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World Cement & Concrete Additives

World Cement & Concrete Additives - Freedonia Market Research
World Cement & Concrete Additives
Published Mar 25, 2014
495 pages — Published Mar 25, 2014
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Global demand for cement and concrete additives will rise 9.3 percent annually to $21.2 billion in 2017. All regions will post strong growth, while the Asia/Pacific region will remain the largest market. Chemical additives will post strong growth based in part on higher loadings and higher value products in developing areas.This study analyzes the $13.6 billion world cement and concrete additive industry. It presents historical demand data for 2002, 2007 and 2012, with forecasts for 2017 and 2022 by type (e.g., water reducers, set controllers, coloring agents, air entrainers, blast furnace slag, gypsum, fly ash, silica fume, fiber additives), market (e.g., buildings, highways and streets), world region, and for 21 countries.The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles 35 industry players including Master Builder Solutions, Sika and Grace Construction Products.

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
  World Economic Overview131
    Recent Historical Trends143
    Macroeconomic Outlook174
  World Demographic Outlook211
    Urban Population242
  World Construction Outlook262
    Building Construction285
    Nonbuilding Construction332
  World Cement Outlook352
    World Cement Demand376
    World Cement Production433
    Cement Substitutes462
  Cement &Concrete Additive Pricing Patterns483
  Environmental &Regulatory Considerations513
  Technological Innovations542
  Demand by Region596
  Demand by Type655
    Chemical Additives7011
    Mineral Additives819
    Fiber Additives903
  Demand by Market935
    Building Markets982
    Highway &Street Markets1003
    Other Markets1032
  Production &Trade Overview1052
  North America: General1082
  North America: Cement Outlook1102
  North America: Cement &Concrete Additive Demand1126
  United States1181
    United States: General1192
    United States: Cement Outlook1212
    United States: Cement &Concrete Additive Demand1232
    United States: Products1252
    United States: Markets1272
    United States: Suppliers1291
    Canada: General1312
    Canada: Cement Outlook1333
    Canada: Cement &Concrete Additive Demand1363
    Mexico: General1402
    Mexico: Cement Outlook1422
    Mexico: Cement &Concrete Additive Demand1443
  Western Europe: General1482
  Western Europe: Cement Outlook1503
  Western Europe: Cement &Concrete Additive Demand1536
    Belgium: General1602
    Belgium: Cement Outlook1622
    Belgium: Cement &Concrete Additive Demand1642
    France: General1672
    France: Cement Outlook1692
    France: Cement &Concrete Additive Demand1712
    Germany: General1742
    Germany: Cement Outlook1763
    Germany: Cement &Concrete Additive Demand1793
    Italy: General1832
    Italy: Cement Outlook1852
    Italy: Cement &Concrete Additive Demand1872
    Netherlands: General1902
    Netherlands: Cement Outlook1922
    Netherlands: Cement &Concrete Additive Demand1942
    Spain: General1972
    Spain: Cement Outlook1993
    Spain: Cement &Concrete Additive Demand2022
  United Kingdom2041
    United Kingdom: General2052
    United Kingdom: Cement Outlook2072
    United Kingdom: Cement &Concrete Additive Demand2093
  Other Western Europe2121
    Other Western Europe: General2132
    Other Western Europe: Cement Outlook2153
    Other Western Europe: Cement &Concrete Additive Demand2183
  Asia/Pacific: General2222
  Asia/Pacific: Cement Outlook2243
  Asia/Pacific: Cement &Concrete Additive Demand2276
    Australia: General2342
    Australia: Cement Outlook2362
    Australia: Cement &Concrete Additive Demand2383
    China: General2422
    China: Cement Outlook2443
    China: Cement &Concrete Additive Demand2474
    China: Suppliers2511
    India: General2532
    India: Cement Outlook2552
    India: Cement &Concrete Additive Demand2573
    Japan: General2612
    Japan: Cement Outlook2632
    Japan: Cement &Concrete Additive Demand2653
  South Korea2681
    South Korea: General2692
    South Korea: Cement Outlook2712
    South Korea: Cement &Concrete Additive Demand2732
    Taiwan: General2762
    Taiwan: Cement Outlook2782
    Taiwan: Cement &Concrete Additive Demand2802
  Other Asia/Pacific2821
    Other Asia/Pacific: General2832
    Other Asia/Pacific: Cement Outlook2852
    Other Asia/Pacific: Cement &Concrete Additive Demand2873
  Central &South America2911
    Central &South America: General2922
    Central &South America: Cement Outlook2942
    Central &South America: Cement &Concrete Additive Demand2962
    Other Central &South America3045
  Eastern Europe3091
    Eastern Europe: General3102
    Eastern Europe: Cement Outlook3122
    Eastern Europe: Cement &Concrete Additive Demand3142
    Other Eastern Europe3275
    Africa/Mideast: General3332
    Africa/Mideast: Cement Outlook3352
    Africa/Mideast: Cement &Concrete Additive Demand3372
    Saudi Arabia3395
    Other Africa/Mideast3496
  Market Share3586
  Industry Restructuring3642
  Cooperative Agreements3664
  Product Development &Manufacturing3702
  Research &Development3722
  Marketing &Distribution3742
Company Profiles376120
  AfriSam South Africa Pty Limited3771
  Ash Resources Pty Limited3782
  BASF SE38010
  Boral Limited3904
  Buzzi Unicem SpA3942
  CEMEX SAB de CV3964
  China National Bluestar Group Company Limited4002
  Denki Kagaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha4023
  Ecocem Materials Limited4052
  Elementis plc4072
  EnGro Corporation Limited4093
  Grace (WR) &Company4126
  Headwaters Incorporated4182
  HeidelbergCement AG4204
  Holcim Limited4245
  Italcementi SpA4292
  JFE Holdings Incorporated4312
  Jiangsu Sobute New Materials Company Limited4332
  JMH Fzco4352
  Kao Corporation4372
  Lafarge SA4394
  Mapei SpA4462
  Materis Holding Luxembourg SA4483
  Nippon Electric Glass Company Limited4512
  Nippon Shokubai Company Limited4532
  Polyplast Corporation4552
  Propex Operating Company LLC4573
  Rockwood Holdings Incorporated4604
  RPM International Incorporated4645
  Ruredil SpA4691
  Sika AG4708
  Titan Cement Company SA4782
  TSG Impex India Pvt Limited4802
  USG Corporation4822
  Other Companies Mentioned in Study48412

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