enzyme Demand2314
    Japan: Economic Overview2363
    Japan: Enzyme Demand2394
    India: Economic Overview2443
    India: Enzyme Demand2473
  South Korea2501
    South Korea: Economic Overview2513
    South Korea: Enzyme Demand2542
    Australia: Economic Overview2572
    Australia: Enzyme Demand2592
  Other Asia/Pacific2611
    Other Asia/Pacific: Economic Overview2622
    Other Asia/Pacific: Enzyme Demand2642
  Central &South America2671
    Central &South America: Economic Overview2683
    Central &South America: Enzyme Demand2714
    Other Central &South America2805
  Eastern Europe2851
    Eastern Europe: Economic Overview2863
    Eastern Europe: Enzyme Demand2894
    Other Eastern Europe2984
    Africa/Mideast: Economic Overview3033
    Africa/Mideast: Enzyme Demand3063
    Other Africa/Mideast3145
  Market Share3246
  Competitive Strategies3304
  Acquisitions &Divestitures3343
  Cooperative Agreements3376
  Marketing &Distribution3432
Company Profiles345117
  Adisseo France SAS3461
  Advanced Enzyme Technologies Limited3474
  Agilent Technologies Incorporated3513
  Alere Incorporated3541
  Amano Enzyme Incorporated3552
  Arbiom Incorporated3572
  Associated British Foods plc3594
  BASF SE3636
  BBI Group3692
  Biocatalysts Limited3713
  Bio-Rad Laboratories Incorporated3743
  Chr. Hansen Holding A/S3773
  Codexis Incorporated3802
  DuPont (EI) de Nemours38211
  Dyadic International Incorporated3931
  ENMEX SA de CV3941
  Guangdong VTR Bio-Tech Company Limited3952
  Hologic Incorporated3972
  Illumina Incorporated3992
  Iogen Corporation4011
  Kao Corporation4022
  Lonza Group Limited4041
  Merck KGaA4054
  National Enzyme Company Incorporated4094
  New England Biolabs Incorporated4134
  Novozymes A/S4179
  Promega Corporation4263
  Roche Holding Limited4294
  Royal DSM NV4337
  Specialty Enzymes &Biotechnologies Company4405
  Sunson Industry Group Company Limited4453
  Thermo Fisher Scientific Incorporated4485
  Ultra Bio-Logics Incorporated4532
  Valiant Company Limited4553
  Other Companies Mentioned in the Study4584

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