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World Consumer Water Treatment Systems

World Consumer Water Treatment Systems - Freedonia Market Research
World Consumer Water Treatment Systems
Published Jan 31, 2014
498 pages — Published Jan 31, 2014
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World demand for consumer water treatment systems will jump 12.4% annually, led by the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) and other countries with poor public treatment infrastructure. Gains will be driven by rising incomes and increasing awareness of water contamination.This study analyzes the $7.5 billion world consumer water treatment system industry. It presents historical demand data with forecasts for 2017 and 2022 by type (point-of-entry, point-of-use), aftermarket component, technology (e.g., conventional filtration, membrane separation), world region, and for 21 countries.The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles 39 industry participants, including Alticor, BRITA GmbH and Clorox.

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
  World Economic Outlook131
    Recent Historical Trends143
    Macroeconomic Outlook174
  World Demographic Outlook211
    Urbanization Patterns262
  World Water Use283
  World Residential Building Construction Activity312
    New Housing Units333
    Housing Stock363
  Pricing Overview392
  Environmental &Regulatory Issues412
    Water Pollution432
    Waterborne Diseases492
  Aftermarket Components776
    Conventional Filtration888
    Membrane Separation968
  North America: General1103
  North America: Consumer Water Treatment System Demand1136
  United States1191
    United States: General1203
    United States: Demand by Type1233
    United States: Demand by Technology1263
    United States: Suppliers1291
    Canada: General1312
    Canada: Demand by Type1333
    Canada: Demand by Technology1362
    Canada: Suppliers1381
    Mexico: General1403
    Mexico: Demand by Type1433
    Mexico: Demand by Technology1462
    Mexico: Suppliers1481
  Western Europe: General1503
  Western Europe: Consumer Water Treatment System Demand1536
    France: General1602
    France: Demand by Type1623
    France: Demand by Technology1652
    France: Suppliers1671
    Germany: General1693
    Germany: Demand by Type1723
    Germany: Demand by Technology1752
    Germany: Suppliers1771
    Italy: General1793
    Italy: Demand by Type1823
    Italy: Demand by Technology1852
    Italy: Suppliers1871
    Netherlands: General1892
    Netherlands: Demand by Type1913
    Netherlands: Demand by Technology1942
    Netherlands: Suppliers1961
    Spain: General1982
    Spain: Demand by Type2003
    Spain: Demand by Technology2032
    Spain: Suppliers2051
  United Kingdom2061
    United Kingdom: General2072
    United Kingdom: Demand by Type2093
    United Kingdom: Demand by Technology2122
    United Kingdom: Suppliers2141
  Other Western Europe2151
    Other Western Europe: General2162
    Other Western Europe: Demand by Type2183
    Other Western Europe: Demand by Technology2212
    Other Western Europe: Suppliers2232
  Asia/Pacific: General2263
  Asia/Pacific: Consumer Water Treatment System Demand2296
    Australia: General2362
    Australia: Demand by Type2383
    Australia: Demand by Technology2412
    Australia: Suppliers2431
    China: General2453
    China: Demand by Type2484
    China: Demand by Technology2522
    China: Suppliers2542
    India: General2573
    India: Demand by Type2603
    India: Demand by Technology2632
    India: Suppliers2652
    Japan: General2683
    Japan: Demand by Type2714
    Japan: Demand by Technology2752
    Japan: Suppliers2771
  South Korea2781
    South Korea: General2793
    South Korea: Demand by Type2823
    South Korea: Demand by Technology2852
    South Korea: Suppliers2872
  Other Asia/Pacific2891
    Other Asia/Pacific: General2903
    Other Asia/Pacific: Demand by Type2933
    Other Asia/Pacific: Demand by Technology2962
    Other Asia/Pacific: Suppliers2981
  Central &South America3001
    Central &South America: General3013
    Central &South America: Consumer Water Treatment System Demand3043
    Other Central &South America3166
  Eastern Europe3221
    Eastern Europe: General3233
    Eastern Europe: Consumer Water Treatment System Demand3266
    Other Eastern Europe3466
    Africa/Mideast: General3533
    Africa/Mideast: Consumer Water Treatment System Demand3566
    South Africa3628
    Other Africa/Mideast3779
  Industry Composition3884
  Market Share3928
  Competitive Strategies4003
  Research &Development4032
  Mergers &Acquisitions4113
  Cooperative Agreements4144
Company Profiles41881
  Alticor Incorporated4192
  Aquaphor Corporation4212
  BRITA GmbH4232
  ChungHo Nais Company Limited4252
  Clorox Company4272
  Coway Company Limited4292
  Culligan International Company4312
  Danaher Corporation4332
  Deng Yuan Industrial Company Limited4352
  Europa Group4371
  Forbes &Company Limited4382
  Fresh Water Group Limited4401
  FreshWater Filter Company Limited4412
  General Electric Company4433
  Geyser Company4462
  Helen of Troy Limited4483
  Hoken International Company Limitada4511
  HYUNDAI Wacortec Company Limited4522
  Kent RO Systems Limited4542
  Laica SpA4561
  LG Electronics Incorporated4571
  Lorenzetti S.A. Ind strias Brasileiras Eletrometal rgicas4581
  METTEM-Technologies CJSC4592
  Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation4612
  Ningbo Qinyuan Group Company Limited4632
  Novaya Voda4652
  Panasonic Corporation4672
  Pentair Limited4695
  Royal Philips NV4743
  Smith (AO) Corporation4772
  Strauss Group Limited4792
  Sure Aqua Corporation Proprietary Limited4811
  SURE International LLC4821
  3M Company4834
  Toray Industries Incorporated4872
  Ulfer Purificadores de gua4891
  Unilever Group4902
  Vestergaard Frandsen SA4922
  Waterlogic plc4943
  Additional Companies4972

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