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World Cups & Lids

World Cups & Lids - Freedonia Market Research
World Cups & Lids
Published Jul 16, 2015
484 pages — Published Jul 16, 2015
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Global cup and lid demand will rise 5.2 percent annually to $30.2 billion in 2019. The important foodservice market will see faster-than-average growth as Western-style fast food restaurants and coffee shops become more prevalent. Central and South America and the Asia/Pacific region will be the fastest growing markets.This study analyzes the $23.4 billion world cup and lid industry. It presents historical demand data (2004, 2009 and 2014) and forecasts (2019 and 2024) by product (drinking cups, other cups, lids) and market (e.g., food and beverage packaging, foodservice, retail) for six world regions and 18 major countries.The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles 43 industry competitors, including Dart Container, Reynolds Group, and Georgia-Pacific.

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
  World Economic Overview141
    Recent Historical Trends152
    World Economic Outlook173
  World Demographic Outlook201
    World Population212
    World Urbanization Patterns232
  World Per Capita Gross Domestic Product252
  World Personal Consumption &Expenditure Trends274
  World Foodservice Industry Outlook314
  World Food &Beverage Manufacturing Outlook353
  World Packaging Outlook384
  Pricing Trends424
  Environmental &Regulatory Overview465
  Regional Overview526
  Product Overview582
  Material Overview752
    Foil &Other841
  Market Overview855
    Food &Beverage Packaging904
    Retail &Other Markets1064
  World Trade Overview1102
  North America: General1132
    North America: Cup &Lid Demand1152
    North America: Cup &Lid Markets1175
  United States1221
    United States: General1232
    United States: Cup &Lid Demand1253
    United States: Cup &Lid Markets1283
    United States: Cup &Lid Suppliers1311
    Canada: General1332
    Canada: Cup &Lid Demand1352
    Canada: Cup &Lid Markets1372
    Canada: Cup &Lid Suppliers1391
    Mexico: General1412
    Mexico: Cup &Lid Demand1432
    Mexico: Cup &Lid Markets1452
    Mexico: Cup &Lid Suppliers1471
  Western Europe: General1492
    Western Europe: Cup &Lid Demand1512
    Western Europe: Cup &Lid Markets1535
    France: General1592
    France: Cup &Lid Demand1612
    France: Cup &Lid Markets1632
    France: Cup &Lid Suppliers1651
    Germany: General1672
    Germany: Cup &Lid Demand1692
    Germany: Cup &Lid Markets1712
    Germany: Cup &Lid Suppliers1731
    Italy: General1753
    Italy: Cup &Lid Demand1782
    Italy: Cup &Lid Markets1803
    Italy: Cup &Lid Suppliers1831
    Netherlands: General1852
    Netherlands: Cup &Lid Demand1872
    Netherlands: Cup &Lid Markets1892
    Netherlands: Cup &Lid Suppliers1911
    Spain: General1932
    Spain: Cup &Lid Demand1952
    Spain: Cup &Lid Markets1972
    Spain: Cup &Lid Suppliers1991
  United Kingdom2001
    United Kingdom: General2012
    United Kingdom: Cup &Lid Demand2032
    United Kingdom: Cup &Lid Markets2052
    United Kingdom: Cup &Lid Suppliers2071
  Other Western Europe2081
    Other Western Europe: General2092
    Other Western Europe: Cup &Lid Demand2112
    Other Western Europe: Cup &Lid Markets2132
    Other Western Europe: Cup &Lid Suppliers2152
  Asia/Pacific: General2182
    Asia/Pacific: Cup &Lid Demand2202
    Asia/Pacific: Cup &Lid Markets2225
    Australia: General2282
    Australia: Cup &Lid Demand2302
    Australia: Cup &Lid Markets2322
    Australia: Cup &Lid Suppliers2341
    China: General2362
    China: Cup &Lid Demand2383
    China: Cup &Lid Markets2412
    China: Cup &Lid Suppliers2431
    India: General2452
    India: Cup &Lid Demand2472
    India: Cup &Lid Markets2493
    India: Cup &Lid Suppliers2521
    Indonesia: General2542
    Indonesia: Cup &Lid Demand2562
    Indonesia: Cup &Lid Markets2582
    Indonesia: Cup &Lid Suppliers2601
    Japan: General2622
    Japan: Cup &Lid Demand2642
    Japan: Cup &Lid Markets2662
    Japan: Cup &Lid Suppliers2681
  South Korea2691
    South Korea: General2702
    South Korea: Cup &Lid Demand2722
    South Korea: Cup &Lid Markets2742
    South Korea: Cup &Lid Suppliers2761
    Taiwan: General2782
    Taiwan: Cup &Lid Demand2802
    Taiwan: Cup &Lid Markets2822
    Taiwan: Cup &Lid Suppliers2841
  Other Asia/Pacific2851
    Other Asia/Pacific: General2862
    Other Asia/Pacific: Cup &Lid Demand2882
    Other Asia/Pacific: Cup &Lid Markets2902
    Other Asia/Pacific: Cup &Lid Suppliers2921
  Central &South America2941
    Central &South America: General2952
    Central &South America: Cup &Lid Demand2972
    Central &South America: Cup &Lid Markets2992
    Other Central &South America3086
  Eastern Europe3141
    Eastern Europe: General3152
    Eastern Europe: Cup &Lid Demand3172
    Eastern Europe: Cup &Lid Markets3192
    Other Eastern Europe3266
    Africa/Mideast: General3332
    Africa/Mideast: Cup &Lid Demand3352
    Africa/Mideast: Cup &Lid Markets3373
    Africa/Mideast: Cup &Lid Suppliers3401
  Market Share3478
  Industry Restructuring3552
  Competitive Strategies3573
  Research &Development3604
  Marketing &Distribution3673
Company Profiles370115
  Altacoppo Ind stria e Com rcio de Produtos Descart veis Limitada3711
  Bawoo Print &Paper Cups Company Limited3722
  Bemis Company Incorporated3743
  Bender (F.) Limited3772
  Berry Plastics Group Incorporated3794
  Canguru S/A3831
  Carvajal Empaques SA3843
  Chengdu Anbao Paper Group Company Limited3871
  Clondalkin Group Holdings BV3883
  Constantia Flexibles Group GmbH3912
  Coveris Holdings SA3932
  Dart Container Corporation3958
  Detmold Group4032
  Fabri-Kal Corporation4053
  Grupo Phoenix4082
  Hong Kong Cup Products Manufactory Limited4101
  Huhtamaki Oyj4115
  Hyunjin Company Limited4161
  International Paper Company4173
  ITC Limited4201
  Jesam Company Limited4211
  Koch Industries Incorporated4223
  Letica Corporation4252
  Mir Upakovki CJSC4271
  New WinCup Holdings Incorporated4282
  Pattison (Jim) Group4302
  Plastipak Industries Incorporated4321
  Pola Paperindo Jayatama PT4331
  PolyOne Corporation4342
  Polytainers Incorporated4362
  Printpack Incorporated4382
  Reynolds Group Holdings Limited4403
  RPC Group plc4433
  Samryoong Company Limited4461
  Seda International Packaging Group SpA4472
  Silgan Holdings Incorporated4492
  Sonoco Products Company4511
  Stora Enso Oyj4522
  Toray Industries Incorporated4542
  Toyo Seikan Group Holdings Limited4562
  Waddington Group Incorporated4584
  Wentworth Technologies Company Limited4621
  Wihuri Oy4633
  Additional Companies Mentioned in the Study46619

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