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World Diesel Engines

World Diesel Engines - Freedonia Market Research
World Diesel Engines
Published Apr 28, 2014
601 pages — Published Apr 28, 2014
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Global diesel engine sales are forecast to rise 7.7 percent per year through 2017 to $248.5 billion. The Asia/Pacific region will remain the dominant and fastest-growing geographic market. Motor vehicles will remain the dominant end-use market, but will be outpaced by the off-highway and other mobile equipment segment.This study analyzes the $171.5 billion world diesel engine industry. It presents historical demand data for 2003, 2008 and 2013, and forecasts for 2017 and 2022 by market (e.g., light vehicles, medium and heavy vehicles, off-highway and mobile equipment, stationary equipment), product (engines, parts), world region, and for 29 countries.The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles 37 industry players, including Volkswagen, Caterpillar and Cummins.

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
  World Economic Outlook131
    Recent Historical Trends143
    World Economic Outlook174
    World Fixed Investment Outlook212
  World Demographic Outlook232
  World Motor Vehicle Production Outlook258
  World Construction Machinery Outlook333
  World Mining Equipment Outlook362
  World Agricultural Equipment Outlook383
  World Electric Power Generation Outlook412
  Competing &Related Technologies431
    Light Vehicles443
    Medium &Heavy Vehicles472
  Diesel Engine Pricing Trends496
  Technological Trends553
  Environmental Regulations582
    United States603
    European Union632
  Emissions Control672
    Combustion Chamber Modifications691
    Fuel Systems703
    Turbochargers &Aftercoolers732
    Aftertreatment Emissions Control Technologies754
    Fuel Technology793
    Alternative Fuels Engine Technologies823
  Regional Overview881
    International Trade1023
  Demand by Market1054
    Motor Vehicles10910
    Off-Highway &Other Mobile Equipment1194
    Stationary Equipment1233
  Demand by Product1261
  North America: General1332
  North America: Diesel Engine Supply &Demand1356
  North America: Diesel Engine Outlook1412
  United States1431
    United States: General1442
    United States: Diesel Engine Supply &Demand1464
    United States: Diesel Engine Outlook1502
    Canada: General1532
    Canada: Diesel Engine Supply &Demand1552
    Canada: Diesel Engine Outlook1572
    Mexico: General1602
    Mexico: Diesel Engine Supply &Demand1623
    Mexico: Diesel Engine Outlook1652
  Western Europe: General1682
  Western Europe: Diesel Engine Supply &Demand1706
  Western Europe: Diesel Engine Outlook1762
    Germany: General1792
    Germany: Diesel Engine Supply &Demand1813
    Germany: Diesel Engine Outlook1842
    France: General1872
    France: Diesel Engine Supply &Demand1893
    France: Diesel Engine Outlook1922
    Italy: General1952
    Italy: Diesel Engine Supply &Demand1973
    Italy: Diesel Engine Outlook2002
    Spain: General2032
    Spain: Diesel Engine Supply &Demand2053
    Spain: Diesel Engine Outlook2082
  United Kingdom2101
    United Kingdom: General2112
    United Kingdom: Diesel Engine Supply &Demand2133
    United Kingdom: Diesel Engine Outlook2162
  Other Western Europe2181
    Other Western Europe: General2192
    Other Western Europe: Diesel Engine Supply &Demand2213
    Other Western Europe: Diesel Engine Outlook2242
    Other Western Europe: Diesel Engine Demand by Country2269
  Asia/Pacific: General2362
  Asia/Pacific: Diesel Engine Supply &Demand2386
  Asia/Pacific: Diesel Engine Outlook2442
    China: Diesel Engine Supply &Demand2483
    China: Diesel Engine Outlook2512
    Japan: General2542
    Japan: Diesel Engine Supply &Demand2563
    Japan: Diesel Engine Outlook2592
    India: General2622
    India: Diesel Engine Supply &Demand2643
    India: Diesel Engine Outlook2672
  South Korea2691
    South Korea: General2702
    South Korea: Diesel Engine Supply &Demand2723
    South Korea: Diesel Engine Outlook2752
    Thailand: General2782
    Thailand: Diesel Engine Supply &Demand2803
    Thailand: Diesel Engine Outlook2832
    Indonesia: General2862
    Indonesia: Diesel Engine Supply &Demand2882
    Indonesia: Diesel Engine Outlook2902
  Other Asia/Pacific2921
    Other Asia/Pacific: General2932
    Other Asia/Pacific: Diesel Engine Supply &Demand2953
    Other Asia/Pacific: Diesel Engine Outlook2982
    Other Asia/Pacific: Diesel Engine Demand by Country3004
  Central &South America3051
    Central &South America: General3062
    Central &South America: Diesel Engine Supply &Demand3086
    Central &South America: Diesel Engine Outlook3142
    Other Central &South America3275
  Eastern Europe3321
    Eastern Europe: General3332
    Eastern Europe: Diesel Engine Supply &Demand3356
    Eastern Europe: Diesel Engine Outlook3412
    Czech Republic3535
    Other Eastern Europe3635
    Africa/Mideast: General3692
    Africa/Mideast: Diesel Engine Supply &Demand3716
    Africa/Mideast: Diesel Engine Outlook3772
    Other Africa/Mideast38412
  Industry Composition4005
  Market Share40510
  Product Development &Manufacturing4153
  Marketing &Distribution4182
  Competitive Strategies42014
  Mergers &Acquisitions4344
Company Profiles438164
  Bayerische Motoren Werke AG4392
  Bosch (Robert) GmbH4414
  Caterpillar Incorporated4456
  China Yuchai International Limited4514
  CNH Industrial NV4554
  Continental AG4593
  Cummins Incorporated46213
  Daimler AG4755
  Deere &Company4803
  Delphi Automotive plc4833
  DENSO Corporation4862
  DEUTZ AG4884
  Doosan Infracore Company Limited4922
  Fiat SpA4945
  Ford Motor Company4993
  General Motors Company5024
  Hyundai Heavy Industries Company Limited5063
  Isuzu Motors Limited5095
  Kohler Company5145
  Komatsu Limited5193
  Kubota Corporation5223
  Liebherr-International AG5252
  Mahindra &Mahindra Limited5272
  Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Limited5295
  Navistar International Corporation5344
  PACCAR Incorporated5382
  Peugeot SA5403
  Renault SA5433
  Rolls-Royce Holdings plc5465
  Shanghai Diesel Engine Company Limited5512
  Stanadyne Corporation5532
  Toyota Motor Corporation5556
  Volkswagen AG5617
  Volvo AB5685
  W rtsil Oyj5735
  Weichai Power Company Limited5782
  Yanmar Company Limited5804
  Other Companies Mentioned in Study58418

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