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World Dyes & Organic Pigments

World Dyes & Organic Pigments - Freedonia Market Research
World Dyes & Organic Pigments
Published Apr 22, 2015
489 pages — Published Apr 22, 2015
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World dye and organic pigment demand will rise 6.0 percent yearly to $19.5 billion in 2019. The Asia/Pacific market will remain dominant and will grow the fastest. The smaller organic pigments segment will outpace dyes due to increased use of high performance pigments in paints and coatings and plastics applications.This study analyzes the $14.5 billion world dye and organic pigment industry. It presents historical demand data for 2004, 2009 and 2014, and forecasts for 2019 and 2024 by product (e.g., disperse dyes, reactive dyes, acid dyes, direct dyes, basic dyes, azo pigments, phthalocyanine pigments), market (e.g., textiles, printing inks, plastics, paint and coatings), world region, and for 19 countries.The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market share, and profiles 35 industry players, including BASF, Clariant International, and Huntsman.

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
  World Economic Overview131
    Recent Historical Trends142
    Macroeconomic Outlook163
  World Demographic Outlook192
  World Manufacturing Overview213
  World Mill Fiber Consumption243
    Manufactured Fibers273
    Natural Fibers302
  World Printing Ink Industry Overview323
  World Plastics Industry Overview353
  World Paint &Coatings Industry Overview383
  Environmental &Regulatory Issues411
    Environmental Concerns422
    Consumer &Worker Safety Concerns442
  World Trade Overview464
  Per Capita Dye &Pigment Demand501
  Dye &Organic Pigment Technology511
    Printing Inks552
    Paint &Coatings582
  Demand by Region625
  Demand by Product672
    Organic Pigments8718
  Demand by Market1054
    Printing Inks1133
    Paint &Coatings1193
    Other Markets1224
  North America: General1272
  North America: Market Environment1293
  North America: Dye &Organic Pigment Demand1322
  United States1341
    United States: General1352
    United States: Market Environment1373
    United States: Dye &Organic Pigment Demand1403
    United States: Suppliers1431
    Canada: General1452
    Canada: Market Environment1473
    Canada: Dye &Organic Pigment Demand1502
    Canada: Suppliers1521
    Mexico: General1542
    Mexico: Market Environment1563
    Mexico: Dye &Organic Pigment Demand1592
    Mexico: Suppliers1611
  Western Europe: General1632
  Western Europe: Market Environment1653
  Western Europe: Dye &Organic Pigment Demand1685
    France: General1742
    France: Market Environment1762
    France: Organic Pigment &Dye Demand1782
    France: Suppliers1801
    Germany: General1822
    Germany: Market Environment1843
    Germany: Dye &Organic Pigment Demand1872
    Germany: Suppliers1891
    Italy: General1913
    Italy: Market Environment1943
    Italy: Dye &Organic Pigment Demand1972
    Italy: Suppliers1991
    Netherlands: General2012
    Netherlands: Market Environment2033
    Netherlands: Dye &Organic Pigment Demand2062
    Netherlands: Suppliers2081
    Spain: General2102
    Spain: Market Environment2122
    Spain: Dye &Organic Pigment Demand2142
    Spain: Suppliers2161
  United Kingdom2171
    United Kingdom: General2182
    United Kingdom: Market Environment2203
    United Kingdom: Dye &Organic Pigment Demand2232
    United Kingdom: Suppliers2251
  Other Western Europe2261
    Other Western Europe: General2272
    Other Western Europe: Market Environment2293
    Other Western Europe: Dye &Organic Pigment Demand2322
    Other Western Europe: Suppliers2341
  Asia/Pacific: General2362
  Asia/Pacific: Market Environment2383
  Asia/Pacific: Dye &Organic Pigment Demand2415
    China: General2472
    China: Market Environment2493
    China: Dye &Organic Pigment Demand2523
    China: Suppliers2552
    India: General2582
    India: Market Environment2603
    India: Dye &Organic Pigment Demand2632
    India: Suppliers2652
    Indonesia: General2682
    Indonesia: Market Environment2702
    Indonesia: Dye &Organic Pigment Demand2722
    Indonesia: Suppliers2741
    Japan: General2762
    Japan: Market Environment2782
    Japan: Dye &Organic Pigment Demand2802
    Japan: Suppliers2821
  South Korea2831
    South Korea: General2842
    South Korea: Market Environment2862
    South Korea: Dye &Organic Pigment Demand2882
    South Korea: Suppliers2901
    Taiwan: General2922
    Taiwan: Market Environment2943
    Taiwan: Dye &Organic Pigment Demand2972
    Taiwan: Suppliers2991
    Thailand: General3012
    Thailand: Market Environment3032
    Thailand: Dye &Organic Pigment Demand3052
    Thailand: Suppliers3071
  Other Asia/Pacific3081
    Other Asia/Pacific: General3092
    Other Asia/Pacific: Market Environment3113
    Other Asia/Pacific: Dye &Organic Pigment Demand3143
    Other Asia/Pacific: Suppliers3171
  Central &South America3191
    Central &South America: General3202
    Central &South America: Market Environment3223
    Central &South America: Dye &Organic Pigment Demand3252
    Other Central &South America3337
  Eastern Europe3401
    Eastern Europe: General3412
    Eastern Europe: Market Environment3433
    Eastern Europe: Dye &Organic Pigment Demand3462
    Other Eastern Europe3546
    Africa/Mideast: General3612
    Africa/Mideast: Market Environment3633
    Africa/Mideast: Dye &Organic Pigment Demand3662
    Other Africa/Mideast3746
  Market Share3847
  Acquisitions &Divestitures3912
  Cooperative Agreements3932
  Research &Development3952
  Competitive Strategies3972
Company Profiles39991
  Apollo Colors Incorporated4001
  Archroma Management LLC4013
  Atul Limited4042
  BASF SE4067
  CHT R. Beitlich GmbH4132
  Clariant International Limited4158
  Dainichiseika Color &Chemicals Manufacturing Company Limited4233
  DIC Corporation4264
  Dow Chemical Company4302
  DyStar Global Holding Singapore Private Limited4324
  Eksoy Chemical Industries Limited4362
  Emerald Performance Materials LLC4382
  Everlight Chemical Industrial Corporation4401
  Flint Group4412
  Hangzhou Dikai Chemical Company Limited4431
  Heubach GmbH4442
  Huntsman Corporation4463
  Jihua Group4492
  Kyung-In Synthetic Corporation4513
  Lamberti SpA4542
  Nagase &Company Limited4592
  Nippon Kayaku Company Limited4612
  Pigmentos y xidos SA de CV4632
  RPM International Incorporated4653
  Saraf Group4681
  Sensient Technologies Corporation4695
  Shanghai Road Dyestuffs &Chemicals Company Limited4741
  Sudarshan Chemical Industries Limited4752
  Sumitomo Chemical Company Limited4772
  Synthesia as4792
  Taizhou Qianjin Chemical Company Limited4811
  Toyo Ink SC Holdings Company Limited4823
  Yorkshire Group4852
  Zhejiang Longsheng Group Company Limited4873

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