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World Drywall & Building Plaster

World Drywall & Building Plaster - Freedonia Market Research
World Drywall & Building Plaster
Published Jul 29, 2014
448 pages — Published Jul 29, 2014
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Global demand for drywall is forecast to rise 5.8 percent per year through 2018 to 10.4 billion square meters. Nearly three-fourths of new demand will be generated in China and the US. The nonresidential building market for drywall will outpace the housing segment. Building plaster will grow 4.5 percent annually to 35.4 million metric tons.This study analyzes the world drywall and building plaster industry. It presents historical demand data for 2003, 2008 and 2013, and forecasts for 2018 and 2023 by product (drywall, building plaster), market (residential, nonresidential), world region and for 20 major countries.The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles 29 industry participants, including Saint-Gobain, Knauf Gips and USG.

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
  World Economic Overview131
    Recent Historical Trends142
    World Economic Outlook164
  World Demographic Overview203
  World Building Construction Outlook232
    Residential Building Outlook253
    Nonresidential Building Outlook282
  World Gypsum Mine Production306
  Environmental Considerations381
    Gypsum Mining &Manufacturing Operations393
    Waste Gypsum Disposal &Recycling424
    Synthetic Gypsum463
    Drywall Demand by Region &Market589
    Drywall Production by Region673
    International Trade Flows in Drywall702
  Building Plaster722
    Building Plaster Demand by Region &Market745
    Building Plaster Production by Region792
    International Trade Flows in Building Plaster812
  North America: General842
  North America: Drywall Supply &Demand862
  North America: Drywall Suppliers &Market Share884
  North America: Building Plaster Supply &Demand922
  United States941
    United States: General952
    United States: Drywall Supply &Demand972
    United States: Building Plaster Supply &Demand992
    Canada: General1022
    Canada: Drywall Supply &Demand1042
    Canada: Building Plaster Supply &Demand1062
    Mexico: General1092
    Mexico: Drywall Supply &Demand1112
    Mexico: Building Plaster Supply &Demand1132
  Western Europe: General1163
  Western Europe: Drywall Supply &Demand1192
  Western Europe: Drywall Suppliers &Market Share1214
  Western Europe: Building Plaster Supply &Demand1252
    Germany: General1282
    Germany: Drywall Supply &Demand1302
    Germany: Building Plaster Supply &Demand1322
  United Kingdom1341
    United Kingdom: General1352
    United Kingdom: Drywall Supply &Demand1372
    United Kingdom: Building Plaster Supply &Demand1392
    France: General1422
    France: Drywall Supply &Demand1442
    France: Building Plaster Supply &Demand1462
    Italy: General1492
    Italy: Drywall Supply &Demand1512
    Italy: Building Plaster Supply &Demand1532
    Spain: General1562
    Spain: Drywall Supply &Demand1582
    Spain: Building Plaster Supply &Demand1602
  Other Western Europe1621
    Other Western Europe: General1632
    Other Western Europe: Drywall Supply &Demand1655
    Other Western Europe: Building Plaster Supply &Demand1702
  Asia/Pacific: General1733
  Asia/Pacific: Drywall Supply &Demand1762
  Asia/Pacific: Drywall Suppliers &Market Share1784
  Asia/Pacific: Building Plaster Supply &Demand1822
    China: General1853
    China: Drywall Supply &Demand1883
    China: Building Plaster Supply &Demand1912
    Japan: General1942
    Japan: Drywall Supply &Demand1962
    Japan: Building Plaster Supply &Demand1982
  South Korea2001
    South Korea: General2012
    South Korea: Drywall Supply &Demand2032
    South Korea: Building Plaster Supply &Demand2052
    Australia: General2082
    Australia: Drywall Supply &Demand2102
    Australia: Building Plaster Supply &Demand2122
    India: General2153
    India: Drywall Supply &Demand2182
    India: Building Plaster Supply &Demand2202
    Thailand: General2232
    Thailand: Drywall Supply &Demand2252
    Thailand: Building Plaster Supply &Demand2272
  Other Asia/Pacific2291
    Other Asia/Pacific: General2302
    Other Asia/Pacific: Drywall Supply &Demand2325
    Other Asia/Pacific: Building Plaster Supply &Demand2372
  Central &South America2401
    Central &South America: General2413
    Central &South America: Drywall Supply &Demand2442
    Central &South America: Building Plaster Supply &Demand2462
    Other Central &South America2557
  Eastern Europe2621
    Eastern Europe: General2632
    Eastern Europe: Drywall Supply &Demand2652
    Eastern Europe: Building Plaster Supply &Demand2672
    Other Eastern Europe2827
    Africa/Mideast: General2903
    Africa/Mideast: Drywall Supply &Demand2932
    Africa/Mideast: Building Plaster Supply &Demand2952
    Saudi Arabia3037
    Other Africa/Mideast3168
  Industry Composition3263
  Market Leaders3291
    Market Leaders by Value3304
    Knauf Gips3351
    Beijing New Building Materials3371
    Etex Group3381
    Other Market Leaders3391
    Drywall Market Leaders3404
  Vertical &Horizontal Integration3443
  Cooperative Agreements3534
  Mergers &Acquisitions3572
Company Profiles35990
  Armstrong World Industries Incorporated3604
  Beijing New Building Materials plc3642
  BGC Australia Proprietary Limited3663
  Boral Limited3696
  Caraustar Industries Incorporated3751
  Chiyoda-Ute Company Limited3762
  Continental Building Products Incorporated3783
  CSR Limited3814
  Eagle Materials Incorporated3854
  Etex Group SA3894
  Fletcher Building Limited3933
  Gypsemna Company LLC3962
  International Paper Company3981
  KCC Corporation3991
  Knauf Gips KG4007
  Koch Industries Incorporated4074
  Kuwait Gypsum Manufacturing &Trading Company4112
  Lafarge SA4133
  National Gypsum Company4163
  Pacific Coast Building Products Incorporated4193
  Panel Rey SA4222
  Shandong Pingyi Zhongxing Plasterboard Company Limited4321
  Shandong Taihe Dongxin Company Limited4331
  Trevo Industrial de Gesso Limitada4341
  Uralita SA4352
  USG Corporation4378
  Volma Corporation4452
  Yoshino Gypsum Company Limited4472

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