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World Countertops

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World Countertops
Published Feb 28, 2015
546 pages — Published Feb 28, 2015
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Global demand for countertops is forecast to rise 4.2 percent per year to 503 million square meters in 2018. The Asia/Pacific region will remain the largest and fastest growing market. While the nonresidential market will post faster gains, the much larger residential segment will provide the most growth in demand.This study analyzes the 409 million square meter world countertop industry. It presents historical demand data (2003, 2008 and 2013) and forecasts (2018 and 2023) by material (e.g., laminates, natural stone, solid surface, engineered stone), market (residential, nonresidential), type (e.g., kitchen, bathroom), world region, and for 18 countries.The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market share, and profiles 36 industry participants, including Fletcher Building, Wilsonart International, and Panolam.

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
  World Demographic Overview131
    Urban Population163
  World Economic Overview211
    Recent Historical Trends222
    World Economic Outlook244
  World Fixed Investment282
  Per Capita GDP302
  Personal ConsumptionTrends323
  World Building Construction Outlook352
    Residential Buildings379
    Nonresidential Buildings462
  Environmental &Regulatory Issues485
    Natural Stone7311
    Solid Surface846
    Engineered Stone907
    Other Materials976
    Other Types1325
  North America: General1384
  North America: Demand by Material, Market, &Type1429
  United States1511
    United States: General1523
    United States: Demand by Market &Type1553
    United States: Demand by Material1583
    Canada: General1624
    Canada: Demand by Market &Type1663
    Canada: Demand by Material1693
    Mexico: General1734
    Mexico: Demand by Market &Type1773
    Mexico: Demand by Material1802
  Western Europe: General1834
  Western Europe: Demand by Material, Market, &Type1879
    France: General1973
    France: Demand by Market &Type2004
    France: Demand by Material2043
    Germany: General2084
    Germany: Demand by Market &Type2124
    Germany: Demand by Material2162
    Italy: General2194
    Italy: Demand by Market &Type2233
    Italy: Demand by Material2262
    Netherlands: General2293
    Netherlands: Demand by Market &Type2323
    Netherlands: Demand by Material2352
    Spain: General2384
    Spain: Demand by Market &Type2423
    Spain: Demand by Material2453
  United Kingdom2481
    United Kingdom: General2494
    United Kingdom: Demand by Market &Type2533
    United Kingdom: Demand by Material2562
  Other Western Europe2581
    Other Western Europe: General2593
    Other Western Europe: Demand by Market &Type2623
    Other Western Europe: Demand by Material2652
  Asia/Pacific: General2684
  Asia/Pacific: Demand by Material, Market, &Type27210
    Australia: General2834
    Australia: Demand by Market &Type2874
    Australia: Demand by Material2912
    China: General2944
    China: Demand by Market &Type2984
    China: Demand by Material3023
    India: General3064
    India: Demand by Market &Type3103
    India: Demand by Material3133
    Japan: General3174
    Japan: Demand by Market &Type3213
    Japan: Demand by Material3242
  South Korea3261
    South Korea: General3274
    South Korea: Demand by Market &Type3313
    South Korea: Demand by Material3342
    Thailand: General3373
    Thailand: Demand by Market &Type3403
    Thailand: Demand by Material3432
  Other Asia/Pacific3451
    Other Asia/Pacific: General3463
    Other Asia/Pacific: Demand by Market &Type3493
    Other Asia/Pacific: Demand by Material3523
  Central &South America3561
    Central &South America: General3574
    Central &South America: Demand by Material, Market, &Type3616
    Other Central &South America37610
  Eastern Europe3861
    Eastern Europe: General3874
    Eastern Europe: Demand by Material, Market, &Type3916
    Other Eastern Europe4069
    Africa/Mideast: General4164
    Africa/Mideast: Demand by Material, Market, &Type4207
    Other Africa/Mideast4369
  Market Share4506
  Competitive Strategies4563
  Research &Development4591
  Marketing &Distribution4623
  Mergers &Acquisitions4652
  Cooperative Agreements4675
Company Profiles47275
  Abet Laminati SpA4732
  Aristech Surfaces LLC4752
  Armas Company Limited4771
  Breton SpA4782
  Broadview Holding BV4802
  Caesarstone Sdot-Yam Limited4823
  Cosentino SA4854
  DuPont (EI) de Nemours4893
  Fletcher Building Limited4924
  Granito Zucchi Limitada4971
  Groupe Pierredeplan4982
  Guangzhou Gelandi Polymer Material Company Limited5001
  Hanwha Group5011
  Hanwha Living &Creative Corporation5023
  Huapeng Meyate Decoration Material Company Limited5051
  Krono Holding AG5062
  Kuraray Company Limited5082
  Levantina y Asociados de Minerales SAU5102
  LG Hausys Limited5122
  Masisa SA5142
  Mohawk Industries Incorporated5163
  Opal Industrial Company Limited5191
  Panolam Industries International Incorporated5202
  Pfleiderer GmbH5222
  Pokarna Limited5242
  Quarella SpA5261
  Rosskopf &Partner AG5272
  Samsung SDI Company Limited5292
  Vietnam Construction and Import-Export Joint Stock Corporation5312
  WANFENG Compound Stone Technology Company Limited5332
  Westag &Getalit AG5352
  Wilsonart International Holdings LLC5374
  WK Marble &Granite Proprietary Limited5412
  Yoshimoto Trading Company Limited5431
  Zhongxun New Material Company Limited5442
  Additional Companies Mentioned in the Study5461

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