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World Corrugated Boxes

World Corrugated Boxes - Freedonia Market Research
World Corrugated Boxes
Published Nov 19, 2015
654 pages — Published Nov 19, 2015
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World demand for corrugated boxes is expected to increase 3.7 percent annually through 2019, to 260 billion square meters. Gains will be driven by strong growth in e-commerce and a sustainability advantage over plastic containers. The Asia/Pacific region will account for the largest share of net growth.This study analyzes the 217 billion square meter world corrugated box industry. It presents historical demand data (2004, 2009 and 2014) and forecasts (2019 and 2024) by raw material (e.g., containerboard) and market for six world regions and 27 major countries.The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market share, and profiles 30 industry players, including International Paper, Smurfit Kappa, and WestRock.

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
  World Economic Overview131
    Recent Historical Trends142
    World Economic Outlook163
  World Demographic Outlook192
  World Personal Consumption Expenditures214
  World Manufacturing Overview253
  World Paper &Paperboard Outlook284
  World Food &Beverage Manufacturing324
  Competitive Technologies363
  Environmental &Regulatory Issues393
  Pricing Trends422
    Demand by Region476
    Demand by Grade535
    Recycled Board &Medium582
    Kraft Linerboard602
    Semichemical Medium Board621
    International Containerboard Production632
    International Containerboard Trade652
  Other Materials671
  Regional Overview731
    International Trade832
    Food &Beverages892
    Nonfood Nondurable Goods912
    Other Markets932
  North America: General962
  North America: Corrugated Box Trends984
  North America: Containerboard Trends1022
  United States1041
    United States: Economic Overview1052
    United States: Corrugated Box Trends1076
    United States: Containerboard Trends1134
    United States: Producers1172
    Canada: Economic Overview1202
    Canada: Corrugated Box Trends1225
    Canada: Containerboard Trends1273
    Canada: Producers1301
    Mexico: Economic Overview1322
    Mexico: Corrugated Box Trends1345
    Mexico: Containerboard Trends1394
    Mexico: Producers1431
  Western Europe: General1452
  Western Europe: Corrugated Box Trends1475
  Western Europe: Containerboard Trends1522
    Belgium: Economic Overview1552
    Belgium: Corrugated Box Trends1575
    Belgium: Containerboard Trends1624
    Belgium: Producers1661
    France: Economic Overview1682
    France: Corrugated Box Trends1705
    France: Containerboard Trends1753
    France: Producers1782
    Germany: Economic Overview1812
    Germany: Corrugated Box Trends1835
    Germany: Containerboard Trends1884
    Germany: Producers1922
    Italy: Economic Overview1952
    Italy: Corrugated Box Trends1975
    Italy: Containerboard Trends2024
    Italy: Producers2061
    Netherlands: Economic Overview2082
    Netherlands: Corrugated Box Trends2105
    Netherlands: Containerboard Trends2153
    Netherlands: Producers2181
    Spain: Economic Overview2202
    Spain: Corrugated Box Trends2225
    Spain: Containerboard Trends2273
    Spain: Producers2302
  United Kingdom2321
    United Kingdom: Economic Overview2332
    United Kingdom: Corrugated Box Trends2355
    United Kingdom: Containerboard Trends2404
    United Kingdom: Producers2452
  Other Western Europe2471
    Other Western Europe: Economic Overview2482
    Other Western Europe: Corrugated Box Trends2502
    Other Western Europe: Containerboard Trends2524
    Other Western Europe: Producers2561
  Asia/Pacific: General2582
  Asia/Pacific: Corrugated Box Trends2604
  Asia/Pacific: Containerboard Trends2642
    Australia: Economic Overview2672
    Australia: Corrugated Box Trends2695
    /Australia: Containerboard Trends2744
    Australia: Producers2781
    China: Economic Overview2802
    China: Corrugated Box Trends2826
    China: Containerboard Trends2884
    China: Producers2921
    India: Economic Overview2942
    India: Corrugated Box Trends2965
    India: Containerboard Trends3014
    India: Producers3051
    Indonesia: Economic Overview3072
    Indonesia: Corrugated Box Trends3095
    Indonesia: Containerboard Trends3144
    Indonesia: Producers3181
    Japan: Economic Overview3202
    Japan: Corrugated Box Trends3225
    Japan: Containerboard Trends3273
    Japan: Producers3301
    Malaysia: Economic Overview3322
    Malaysia: Corrugated Box Trends3345
    Malaysia: Containerboard Trends3394
    Malaysia: Producers3431
    Philippines: Economic Overview3452
    Philippines: Corrugated Box Trends3475
    Philippines: Containerboard Trends3524
    Philippines: Producers3561
  South Korea3571
    South Korea: Economic Overview3582
    South Korea: Corrugated Box Trends3605
    South Korea: Containerboard Trends3654
    South Korea: Producers3691
    Taiwan: Economic Overview3712
    Taiwan: Corrugated Box Trends3735
    Taiwan: Containerboard Trends3784
    Taiwan: Producers3821
    Thailand: Economic Overview3842
    Thailand: Corrugated Box Trends3865
    Thailand: Containerboard Trends3913
    Thailand: Producers3941
    Vietnam: Economic Overview3962
    Vietnam: Corrugated Box Trends3985
    Vietnam: Containerboard Trends4033
    Vietnam: Producers4062
  Other Asia/Pacific4081
    Other Asia/Pacific: Economic Overview4092
    Other Asia/Pacific: Corrugated Box Trends4112
    Other Asia/Pacific: Containerboard Trends4134
    Other Asia/Pacific: Producers4172
  Central &South America4201
    Central &South America: General4212
    Central &South America: Corrugated Box Trends4235
    Central &South America: Containerboard Trends4282
    Other Central &South America4517
  Eastern Europe4581
    Eastern Europe: General4592
    Eastern Europe: Corrugated Box Trends4614
    Eastern Europe: Containerboard Trends4652
    Other Eastern Europe4887
    Africa/Mideast: General4962
    Africa/Mideast: Corrugated Box Trends4984
    Africa/Mideast: Containerboard Trends5022
    South Africa50410
    Other Africa/Mideast5247
  Corrugated Box Market Share5347
  Containerboard Market Share5415
  Industry Restructuring5465
  Cooperative Agreements5514
  Marketing &Distribution5573
Company Profiles56095
  Alliabox International SL5614
  Bio-PAPPEL SAB de CV5652
  Carter Holt Harvey Limited5671
  Cascades Incorporated5684
  DS Smith plc5725
  Emin Leydier SA5772
  Europac Group5792
  International Paper Company5813
  KapStone Paper and Packaging Corporation5844
  Klabin SA5882
  Koch Industries Incorporated5903
  Lee &Man Paper Manufacturing Limited5932
  Mets Group5952
  Mondi Group5972
  Nampak Limited5992
  Nine Dragons Paper Holdings Limited6022
  Oji Holdings Corporation6045
  Orora Limited6093
  Packaging Corporation of America6123
  Rengo Company Limited6155
  SA Industrias Celulosa Aragonesa CIF6222
  San Miguel Corporation6242
  Smurfit Kappa Group plc6263
  Sonoco Products Company6293
  Stora Enso Oyj6324
  THIMM Group6363
  Visy Proprietary Limited6394
  WestRock Company6435
  Other Companies Mentioned in the Study6487

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