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World Emulsion Polymers

World Emulsion Polymers - Freedonia Market Research
World Emulsion Polymers
Published Oct 24, 2014
481 pages — Published Oct 24, 2014
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Global demand for emulsion polymers will rise 4.6 percent annually to 12.6 million metric tons in 2018. The Asia/Pacific region will remain the largest and fastest-growing market. The paint and coatings segment will remain the largest and fastest-growing application, followed by adhesives in size and growth rate.This study analyzes the 10 million metric ton world emulsion polymer industry. It presents historical demand data for 2003, 2008 and 2013, and forecasts for 2018 and 2023 by market (e.g., coatings, adhesives), product (e.g., acrylics, styrene-butadiene latex, vinyl acetate polymers), world region, and for 16 countries.The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles 38 industry participants, including BASF, Dow Chemical and Trinseo.

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
  Global Economic Overview141
    Recent Historical Trends152
    World Economic Outlook174
  World Population Outlook212
  World Manufacturing Overview233
  World Construction Outlook263
  World Paint &Coatings Overview293
  World Paper &Paperboard Overview323
  World Adhesives Overview352
  World Tufted Carpets &Rugs Overview373
  Emulsion Technology404
    Paint &Coatings544
    Paper &Paperboard Coatings584
    General Purpose Adhesives644
    Carpet Backing Adhesives683
  Other Markets714
  Demand by Region756
  Production &Trade812
    Demand by Type &Market903
    Demand by Region932
    Suppliers &Market Share955
  Styrene-Butadiene Latex1001
    Demand by Type &Market1014
    Demand by Region1053
    Suppliers &Market Share1085
  Vinyl Acetate Polymers1131
    Demand by Type &Market1144
    Demand by Region1182
    Suppliers &Market Share1205
  Other Emulsion Polymers1251
    Demand by Type &Market1264
    Regions &Suppliers1303
  North America: Economic Overview1342
  North America: Emulsion Polymer Supply &Demand1366
  North America: Products &Markets1426
  United States1481
    United States: Economic Overview1492
    United States: Emulsion Polymer Supply &Demand1513
    United States: Products &Markets1545
    Canada: Economic Overview1602
    Canada: Emulsion Polymer Supply &Demand1622
    Canada: Products &Markets1643
    Mexico: Economic Overview1682
    Mexico: Emulsion Polymer Supply &Demand1702
    Mexico: Products &Markets1723
  Western Europe: Economic Overview1762
  Western Europe: Emulsion Polymer Supply &Demand1786
  Western Europe: Products &Markets1845
    Germany: Economic Overview1902
    Germany: Emulsion Polymer Supply &Demand1923
    Germany: Products &Markets1954
    Italy: Economic Overview2002
    Italy: Emulsion Polymer Supply &Demand2022
    Italy: Products &Markets2042
    France: Economic Overview2071
    France: Emulsion Polymer Supply &Demand2082
    France: Products &Markets2103
  United Kingdom2131
    United Kingdom: Economic Overview2142
    United Kingdom: Emulsion Polymer Supply &Demand2162
    United Kingdom: Products &Markets2183
    Spain: Economic Overview2222
    Spain: Emulsion Polymer Supply &Demand2242
    Spain: Products &Markets2262
  Other Western Europe2281
    Other Western Europe: Economic Overview2292
    Other Western Europe: Emulsion Polymer Supply &Demand2312
    Other Western Europe: Products &Markets2332
    Other Western Europe: Countries2352
  Asia/Pacific: Economic Overview2382
  Asia/Pacific: Emulsion Polymer Supply &Demand2406
  Asia/Pacific: Products &Markets2466
    China: Economic Overview2532
    China: Emulsion Polymer Supply &Demand2553
    China: Products &Markets2583
    Japan: Economic Overview2622
    Japan: Emulsion Polymer Supply &Demand2643
    Japan: Products &Markets2673
  South Korea2701
    South Korea: Economic Overview2712
    South Korea: Emulsion Polymer Supply &Demand2732
    South Korea: Products &Markets2753
    Malaysia: Economic Overview2792
    Malaysia: Emulsion Polymer Supply &Demand2812
    Malaysia: Products &Markets2832
    India: Economic Overview2862
    India: Emulsion Polymer Supply &Demand2882
    India: Products &Markets2903
    Indonesia: Economic Overview2942
    Indonesia: Emulsion Polymer Supply &Demand2962
    Indonesia: Products &Markets2983
  Other Asia/Pacific3011
    Other Asia/Pacific: Economic Overview3022
    Other Asia/Pacific: Emulsion Polymer Supply &Demand3042
    Other Asia/Pacific: Products &Markets3063
    Other Asia/Pacific: Countries3092
  Central &South America3121
    Central &South America: Economic Overview3132
    Central &South America: Emulsion Polymer Supply &Demand3152
    Central &South America: Products &Markets3172
    Other Central &South America3255
  Eastern Europe3301
    Eastern Europe: Economic Overview3312
    Eastern Europe: Emulsion Polymer Supply &Demand3332
    Eastern Europe: Products &Markets3352
    Other Eastern Europe3436
    Africa/Mideast: Economic Overview3502
    Africa/Mideast: Emulsion Polymer Supply &Demand3523
    Africa/Mideast: Products &Markets3553
  Market Share3618
  Industry Restructuring3692
  Competitive Strategies3714
  Research &Development3751
  Marketing &Distribution3762
Company Profiles378104
  Akzo Nobel NV3793
  Allnex S rl3823
  AP Resinas SA de CV3851
  Archroma Management LLC3862
  Arkema SA3883
  Asahi Kasei Corporation3913
  BASF SE3947
  BATF Industrial Company Limited4011
  Berkshire Hathaway Incorporated4023
  Celanese Corporation4054
  China Petroleum &Chemical Corporation4092
  Cytec Industries Incorporated4112
  Dairen Chemical Corporation4132
  DIC Corporation4152
  Dow Chemical Company4173
  Dow Corning Corporation4203
  Eni SpA4232
  Hansol Chemical Company Limited4251
  Hengshui Xinguang Chemical Company Limited4261
  JSR Corporation4272
  KCK Emulsion Polymers Limited4291
  Mallard Creek Polymers Incorporated4302
  Momentive Performance Materials Holdings LLC4323
  Nantex Industry Company Limited4351
  Nuplex Industries Limited4362
  OMNOVA Solutions Incorporated4384
  Reichhold Incorporated4422
  Royal DSM NV4442
  Saiden Chemical Industry Company Limited4462
  Sumitomo Chemical Company Limited4482
  Synthomer plc4505
  Synthos SA4552
  3M Company4573
  Trinseo SA4605
  Valspar Corporation4652
  Wacker Chemie AG4675
  ZEON Corporation4722
  Zhejiang Satellite Petrochemical Company Limited4741
  Other Companies Mentioned in Study4757

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