World Caps & Closures to 2016 - Freedonia Market Research

World Caps & Closures to 2016

World Caps & Closures to 2016 - Freedonia Market Research
World Caps & Closures to 2016
Published Feb 12, 2013
550 pages — Published Feb 12, 2013
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World demand for caps and closures is projected to rise 5.3 percent per year to $46 billion in 2016, led by developing regions. Beverages will remain the dominant market, while opportunities in the food market will benefit from dispensing and other value-added closures such as non-drip flip top pourer caps.This study analyzes the $35.8 billion world cap and closure industry. It presents historical demand data for the years 2001, 2006 and 2011, and forecasts for 2016 and 2021 by material (plastic, metal, rubber and cork), market (e.g., beverages, food, pharmaceuticals), world region and for 18 major countries.The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market share and profiles 40 industry participants such as AptarGroup, Reynolds Group, and Berry Plastics.

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
  World Economic Overview141
    Recent Historical Trends152
    Macroeconomic Outlook175
  World Demographic Outlook221
    Urbanization Patterns252
  World Per Capita Gross Domestic Product272
  World Personal Consumption &Expenditure Trends292
  World Consumer Nondurables Trends311
  World Rigid Packaging Outlook444
  Environmental &Regulatory Overview484
  Regional Overview538
  Per Capita Consumption Trends612
  Material Overview636
    Rubber &Cork766
  Market Overview825
    Other Markets1074
  Production Overview1115
  International Trade Overview1163
  North America: General1202
  North America: Cap &Closure Supply &Demand1228
  North America: Cap &Closure Materials1302
  North America: Cap &Closure Markets1322
  United States1342
    United States: Cap &Closure Supply &Demand1362
    United States: Cap &Closure Materials1382
    United States: Cap &Closure Markets1403
    United States: Cap &Closure Suppliers1432
    Canada: Cap &Closure Supply &Demand1472
    Canada: Cap &Closure Materials1492
    Canada: Cap &Closure Markets1512
    Canada: Cap &Closure Suppliers1531
    Mexico: Cap &Closure Supply &Demand1562
    Mexico: Cap &Closure Materials1582
    Mexico: Cap &Closure Markets1602
    Mexico: Cap &Closure Suppliers1622
  Western Europe: General1652
  Western Europe: Cap &Closure Supply &Demand1678
  Western Europe: Cap &Closure Materials1752
  Western Europe: Cap &Closure Markets1773
    France: Cap &Closure Supply &Demand1822
    France: Cap &Closure Materials1842
    France: Cap &Closure Markets1862
    France: Cap &Closure Suppliers1882
    Germany: Cap &Closure Supply &Demand1922
    Germany: Cap &Closure Materials1942
    Germany: Cap &Closure Markets1962
    Germany: Cap &Closure Suppliers1981
    Italy: Cap &Closure Supply &Demand2012
    Italy: Cap &Closure Materials2032
    Italy: Cap &Closure Markets2052
    Italy: Cap &Closure Suppliers2072
    Netherlands: Cap &Closure Supply &Demand2112
    Netherlands: Cap &Closure Materials2132
    Netherlands: Cap &Closure Markets2152
    Netherlands: Cap &Closure Suppliers2171
    Portugal: Cap &Closure Supply &Demand2192
    Portugal: Cap &Closure Materials2212
    Portugal: Cap &Closure Markets2232
    Portugal: Cap &Closure Suppliers2251
    Spain: Cap &Closure Supply &Demand2282
    Spain: Cap &Closure Materials2302
    Spain: Cap &Closure Markets2322
    Spain: Cap &Closure Suppliers2341
  United Kingdom2352
    United Kingdom: Cap &Closure Supply &Demand2372
    United Kingdom: Cap &Closure Materials2392
    United Kingdom: Cap &Closure Markets2412
    United Kingdom: Cap &Closure Suppliers2431
  Other Western Europe2441
    Other Western Europe: Cap &Closure Supply &Demand2452
    Other Western Europe: Cap &Closure Materials2472
    Other Western Europe: Cap &Closure Markets2492
    Other Western Europe: Cap &Closure Suppliers2512
  Asia/Pacific: General2542
  Asia/Pacific: Cap &Closure Supply &Demand2568
  Asia/Pacific: Cap &Closure Materials2642
  Asia/Pacific: Cap &Closure Markets2662
    Australia: Cap &Closure Supply &Demand2702
    Australia: Cap &Closure Materials2722
    Australia: Cap &Closure Markets2742
    Australia: Cap &Closure Suppliers2761
    China: Cap &Closure Supply &Demand2792
    China: Cap &Closure Materials2812
    China: Cap &Closure Markets2832
    China: Cap &Closure Suppliers2852
    India: Cap &Closure Supply &Demand2892
    India: Cap &Closure Materials2912
    India: Cap &Closure Markets2932
    India: Cap &Closure Suppliers2952
    Indonesia: Cap &Closure Supply &Demand2992
    Indonesia: Cap &Closure Materials3012
    Indonesia: Cap &Closure Markets3032
    Indonesia: Cap &Closure Suppliers3051
    Japan: Cap &Closure Supply &Demand3082
    Japan: Cap &Closure Materials3102
    Japan: Cap &Closure Markets3122
    Japan: Cap &Closure Suppliers3141
  South Korea3152
    South Korea: Cap &Closure Supply &Demand3172
    South Korea: Cap &Closure Materials3192
    South Korea: Cap &Closure Markets3212
    South Korea: Cap &Closure Suppliers3231
  Other Asia/Pacific3242
    Other Asia/Pacific: Cap &Closure Supply &Demand3262
    Other Asia/Pacific: Cap &Closure Materials3282
    Other Asia/Pacific: Cap &Closure Markets3302
    Other Asia/Pacific: Cap &Closure Suppliers3322
  Central &South America3352
    Central &South America: Cap &Closure Supply &Demand3372
    Central &South America: Cap &Closure Demand by Material3392
    Central &South America: Cap &Closure Demand by Market3412
    Other Central &South America3507
  Eastern Europe3572
    Eastern Europe: Cap &Closure Supply &Demand3592
    Eastern Europe: Cap &Closure Demand by Material3612
    Eastern Europe: Cap &Closure Demand by Market3631
    Other Eastern Europe3728
    Africa/Mideast: Cap &Closure Supply &Demand3822
    Africa/Mideast: Cap &Closure Demand by Material3842
    Africa/Mideast: Cap &Closure Demand by Market3862
    Africa/Mideast: Cap &Closure Suppliers3882
  Market Share3957
  Acquisitions &Divestitures4025
  Cooperative Agreements4074
  Manufacturing &Development4152
  Integration Strategies4172
Company Profiles419132
  Alb a Group4203
  Alucaps Mexicana SA de CV4232
  Amcor Limited4253
  AptarGroup Incorporated4285
  BERICAP Holding GmbH4333
  Berry Plastics Corporation4364
  Corticeira Amorim SGPS SA4403
  Crown Holdings Incorporated4434
  D twyler Holding Incorporated4473
  Georg MENSHEN GmbH &Company KG4502
  Global Closure Systems4524
  Groupe Massilly4562
  Guala Closures SpA4583
  Hangzhou Xinye Bottle Cap Company Limited4611
  Heineken NV4622
  IPN Europe BV4642
  Kishore Group4661
  Manaksia Limited4672
  MeadWestvaco Corporation4694
  Nampak Limited4733
  Nomacorc LLC4762
  Oricon Enterprises Limited4782
  Pelliconi &C. SpA4802
  Phoenix Closures Incorporated4822
  Plasticum Group BV4841
  Portola Packaging Incorporated4853
  Procap Wiltz SA4882
  Rexam plc4903
  Reynolds Group Holdings Limited4935
  RPC Group plc4982
  Samhwa Crown &Closure Company Limited5031
  San Miguel Corporation5042
  Shanghai Zijiang Enterprise Group Company Limited5061
  Silgan Holdings Incorporated5074
  Tecnocap SpA5112
  Tetra Laval International SA5133
  TOKK Plant of Packaging Products LLC5161
  Toyo Seikan Kaisha Limited5172
  West Pharmaceutical Services Incorporated5194
  Other Companies Mentioned in the Study52328

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